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For all those interested in the healing properties and powers of gems, we bring forward today a comprehensive guide to gemstone meanings. As you may have noticed, there are so many cultural and metaphysical theories surrounding the topic that it is quite difficult to get clear insights into the myriad of crystals meanings and uses.

By skimming through our site, though, you will surely discover that each gem tells a unique story and bears particular meanings that relate to color symbolism, chakra energies, and birthstone theories. So beyond aesthetic qualities, there is a fascinating world of spiritual influences and ideas not only valued by healers but ready to be explored by all spiritual awakening believers.

Gemstone Meanings, Powers & Common Use

We have chosen to write about some of the most common, yet special gemstones out there. Let us guide you through both the sacred and mundane symbolism and use of crystals from A to Z. As a note, you are about to read about gemstone meanings and their common uses arranged alphabetically. As we strive to be as detailed as possible in helping you achieve all the knowledge you need on your path to self-discovery and healing, we will provide you with even more information.


Agate is a gemstone of strength. Being one of the oldest stones, it was widely used by warriors as an amulet for protection and courage. Nowadays, it is highly recommended for the same purpose, but also for its healing properties related to stomach pain. Find out more about its spiritual meanings and miraculous uses in our extensive post.


This honey-yellow stone is ideal for purification, banishing negativity and especially negative emotions rooted in our past life.

For its color, the amber gemstone is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, as well as with the Sacral Chakra. Thus, it is used in healing practices related to digestive and metabolic problems. Amber is believed to have the power to energize and bring feelings of confidence and calmness at the same time.


purple amethyst

Purple Amethyst

Amethyst, also known as the birthstone for February, is one of the most powerful crystals used in healing and meditation practices.

  • Green Amethyst Meaning

The Green Amethyst shares a few properties and meanings with other types of amethysts. The change of color is said to be due to volcanic heat. Because of its color, this green crystal corresponds to the Heart Chakra, which makes it ideal in practices intended to strengthen feelings of love, compassion, and inner peace. The Green Amethyst also has the power enhance the connection between body, mind, and soul.

  • Pink Amethyst Meaning

This pink gemstone is known for its powerful energy frequency. Generally speaking, amethysts are stones of spirituality. As regards the pink one, this is used to accelerate all processes related to inner development – awareness, self-control, intuition.

Amethysts have unique properties when it comes to protection and healing. They are widely recommended in problems of addiction, fighting alcoholism, smoking, gambling and all kinds of activities that affect our physical and spiritual vitality.

  • Purple Amethyst Meaning

The Purple Amethyst is all about spiritual openness and growth. This gemstone influences aspects of self-consciousness by increasing a sense of visionariness and encouraging lucid dreaming. As this gemstone’s meanings are associated with the superior chakras (Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra), the wearer of such crystal will be influenced to reconnect both with Nature and its inner world.

To learn more about this fantastic gemstone, check out our extensive post on Amethyst Meaning and Healing Powers.


A stone of strength and purity, Bloodstone is ideal for enhancing our physical abilities. It is especially recommended for individuals who exercise a lot or whose daily activities require physical effort. Bloodstone is at the same time a healing gem, clearing away all negative energies.


  • Green Calcite

Among the meanings of Green Calcite, stability takes the first place. Known as a stone of success and fertility, it amplifies our energy and reduces fear, clearing our way to prosperity. As regards its mundane uses, as it is a green gem that connects it to the Heart Chakra, it is the heart that benefits of its healing effects. The stone it is said to help to treat heartburn, nervousness, and general pain.

  • Honey Calcite

This honey-colored stone enhances intellection and mental strength in general. Associated both with the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra, this gem influences creativity and levels of enthusiasm and physical energy. In healing practices, it is used to treat problems identified around the lower and upper abdomen, such as kidney pain and bladder.

  • Red Calcite

Red Calcite is one of the best detoxifying stones out there. As it corresponds to the Root Chakra, it is a symbol of spiritual empowerment, governing our sense of security and physicality. Its healing properties range from reducing fear to detoxification, also being used in the treatment of ovaries, hips, and joints.


Carnelian is a symbol of courage and individuality. Both connected to the Root and Sacral Chakras, this gemstone can enhance the manifestation of our desires and bring us peace and confidence at the same time. Carnelian is beneficial in rheumatism treatment, cells regeneration, and tissues recovery. More about its miraculous properties, here.


