Crystals possess more powers than you would have ever imagined. When people hear the term of “crystal powers”, many of them resort to film, media game references such as the Power Rangers, Kirby – The Crystal Shards, Crystal Bee (from Power 106), Lego Crystal Sweeper Miners Powers, Adventure Time or Pokemon , or even to branded products / businesses such as Zantrex 3 Power Crystals (for losing weight), Primos Power Crystal Call (for hunting a wild animal), the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant or the Mili Power Crystal Rechargeable Battery.

crystal powers - amethyst stone

At a glance, it seems that people are more interested in consumerism than the actual powers that crystals  or stones have and that can have an impact on your day to day life. A closer look into the metaphysical realm of energy healing will help you understand crystals and their powers. Little does the general public know that crystals have the power to cure diseases, aid individuals in mental turmoil and even help them discover spiritual guidance. Energy is everything that surrounds you and, most importantly, energy is you.

You are energy and you need to take control of the positive and negative energies in your life. One of the most fantastic ways you can do this is by looking up and learning more about the art of crystal energy healing. We have prepared 8 amazing crystal powers you need to know, so get ready to learn how you can regain control of your soul and mind and find your own inner balance.

1. Love

It was impossible to not start off our list with one of the greatest desires in life: to find, maintain and experience true love. For some people, love is the warmth from family and friends. For others, it is about finding their soul mate. No matter how you perceive love, you can use crystals to welcome love into your world.

The most popular and possibly most powerful choice is rose quartz, followed by malachite, rhodocrosite, rhodonite or green aventurine, just to name a few. Kiss your worries good-bye!

2. Transitions

At several points in each and every one of our lives, we find ourselves facing transition. Whether it is on a physical level (such as moving homes), a psychological level (reaching maturity) or a spiritual level (gaining consciousness), transitions all prove to be an exciting yet challenging chapter in our lives.

To make the most of your transition and support new adventures, consider chrysocolla, dark jet, moon stone, rhyolite, labradorite or garnet. Make sure that you are conscious of the necessity of transition and that each stage that ends in life is the actually the birth of a brand new beginning.

crystal powers - crystal healing

3. Peace

In the end, all we really want is peace, right? No matter if we are talking about the physical world, like in the case of warfare and global conflicts, or if we are referring to our inner worlds, peace is of the essence for the proper functioning of any system.

There are numerous crystals that can help you achieve both inner and outer peace, such as magnesite, blue calcite, imperial topaz, amethyst, silver, imperial topaz and lithium quartz. Once you feel peaceful, you can begin meditating and further continue your search of self-discovery.

4. Dream Recall

Deep down inside, we all have the desire to remember what we dream. That is the reason why many people keep a journal on their nightstand in order to record their dreams. But wouldn’t be amazing to ease the process on a metaphysical level during each hour of sleep and while each cell in your body recharges?

For mastering dream recall, you can look into dream quartz, Herkimer diamond, purple fluorite, hemimorphite or amethyst. May the dreamy force be with you!

5. Depression

Depression is definitely the most common, and one of the most troubling conditions of our generation. Work, finances and family problems all lead to developing depression at least once in your lifetime. Even though the condition is indeed common, it does not mean that you should let it pass by without treatment.

Create your own cathedral of peace to overcome depression with healing crystals like lepidolite, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, carnelian or lapis lazuli. Always be confident that everything happens for a reason and that any difficult experience will make you more and more strong.

crystal powers - rainbow quartz crystals

6. Meditation

As far as crystal powers are concerned, meditation is certainly one of the most wonderful. It is one of the best ways in which you can get in touch with your feelings and raise self-awareness, as well as consciousness.

The great news is that almost all stones can help you meditate, but there is one categories that reigns as king over all: quartz. Lucky for us, quartz is found in multiple varieties and is very reasonably priced, thanks to its commonness. A few other choices are goethite, rainbow mayanite, lemurian crystals, citrine crystals or Herkimer diamonds.

7. Spiritual Guidance

Do you ever get the feeling that you are at a loss? That you have lost your sense of self and that you are in need of spiritual guidance to get back on track? You don’t need to worry, crystal powers also have the ability to help you in this situation.

These powers are so astonishing that they even allow you to communicate with angels, through crystals like obsidian, smoky quartz or black onyx. Other exceptional crystals for spiritual guidance are charoite, apophyllite, selenite, angelite, phenacite or celestite, among others.

8. Prosperity

Prosperity is a main goal in almost any adult’s life. Some people consider prosperity to be synonymous with fortune and fame, whereas others appreciate prosperity on a spiritual level as continuous development and evolution. No matter what your particular choice of prosperity is, there are crystals that can help you reach your goals.

A few examples are: ruby, citrine, moss agate, jade, clear quartz, seraphinite, citrine or malachite. Keep in mind the 7 Laws of Attraction: intense desire, imagination and conceptualization, affirmation, focus with confidence, profound belief, gratitude and manifestation.

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