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Thulite gemstones

Thulite Gemstone Formation, Properties, and Metaphysical Facts

Gemstones and crystals have been greatly cherished and valued by many civilizations for thousands of years. Apart from being beautiful and … [Read More...]

Labradorite from Madagascar

Labradorite – Healing Properties, Characteristics and Other Facts

Most people are familiar with the moonstone variety of Laboradorite but are not aware of its many other interesting qualities. When moved in the light … [Read More...]

Tanzanite gemstone

Tanzanite Gemstone Properties, Metaphysical Facts, and Occurrence

A thousand times rarer than diamonds, tanzanite is a surprisingly affordable gemstone. The gem has a deep blue-violet color and is part of the zoisite … [Read More...]

Sugilite gemstone

Sugilite – Healing Properties, Properties, and other Facts

Sugilite is an uncommon pale pink, violet-pink to brilliant purple mineral. This article explores sugilite’s physical properties, its healing … [Read More...]

Quartz var. Smokey

Smoky Quartz – Healing Properties, Characteristics and Other Facts

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth, only after feldspar, and makes up about 20% of the Earth's crust. Due to its generous quantity … [Read More...]

Raw Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase – Formation, Properties and Metaphysical Facts

When it comes to opalescent color, few gemstone quality stones surpass Chrysoprase. Its minty, apple-green color is unique in that it is caused by … [Read More...]

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