Citrine is a stone known for its energizing properties. Governed by the Sun, this bright gem with a color ranging from yellow to orange and brown, is the perfect gift for anyone who craves for joy and radiance. Also associated with prosperity and abundance, Citrine activates vision and encourages a more positive attitude towards life.

Discover more spiritual insights associated to this Solar stone in our post about Citrine’s meaning and purposes.


Coral Gemstone

Coral Necklace Favoring Passion and Mental Strength

This gem is a symbol of life, being connected with both water and fire. Ideal for reconnecting with nature due to its organic origin, this gemstone is also a symbol of passion and optimism which makes if perfect for healing the circulatory system. From an emotional point of view, Coral boosts creativity and mental strength.  Associated with Mars, this stone is recommended both for individuals born in April and people wishing to enhance their blood force energy level.


Where to begin with? Diamond is the birthstone for April which makes it stand for longevity, courage and spiritual awareness. Corresponding with the Crown Chakra, the highest source of energy in our body, it helps acquiring self-control and pure bliss.


Emerald is the birthstone for May, being associated in astrology and mystical lore with Venus. As a symbol of fertility, it is connected to feelings of love, prosperity, truthfulness and communication. Used to attract abundance and successful relationships, this bright green gem will ease your effort to manifest all your desires and achieve your goals. Not only it will bring to the wearer love and popularity, but it will also make him or her hopeful and (self-) forgiving.


As the birthstone for January, Garnet is an important stone of protection, vitality and self-confidence. This gemstone’s meanings range from order to regeneration and clear vision. In meditation practices, it is used to send away negative thoughts and evil spirits, enhancing one’s mental and emotional condition. As regards its properties, the stone also helps people overcoming trauma and life crisis periods. Garnet is considered a gem that helps to activate honesty, commitment, and faith.


No wonder Jade, this Chinese royal gem, is thought to represent luck and prosperity as it promotes dream manifestation and goal achievement. As a symbol of courage and generosity, it is ideal for individuals who wish to fulfill all their dreams and become richer both materially and spiritually.


Fantastic Labradorite Ring

Enchanting Labradorite Ring for Protective Energy

In esoteric sciences, Labradorite is a considered a magic stone associated mainly with the Crown Chakra. As a power gemstone it stimulates intuition, imagination and spiritual development. It also governs transformation processes and changes, providing insights into the future and attracting well-being at the same time. Labradorite is a stone of high energy capable to reduce anxiety and boost mental illumination. In crystal healing theories, this gem is widely recommended in supporting brain activity and curing eye diseases.


Strongly connected to the Throat Chakra meaning and function due to its color and properties, Lapis Lazuli, the ‘blue stone’ is the gem that will bring you balance, make you truthful to yourself and spiritually open. As a gem of communication, it will strengthen your mind and help you in all creative processes, increasing concentration and vitality.

For more details about this miraculous gem, please access our in-depth post about Lapis Lazuli healing energies.


There are so many things to bring forward about this incredible gemstone of love and sensitivity. If in astrological theories is associated to the Moon’s energy, in chakra symbolism it corresponds to the superior chakras. Moonstone is thus the stone of femininity, favoring reproduction and spiritual abundance. It is highly recommended to pregnant women for its soothing properties, bringing calm and hope. This stone is also known for its ability to enhance intuition. As regards health properties, it is used for healing the digestive system, genitals, obesity, menstrual and hormonal problems, as well as water retention. Moonstone is also one of the June birthstones.


The gemstone meanings of this black volcanic glass are deeply rooted in Earth symbolism. Praised as a stone of grounding and healing, Obsidian is great for protection against anything that can harm us. Bearing a powerful electromagnetic energy, this gem cleans negative energies like anger, greed and fear. It also fights jealousy. Associated with the Root chakra, it helps activating self-confidence, and it releases depression, and it is widely used to support treatments of stomach and muscle issues, as well as infections and viruses.


