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Raw Amber Stone

Amber Stone Meaning, History and Symbolic Value

Is Amber a stone? Technically, the gem is improperly called that way as it is a fossil resin. The insertions of insects and plants you often observe in amber stones are because they exuded from ancient coniferous trees. So, the history of this amorphous material goes back centuries before Christ. Let’s dig deeper into Amber’s fascinating story throughout centuries and cultures.

Amber Stone: Origin, Etymology & Key-Facts

Amber is a worldwide distributed gemstone and its age is estimated to travel back to the Stone Age.

Amber’s Names Throughout History

The origin of the stone’s name is the Arabic word “anbar”, adopted in Middle Latin as “ambar”, and then in Middle French as “ambre”.

Known as a healing stone associated with the Sun, Amber also holds the classical name of “electrum.” The word derives from “elektor” which means “beaming Sun”. If you touch an amber stone it feels warm, which is the exact opposite sensation as compared to touching a mineral.

What we today know as the Baltic Amber Stone is a name taken from the one of its main source – the Baltic Sea.

Notable Raw Amber Stone Sources 

Besides the Southern Coast of the Baltic Sea, Amber is found in Romania, Italy, Dominican Republic, and Burma. The leading source of Amber is located in Russia.

Colors of Amber stones

The characteristic color of amber is that warm golden to brown yellow, but the stone actually comes in various shades from green to a reddish orange and dark brown. Occasionally, you may see whitish, bluish, and even blackish exemplars.

Red, blue, and green Amber gems are very rare. They are usually clear and transparent, with a greasy appearance, but may also be cloudy and opaque. The blue amber, a variety of Dominican amber, is the rarest of them all and is mostly found in the Palo Quemado mine.

Amber colored stones are widely used and highly sought after today in the manufacture of jewelry and decorative objects.

beautiful amber stone jewelry

Beautiful, multicolored Amber stone Jewelry Items

Value & Price on the Market Today

Amber is a multi-purpose gemstone. Apart from being made into multicolored and multi-form jewelry items and ornaments, it is also used in perfumes and as a healing stone in folk medicine.

You can buy rough amber stones for the price of approximately $1,700 per kilogram. The price may vary from $1 to $7, though, depending on quality. Amber precious stone jewelry prices range between $20 to $40,000.

Beware of those so-called authentic amber resins sold in the market that sport some well-preserved modern insects. There is a good chance that those are copal and not real amber. Copal is a tree resin that is so much younger than an amber gemstone which is a true fossilized resin.

Symbolic Associations: What Does Amber Stone Mean?

Besides the geological, paleontological, and marketing significance of this gem, Amber has been praised for its beneficial effects and spiritual meanings.

The energetic properties of Amber were discovered and recorded by the Greek philosopher Thales six centuries before the Christian era. These were perceived as magical powers and made ancient Greeks wear it as an amulet associated with the Sun.

Astrologers considered Amber as the birthstone for Pisces.

Corresponding Chakra: Amber is one of the stones associated with the Splenic Chakra (also known as the Sacral Chakra) due to their corresponding color – orange.  The gem is said to help balance this point of creative energy in our body, enhancing self-expression and giving a boost to our enthusiasm level.

Let’s take a closer look at the amber stone benefits as recorded throughout centuries of spiritual practices.

Ambert: Healing Properties & Miraculous Uses

Amber is a solar gem characterized by powerful energetic properties. The benefits of wearing amber stone jewelry or unpolish, rough amber stones are physical, emotional, and spiritual at the same time. The gemstone has been used for its healing properties from the time of Hippocrates and it continues to be employed in different sorts of treatments in folk medicine.

Physically, Amber stones act as detoxifiers and are known as calming elixirs. They are beneficial in alleviating headaches. In folk medicine, they used to be used to treat digestive and respiratory disorders.

Emotionally, the Amber stones relate to feelings of pleasure. They are both soothing and energizing and helps the wearer manifest his or her desires.

Spiritually, Amber is used as a meditation aid. It facilitates the process of relaxation and purification.

Amber is one of the favorite stones of energy workers as it helps us connect with the Universe’s vital energy. At the same time, the gem grants us with feelings of protection, sensuality, and purification.

beautiful amber stone ring with a matching pendant

Warm Golden Amber Stone Ring and Pendant

Recommended Uses:

Amber is an exceptional healing stone and one of those gems that not only protect their wearers from negative energy but also purifies it and transform it into positive thoughts. Thus, it helps wearers heal their emotional wounds.

Wearing amber stones as jewelry items is the perfect way to enjoy its benefits every day and be granted a positive state of mind.

  • An Amber stone necklace would keep away throat conditions by keeping you warm. This protection is attributed to an electromagnetic circle that sets up in the body. You can choose a teething necklace of unpolished amber for maximized results.
  • Choose an Amber stone ring to act like a good luck charm for romantic love. Don’t forget that the gem enhances sensuality and is connected to the Sacral chakra that governs our basic needs.

You can also place an amber stone on your desk to protect you from your computer’s radiation while working.

Combine amber stone jewelry items with other yellow gems, such as Citrine, to help you manifest your desires. Due to their color symbolism and connection with the Solar Plexus Chakrayellow stones and crystals will enhance self-expression and bring good fortune and prosperity. 

Amber resin, particularly that of which sourced from pinus succinifera of the Baltic forest, is believed to effectively relieve stomach problems, throat conditions, fever and even mental illness.

Amber: Legends and Lore

What is the meaning of Amber stones in ancient lore? Ancient Greek legends say that the God of Sun changed the Heliades into trees for helping Phateon, their brother, to drive his Gold Chariot without permission. Their tears are said to have transformed into little drops of amber as they fell from the branches and met Sun’s heat.

Celtic Amber jewelry was discovered in forms of amulets. They believed the stones would restore their strength and vitality. Other Anglo-Saxon legends talk about the use of amber to facilitate clarity of vision> Wearing an Amber necklace would make people speak truthfully.

Amber stones were also highly valued by Egyptians 3,200 years before Christ. Romans, too, prized the gemstone so much that they requested to be paid in Amber during the time of Caesar.

Final Thoughts on the History, Value, and Meaning of Amber Stone

Amber’s beauty is millions of years in the making and its crystal healing properties are proven and tested since ancient times. Having said that, amber is truly one of the most precious stones one can acquire–a crystal of high value, rich history, and impressive healing powers.

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