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Brilliant Green Tanzanian Tsavorite

Tsavorite Gemstone Properties, Metaphysical Facts and Occurrence

Tsavorite is a green garnet that is often mistaken for emeralds. That's because it's composed of calcium aluminum silicate with traces of vanadium or … [Read More...]

polished nephrite jade

Nephrite Jade: Metaphysical Properties and Characteristics

The brilliant hues of nephrite jade have been a part of human history for nearly 7000 years. Neolithic man valued nephrite jade in ceremonial objects … [Read More...]

Uncut Seraphinite

Seraphinite: Formation, Properties, and Metaphysical Facts

Gemstones have been used for many years in trade and as jewelry. Many are also associated with spiritual beliefs and have metaphysical properties. … [Read More...]

Rubellite Tourmaline gemstone

Rubellite Tourmaline: Characteristics, Properties, and Occurrence

When many jewelry buyers and collectors stumble across a rich, deep red gemstone, they may naturally assume that the item is a ruby. However, … [Read More...]

Hiddenite healing gem

Hiddenite, the Healing Stone that Attracts True Love

Hiddenite is a variety of spodumene, which is a pyroxene mineral in colors of colorless, lilac, purple, and yellow. It is often used to source … [Read More...]

oval-cut padparadscha sapphire ring

Padparadscha Sapphire: A Majestic Gemstone Dressed in Orange

Fine gemstones have been collected and cherished by individuals around the world for centuries. They are commonly used to adorn jewelry, but they may … [Read More...]

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