Similar to Obsidian in terms of properties and symbolism, Onyx is too a stone of stabilization and protection. Apart from this, it is very energizing, while eliminating all kinds of unwanted feelings. Widely known as being black, Onyx is a versatile gem. Apart from Black Onyx, there’s Red and White Onyx providing you with different levels of energy and protection. While the first two are strongly connected to the Root Chakra, the white gem is associated to the Crown chakra which greatly favors a balance between all centers of energy in one’s body.


beautiful opal necklace

Beautiful Opal Necklace Enhancing Creativity

The birthstone of October, Opal is truly a unique gem. As a rainbow of colors, this stone bears a plethora of meanings and properties. Inspiration, creativity and playfulness are just a few of the aspects enhanced by this precious stone. Opal is also used to activate memories and increase spiritual openness due to its powerful energy vibrations. While supporting mental growth, this gem also helps developing self-esteem bringing love and happiness.


Among Pearl’s most cherished meanings there stand calm, purity, truth, and loyalty. Pearls have a unique status as they are the only gems with a living origin. Worshiped during mythical times and still praised today for their aesthetic and spiritual properties, these celestial gemstones are connected to feminine energies and said to enhance love and fertility. Pearl belongs to the June birthstone trio together with Moonstone and Alexandrite.


The Blue Quartz, also knowns as Dumortierite, governs, evidently, the Throat Chakra, enhancing wearers’ ability to communicate and find the balance between lower chakras and superior chakras, between body and soul. By accessing our post (click on ‘Blue Quartz’ above), you will discover more about its healing properties and uses. To give you a hint, this gemstone can help you reduce emotional tension and even depression.

The rose quartz is praised for its soothing powers and calming effects. Broadly used to fight anxiety, this gem is ideal for individuals who need to find a balance and alleviate worries. By checking out our post on the secrets of this amazing spiritual crystal, you will find a 5-minute treating anxiety technique.

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Representing courage, love, and passion, Ruby is one of the most popular and valued gemstones today. They are said to bring happiness and prosperity. Used in mystical practices to increase levels of energy and vitality, Ruby is also considered a gemstone attracting wealth and increasing generosity at the same time. Wearers of this royal stone can achieve a state of bliss which strongly contributes to a self-esteem and personal integrity. Ruby is the birthstone for July as well, especially for Leos.


A gemstone of loyalty, purity, truth and trust, this violet-blue mineral (which in fact can be pink, yellow, green etc.) competes with Ruby as far as popularity is concerned. Due to its color symbolism, the meanings of this gem interwine with those of the Throat and Third Eye Chakra. Sapphire thus favors all kind of expression and means of communication, being a stone of intuition and imagination. Recommended for mental clarity it fights depression, insomnia and vision problems.

Wish to find out more about this fabulous, royal gem? We’ve got an ample introduction to the Sapphire’s meaning and mysterious properties.


Tiger’s Eye enhances optimism, willpower, good luck and prosperity. This gem is also used for its protective and healing powers, bringing self-confidence and clarity of vision. For its golden color, it is associated to the Solar Plexus Chakra and to our personal assertion and spiritual expansiveness.


Similar to Quartz as it comes in shades of different colors, Topaz is also a stone of inner peace and balance. What makes this gem so appealing both in meditation practices and common use, is the belief that it brings true love, along with hope and good fortune. Physically, Topaz is used for its healing properties helping with tissue regeneration, endocrine system, and blood disorder.

When choosing a Topaz, consider its color. The Orange Topaz, for instance, is known as the November birthstone, a gem of prosperity, success, and abundance. The Blue Topaz is a spiritual crystal, fostering intuition, self-expression, and true friendship.

Also, note that there are different types of Topaz currently marketed by wholesalers – the pure, rare, and expensive Topaz, on one hand, and the popular, common, quartz Topaz, on the other.


The stone of serenity, Tourmaline enhances calm and understanding and is said to increase compassion and tolerance. That is why it is associated with the Heart Chakra which makes it ideal for channeling.


Buddha Meditation and Relaxation

Turquoise is the color of spiritual openness and expressive communication.

Known as the ‘Master Healing’ stone, Turquoise is considered sacred in many cultures and spiritual theories. Attributed to the power of connecting mind, body and soul, it is also a symbol of superior energies and spiritual openness. Used to align all chakras, it is mainly a Throat Chakra stone, fostering honest connections and expressive communication. As a healing gem, it is highly protective when it comes to stress and anxiety. Turquoise is also one of the December birthstones.

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