blue alexandrite UV alexandrite meaningUntil it was discovered in 1834 in the emerald mines of Tokovaya River, alexandrite was unknown to the world. Alexandrite meaning and properties have nonetheless fascinated the world ever since, particularly since the gemstone’s history is intimately entwined with that of tsarist Russia.

Alexandrite History

In Russian folklore and literature alexandrite is deemed a stone of prophecy. The first alexandrite crystals were unearthed in the Urals emerald mines just on the day Tsar Alexander II came of age. In the tsar’s honor, the mesmerizing gemstone received the name alexandrite. Presented to the young ruler, the stone fascinated both him and the nobles at his court.

One defining trait of the beautiful gemstone is its changing color. Green in dimly lit environments and red in incandescent light, alexandrite became the national gemstone of tsarist Russia. Donning the imperial colors, the gemstone was soon embellishing royal fine jewelry, clothing and palaces.

How did the alexandrite stone meaning become associated with prophecy? This quote from the Russian author Leskov Nicolai Semyonovich is quite telling:

Look, here it is, the prophetic Russian stone! O crafty Siberian. It was always green as hope and only toward evening was it suffused with blood.

The paragraph, written in 1884 refers to the untimely death of Tsar Alexander II. Ambushed while in his carriage, Alexander II died along with his attacker as one of the bombs thrown at him exploded. The end of the tsarist era in Russia is similarly associated with alexandrite. Nonetheless, hope and renewal are also closely connected with the alexandrite gemstone meaning.

alexandrite crystal UV light alexandrite meaning

Alexandrite Meaning

The alexandrite meaning is associated with good omens, change, and renewal. A stone of strengthened intuition and prophecy, alexandrite is associated with luck and fortune. In Russia, the crystal is praised not just for its beauty, but also for the properties it carries.

The duality displayed in the gemstone’s colors is mirrored in the alexandrite meaning. Complementary properties add to the gemstone’s benefits. The stone of intuition is believed to act as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical world.

Alexandrite has recently been nominated as the birthstone for June. Thus, the beautiful crystal is the ideal gift for those born in the summer month. The meaning of alexandrite is also that of a crystal which enhances creativity and imagination. The alexandrite meaning is also that of a stone of self-control and discipline.

From this perspective, it is a stone of excellence that can clear your mind and allow learning, focus and striving for excellence in every aspect of your life.

two colors of alexandrite

Alexandrite Properties

This fascinating chameleonic gem holds powerful properties for healing the body and the spirit. As it harbors the benefits of two color energies – red and green – it is used in crystal healing therapies to treat a wealth of afflictions.

Alexandrite has captivated the world with its beauty and chameleonic switch of colors. Nevertheless, the fact that it is a symbol of love, good luck and fortune added to its fame. A stone of inner balance, alexandrite brings comfort and serenity.

Alexandrite Physical Healing Properties

Wearing genuine alexandrite jewelry can help those who are recovering from surgeries as well as a long time of illness. Due to the red iridescence, alexandrite is used to promote the good functioning of the circulatory system. The green color energy exudes renewal. As such, alexandrite bestows its healing energy to redeem a faulty immune system as well as to boost your energy.

The gemstone is believed to also help with treating the pancreas and spleen and protecting internal organs from other health issues. At the same time, it holds a regenerative power over the neural network and neurological tissue.

Alexandrite Emotional and Spiritual Properties

Alexandrite is also one of the crystals enhancing well-being. Wearing an alexandrite amulet is useful for overcoming one’s lack of confidence and loss of focus. Find your path by meditating with the help of alexandrite. You will be able to identify your goals as alexandrite lifts the mist blanketing your thoughts and helps you achieve calm.

Using the chameleonic gemstone as a spiritual crystal carries a wealth of benefits. It promotes self-esteem and confidence and assists your journey to growth and rooting oneself.  Alexandrite is useful to guide us through change. The crystal’s properties aid with achieving emotional balance and serenity.

alexandrite ring alexandrite meaning

Primarily associated with the throat chakra, alexandrite also vibrates with the crown chakra and the solar plexus. Due to its chameleonic iridescence, is empowers effective communication in a kind and thoughtful manner.

Recently added to the list of June birthstones, this rare stone is associated with prosperity and intuition. Its color energy exudes the power to balance mind, body, and spirit. Linked to both Mercury and Mars, alexandrite is the spiritual crystal that connects the self with the divine energy, the worldly with the spiritual. This is why it is a great gemstone for guidance and balance. While it does away with the negative emotions, stress and fears, it exudes passion for life, joy and happiness.

Alexandrite Jewelry

Once a revered gemstone in tsarist Russia, alexandrite remains a captivating crystal to this day and time. When the Russian alexandrite deposits were thought almost entirely depleted, alexandrite was shrouded in a veil of mysticism. The stone of prophecy fascinated jewelers around the world. G.F. Kunz collected some of the most beautiful alexandrite crystals and Tiffany created gorgeous jewelry including the crystal.

Other alexandrite mines had been opened around the world. Nonetheless, none of the crystals displayed the mesmerizing play of color of the Russian alexandrite. Thus, interest decreased. Yet, in 1987 alexandrite deposits were found in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The distinctive color play, the vitreous luster and the clarity of alexandrite once more caught the world’s attention.

Since then, alexandrite crystals have been beautifully cut and mounted in exceptional jewelry pieces. Alexandrite has an 8.5 hardness and is perfect for everyday wear. However, Russian alexandrite crystals remain an extraordinarily valuable rarity until today.

The meaning of alexandrite, its uses and properties make it one of the most sought-after gemstones and spiritual crystals. Alexandrite exudes joy and balance, clarity of the mind and confidence. This spiritual crystal will guide your steps to fulfillment and bring light in your life.

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