all you need to know about wholesale gems

The process of wholesale is a highly affordable option for obtaining the goods you want while also getting better deals than you could by buying them at their regular prices. Wholesales are a way of getting both new and previously bought (but not used) goods, so we could say, in a way, that wholesales are the middle ground between buying new goods and second hand ones.

If the objects being bought and sold during a wholesale are a bit cheaper it is because they may have had a previous owner, even if they’re not used per se. This means you can have both the benefits of a shiny new product, and the price of one sold in a second-hand regime. This type of deal is widely practiced in almost every category of shopping, and if you’re a gemstone enthusiast, you can find a wide variety of wholesale gems on many online hubs.

Typically, major wholesalers who offer up this kind of deals for jewelry and gemstones are Amazon, eBay, and every other place in which one can buy slightly used things in a similar arrangement. For gemstones specifically, there are other buy and sell hubs who specialize in this type of lovely merchandise, and well discuss them below, but only after reviewing a few examples of wholesale gems so we can all better understand the process of this type of sales.

Wholesale Gems: An Opportunity

all you need to know about wholesale gems - rose quartz

The basic business ideas behind wholesale goods and whole gems is that the shop affords to buy large quantities of gems and stones in bulk for all the colors and textures you could possibly think of (and the individual consumer, even if they’re passionate enough to craft jewelry enough to fill their own little boutique, would still need much less gems than the quantities usually shoveled around by wholesalers).

After purchasing these bulk quantities of gems, crystals and stones, the shop owners break them down and rearrange them into smaller clusters (like gem jars, for example) and sell them to the consumers in need of smaller quantities and assortments of gems and stones.

Hence, many times, the ‘used’ attribute of the gems or minerals on sale is simply derived from the fact that the seller bought them in bulk and opened the initial packaging in order to resell them in smaller lots after some quality control and resorting of the individual items. In most cases, and especially when you’re doing your purchasing with major wholesale suppliers, there’s really nothing truly used about the crystals and stones you’re getting.

How to Craft Jewelry using Loose Gems

semi precious gems - spessartite

It’s important to note that if you plan on using wholesale gems (loose stones) in order to create items of jewelry, you will also need a basic jeweler’s kit and a different set of supplies as well, including special glue and tools to set the stones into place, lace, strings and soft leather strings, clasps and so on for crafting the rest of the jewel support and so forth and so on. This isn’t meant to be intimidating, but you should know in advance that the plan to use a pair of beautiful loose gems should include a plan for the rest of the supplies you will need for them.

The process itself isn’t extremely complicated as long as you plan on remaining at a beginner’s level, so don’t fret. Just make sure you do some preemptive reading on a tutorial and know what to expect. Other than that, feel free to go forth and shop for all the wholesale gems that speak to your heart; there are plenty of wonderful and magical ways to use them!

Ideas on Using Wholesale Gems

all you need to know about wholesale gems - dumortierite quartz

You can use the variety of wholesale gems you can obtain online for a lot of beautiful things, even beyond what we would call traditional jewelry.

  1. For example, you can use these gems for binding them in decorative clusters and small objects to be displayed around the house, or for decorating other objects which would look even prettier with a border of small rose quartz crystals, for example. These objects which can be improved by small gem stones and a bit of special glue are, for example:
  • Night lamps: stick a border of small stones of about the same size and shape on one of the lamp’s edges.
  • Jars, vases and glass containers of any kind: follow the same principle as above and feel free to experiment and get as creative as you can.
  • Jewelry boxes: buy a simple wooden or metal jewelry box and adorn it with the stones of your choice before reselling it or gifting it to a special someone.
  • Tea boxes: same kind of work as the one suggested above for jewelry boxes.
  • Small stone statues: for example, buy a small ash wood cat statue and stick two small green stones as a pair of eyes. Beautiful idea, right?

all you need to know about wholesale gems - moss opal

These were only a few example to get your imagination working until you get started and explore a few DIY projects of your own. There’s no need to limit yourself to these; you can always extend the same kind of work to whatever suits your fancy – photo frames, pen boxes, perfume bottles, you name it – or you can read up on online tutorials in orders to improve and create more and more wonderful things with gems and crystals as your experience progresses.

