Beads and stones of all shapes, sizes and colors, can be found at specific boutiques, but if you want to save some money or to become a handmade artisan, you may want to try some beads wholesale providers. The prices of wholesales are generally reduced, compared to those of a retail sale. One of the biggest inconveniences of a wholesale would be the large quantity of products that is sometimes mandatory, but when it comes to beads, the more the better.

Prices change considerably, depending on the season and on the quality of the beads, but sometimes, investing a bit more in beads and stones is a really good idea. When you have too many beads (as if this could ever be a problem) just use them…let the beads talk to you and boost your creativity. Each bead is cut into a unique shape that will inspire the design of the finite product and will give a unique touch to your piece.

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Jewelry design is generally based on the idea that no two gemstones are alike. Each element of jewelry is unique in a certain way and may add or take something from the original design of the jewel. When designing a jewel, keep in mind the reason why you’re doing that, if it’s for medical purpose or for a pure aesthetic one, who is going to wear it, etc.

After creating the design, just make a list of items you need. Organizing, will spare you from paying unnecessary shipping taxes. Sometimes, when it comes to wholesales, buying everything from the same supplier may be synonym with an up to 50% discount. We don’t say it’s always the case, but sometimes it may be, so you may want to check the wholesale websites available, from time to time.

Amethyst, jasper, lapis lazuli, Baltic beads and topaz, combined with seed beads, some sandalwood, or with a small plastic crystal skull, would make a kickass bracelet. With thousands of beads and stones available, you have endless possibilities. With just a bit of imagination some stones, beads and whatever you may find on the retailer websites, you can make some remarkable gifts or, better yet, start your own home-based business.

Advantages of Wholesale Beads

Wholesale products are cheaper. In the States, wholesalers are not charging sales taxes, which means more than 10% off from the original store price. Sometimes, you may pay a wholesale tax for the products that you buy, but this doesn’t happen too often. No angry employees, no waiting in line, just you and your laptop – at least in the case of an online purchase. Also, you can make your list, before starting to purchase your gems and then just check your items. If you aren’t ready to make a purchase you can simply save your Wishlist for later.

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Beads Wholesale Websites

The Internet is full of beads. You can find an extremely diversified offer of beads and other similar goods on the internet. Let’s face it, you can find anything on the internet, but this won’t mean that the quality is always the best.

The first time you try to purchase some beads, the whole process may seem excruciating. You don’t know what you need to do and how to do it, which website is the best one, how much time the delivery will take and so forth. We will give you a list with some of the best beads wholesale websites in business. Remember that it’s not a top, but simply a list of some of the beads shops we think would help you in your beads quest.

  • Beadaholique is a great website. Beads, handmade jewelry, thread, crystals, pearls, charms, healing stones, Czech beads, Mardi Gras necklaces, you name it, they have it. They have some great pieces in store and their supply won’t disappoint. My order arrived quite fast. Usually they have an estimate delivery time of 2 to 7 days, within the States and 8 to 16 days for international orders.
  • Lima Beads is another good place. Their delivery time is of 3 to 4 days within the US and 6 days to 3 weeks for international destinations and they ship in US, Canada and a number other countries.
  • You need to try Big Green Bead Machine, but I must warn you that it’s addictive and that you will end up buying lots of beads, charms, plastic accessories and many other things you never thought you might need. Lots of fun, for the beadaholic in you!
  • Potomac Beads are not bad. Sometimes, they may be a bit more expensive than the others, but with their discounts and free shipping policy over a certain quantity, they are quite the kick.
  • Fire Mountain Gems – Swarovski crystal, and wholesale prices all round. FMG is one of the best websites in the field and they know it. How to define their quality? Just two words: Customer Service. Whether on phone or online, their representatives are really helpful. Another great asset is that they are always having sales and huge discounts. Their website is quite easy to understand and reliable. FMG is the place to buy all your goods when you want to start working with beads.
  • Bobby Beads – Bobby Beads has wonderful sales going on during the end/beginning of the year. Bobby Beads has Tohos beads which are amazing when working with, great prices and good beads, 24/7.
  • Baker Bay Beads – three cut beads, strings, gems…all at a reasonable price. Buggle beads, clasps and charms, they it them all. The best part is that they take Visa and MasterCard, even PayPal, but this method of payment is only available for website orders. You will only need to pay a $2.00 handling fee for orders over $50.00 and if you want, they have an amazing store in Oregon where they await all beads enthusiasts.

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Beads Wholesale Events

Each month, you can find beads wholesale events all around the states. You may want to subscribe to some beads related website’s newsletters and to attend them all beads-related event. An amazing atmosphere, with people from all over the country who have the same passions as you do, and beads nonetheless. Finding some beads wholesales events that gather all the pros of the field, is a chance you should take advantage of, no matter the distance or the costs.

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