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Our Mission

Here at AccessGems.com, we offer researched guidance to those interested in the energies and healing properties of gemstones.  Whether you are a spiritual leader, master healer, or gemstone jewelry enthusiast, we are sure you will enjoy our detailed and well-photographed materials about:

  • Stone metaphysical meanings and legendary uses,
  • The art and power of crystal healing,
  • Traditional and modern birthstone amulets, pendants, and other jewelry items,
  • Spiritual and Feng Shui crystals’ mysterious properties,
  • Meditation and common crystal practices,
  • Processing and cleaning methods of natural gems,
  • Gem types and purchase tips,
  • Astrological stones and crystals,
  • Chakra gemstone uses,
  • Fascinating curiosities about gems.

We are a collective of gem lovers and dedicated researchers sifting all kinds of resources to write about the fascinating world of stones and crystals. We aim to answer all of your knotty questions about gems and their miraculous powers by filtering what is myth from what is fact. We will help you discover the secrets of gems, understand, and use the energy of spiritual crystals.


Meet the Authors



Psychology graduate and father of two wonderful boys, Mike is the calmest and kindest member of our team. He is a knowledge seeker with a strong passion for esoteric sciences since his childhood. He is constantly preoccupied to provide his readers with spiritual guidance. In his spare time, Mike enjoys the company of his family, reading books, and taking long walks by the lake near his house.


Enthusiastic self-taught jeweler, with a huge interest in healing practices and homemade solutions, Clare is the most cheerful person of the Access Gems team. Apart from being a full-time parent, she loves writing about her passion and inspire others to enhance their well-being. She may not have answers to life’s most difficult questions, but she has kind advises and tips to share.


With a degree in chemistry, Rob has always been fascinated about the properties of gemstones. He takes great pride from understanding the dynamic changes that occur in the world of stones and crystals. Having a solid ground for making statements about the way they influence our life, Rob is the one to solve the mysteries about gems and their powerful energies. He is the person to ask about finding the balance between usefulness and beauty when it comes to crystal uses.


Mary is a middle-school teacher with a penchant for writing. She has been interested in metaphysics ever since she can remember and has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She is now 50 and fabulous, as she likes saying. Sharing her knowledge and experience is the most rewarding aspect of her writing. Follow her posts to learn essential practices that can boost your mood.