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andesine gemstone

Andesine Gemstone Properties, Metaphysical Facts and Occurrence

As a member of the feldspar family, Andesine remains somewhat of a mystery. It is 50-70% sodium aluminum silicate and 30-50% calcium aluminum … [Read More...]

Andalusite gemstone

Andalusite – Formation, Properties and Metaphysical Facts

Andalusite is a not well-known gemstone that is quite unique. In transparent form it will display various colors when viewed from different angles. … [Read More...]

Actinolite in its natural form

Actinolite Gemstone Properties, Metaphysical Facts and Occurrence

Actinolite is a type of gemstone in the amphibole group that is a chain silicate. It is used primarily in ornamental carvings and jewelry. However, it … [Read More...]

Anyolite gemstone

Anyolite Gemstone Properties, Metaphysical Facts, and Occurrence

Anyolite gemstones are a highly unique gemstone with many interesting properties. This particular stone is a metamorphic rock, and is comprised of … [Read More...]

Thulite gemstones

Thulite Gemstone Formation, Properties, and Metaphysical Facts

Gemstones and crystals have been greatly cherished and valued by many civilizations for thousands of years. Apart from being beautiful and … [Read More...]

Labradorite from Madagascar

Labradorite – Healing Properties, Characteristics and Other Facts

Most people are familiar with the moonstone variety of Laboradorite but are not aware of its many other interesting qualities. When moved in the light … [Read More...]

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