  • Lucky crystal charms: Following the same principle as when crafting a lucky stone ring, you can craft special stone charms which can then be hung to your smartphone or around a charm bracelet.
  • Lucky rings: There are some stones with particularly intense luck-enhancing properties, especially for the people born with these stones as their birthstone (or one of their birthstones, to be more precise). Cast one of them in metal for a lucky ring and help people have really great days when they wear one!
  • Energizing crystal necklaces: For a lovely necklace that would not only look good, but make the wearer more energized throughout the day, simply seek out a combination of crystals with energy replenishing properties and combine them together in a cast stone necklace.
  • Birthstone bracelets: On the same guiding principle, simply follow the instructions above to make a bracelet instead. You can do it the simpler way, using a single pierced stone on a beautiful leather or braided string bracelet base, or you can have multiple small stones cast in metal and tied together in a multi-stone bracelet.
  • Birthstone necklaces: The idea that each month of the year had a special stone assigned to it stems from ancient Jewish kabbala beliefs, and it’s one of the most widely-spread beliefs about gem stones to this day. If preparing a gift for a friend, just set the appropriate birthstone on a string (or even a leather string for an added hippie-like vibe) and give it to them right away!
  • The second major thing which you can use wholesale gems for is easy to craft jewelry; the first few batches should be intended for your loved ones and your friends, so you can see where it goes and to train your hand at this lovely craft. Then, if you’re happy with the results, no one is stopping you from developing this beautiful hobby of yours into a proper business. Here are a few easy jewelry ideas to use wholesale gems for:
  • But what if you don’t want to craft items using the gem stones and you want to use them in other ways? Well, there are plenty of ways of using gems for meditation and crystal healing, of course, if your heart is set on the more spiritual side of these fascinating stones. The work and practice of many naturopaths and therapists has come to include crystal energy training and crystal healing in the recent few years, as the specialists are becoming more aware the ancestral raw power of the crystals and stones. Even if you’re not sure what to believe about this topic and even if, of course, crystal energy and power has its limits, if you try using semi-precious and precious stones as focusing anchors while meditating you will be surprised of how much better it all works.

all you need to know about wholesale gems - tangerine

The power and effects of precious stones and crystals is yet to be fully understood, but it’s clear that somehow it does help create an energy vortex that enhances all spiritual and mental activity, helping you be whole at a physical and metaphysical level.

So if crafting your own jewelry or decorative objects with wholesale gems isn’t really your thing, don’t worry: you can totally continue to pursue growing your stone collection mainly for spiritual and wellbeing purposes.

As an important note, take into consideration that untreated stones (natural gems) are much more powerful as an energy source compared to treated gems, so if meditation and healing are your goals, make sure you shop for the untreated variety of gem stones.

Where to Buy Wholesale Gems and Stones

There are a lot of websites which specialize in providing clients with loose gems, stones and crystals, as well as other materials needed for crafting your own jewelry. Several of these sites function in a wholesale regime, making the offers particularly advantageous for everyone. Besides the jewelry section of major retailers such as Amazon and eBay, there are also a few niched web stores specialized in bulk and wholesale gem and stone packs. Here are some of our favorites in this respect:

all you need to know about wholesale gems - blue sapphires

  • Fire Mountain Gems: this is perhaps one of the best known websites for buying gem stones and crystals at cheap prices, along with special string, clasps and other materials required for all DIY projects. You can also purchase wonderful and original design schematics if you’re running out of ideas on making your own jewelry, and there are even specialty items and gems such as Swarovski crystals and Czech glass beads. The shop’s range of tools and supplies is advanced enough to cater to the needs of both amateurs and true lapidary and jewel making professionals as well.
  • Gem Select: another major wholesale gems and stones hub, this online store is noteworthy because it allows you to find unique and rare to find specific stones in order to complete the requirements for that special design you have in mind. If, per say, there’s a dumortierite quartz or a chocolate opal missing from your stock and the one bracelet you have a mind to craft wouldn’t be the same if you replace the missing gems with more common similar ones, well in this case Gem Select is the place to go to. Also worth noting is that you can find both precious and semi precious gems here for affordable prices, so if you’re shopping for sapphires, this may be a much cheaper alternative to local jewel stores and suppliers.
  • Panda Whole: this website is more like a huge storage of bulk wholesale beads and crystals (including synthetic stones and acrylic beads) produced in China. With very low prices, it may just be the ideal place to stock up for the beginner artisan in training. Just check the website for pictures of their great gems – including the artificial ones – and you’ll notice that there’s no great difference between authentic turquoise stones and synthetic turquoise. Your crafted jewelry will look just like the beautiful samples you see featured in specialized shows and no one but you will know the difference upon the first sight.

all you need to know about wholesale gems

This is just a brief introduction to the world of crafting supplies and wholesale gems. The internet – and some of the local suppliers as well, especially if you live in a medium or big city – is full of opportunities to find the ideal crystals, stones and gem stones for creating the jewelry of your dreams for a lower price than you would come to if acquiring them from more mainstream sources. All the glamour and the metaphysical properties of the gorgeous crystals you read so much about, for only a fraction of the price. What’s there not to like about these wholesales?

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