All crystal connoisseurs have experienced the power of this miraculous gemstone. Amethyst is one of the widely-used gems in healing therapies and meditation practices. Due to its spiritual powers it belongs to the category of the so-called Master Crystals. Let’s discover the diverse and fascinating amethyst meaning along with its healing properties.

Amethyst Meaning in Art

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Amethyst Meaning: Natural Origin, Legendary Properties & Contemporary Uses

This spiritual crystal is actually a quartz mineral, first discovered and polished in Greece in 2500 B.C.  Have you ever noticed the similarities between the two semi-precious gems? However, the difference between the two consists in the concentration of iron oxide. Amethyst has more of this chemical compound than any other type of quartz.

Amethyst and Quartz Jewelry

Amethyst and Quartz Jewelry

Amethyst is to be found in a variety of colors. The purple color, which is the amethyst’s trademark providing it with symbolical meanings, is thought to be due to the iron concentration. Other colors such as green or yellow are said to be the effect of volcanic heat.

Today, amethyst stands for one of the most popular gemstones used in the jewelry and fashion industry. Among the countries that provide massive amounts of this stone, there’re Brazil, North Carolina, Ontario, and Uruguay. Be it engagement rings, fabulous necklaces or drop earrings, many women are attracted by amethyst jewelry. Sometimes, we wear it even without having a great knowledge about its significant meanings and properties.

Amethyst Crystal Lore: A Story Rooted in Ancient Times

There are so many legends, traditions and stories about this miraculous rock crystal. In Roman mythology, for instance, there is the story of Amethyst, a beautiful maiden turned to a stone by Diana, the goddess of hunting. This way she was saved by the anger of Bacchus (Dionysus in Greek mythology, the god of wine and agriculture). According to this legend, the purple color is said to be the result of Bacchus pouring wine over the stone.

As regards its acknowledged spiritual powers, the first amethyst stone meaning goes back in Greek ancient times. People have always believed there is a protective energy provided by the gem. If you wonder what sort of protection it provided, there are evidences that the stone was thought to keep away evil spirits, and prevent a wide variety of intoxications. Take, for instance, the Greek ‘amethustos’ word, which is translated as ‘not intoxicated’. Even today, among amethyst crystal meanings there is a belief that it can help people dealing with drinking problems. In Latin writings, the word ‘amethystus’ was used only in correspondence to the purple color scheme.

According to, the crystal is mentioned in the Book of Exodus as one of the stones on the sacred breastplate worn by the High Priest of Israelites. The amethyst rock crystal is also one of the 12 jewels recorded in the New Testament, in the Book of Revelation, together with onyx, agate, and chalcedony.

In Tarot, amethyst, is connected to the card of balance called the Temperance and it is thought to help people to stimulate positive thinking and discard of any harmful energies.

Amethyst Stone Meaning & Healing Properties

According to the Buddhist chakra beliefs, amethyst, due to its purple color, is associated with the Crown Chakra. This superior center of energy in our body, located at the top of our head, works in conjunction with the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is the master of our endocrine system and maybe one of the most mysterious organs in our body. I believe anyone can make the right connections now. It is easier to comprehend why amethyst is the stone of illumination, intuition and lucid dreaming, apart from its physical powers against intoxication.

What is more, from an astrological perspective, amethyst is the birthstone of February and corresponds to the astrological sign of Pisces (17 February – 20 March). The Piscean nature is dreamy, intuitive and mystical, drawing its energy from water. That is why Pisces are mythologically   associated to the god of sea – Neptune, and are represented by colors of blue and purple. Pisceans often deal with emotional problems and insomnia. For this reason, it is highly recommended for them to reconnect with their spiritual roots and benefit from the properties of their birthstone.

beautiful amethyst engagement ring

Amethyst Engagement Ring

On the same page, amethyst is connected to St. Valentine symbolism which provides it with the meaning of passionate love and faithful relationships. Amethyst engagement rings are thus ideal for couples who wish to connect in eternal communion.

Bringing forward other mysterious and interesting facts, have you ever noticed that many Catholic popes wear amethyst rosaries? Also, until the 15th century only royal families could wear amethyst. That is why we still associate the color with a sense of nobility.

Taking everything stated until now in consideration, it is easier to draw conclusions on amethyst crystal meaning and healing powers. Let’s have a final look at its meanings and powers from diverse perspectives.

  • Physically, the crystal is used to cure addictions such as alcoholism, drug use and other forms of poisoning our body.
  • Mentally, amethyst uses enhance cognitive activity, concentration and memory. It also helps boosting creativity and intuition.
  • Spiritually, this remarkable crystals cleanses the aura bringing contentment and inner peace. Worn as a talisman, it strengthens our beliefs, encouraging focus and dreams fulfillment. It is also a symbol of abundance, luck and success.

For more meanings of amethyst crystal by color, please access our comprehensive gemstone meanings and powers guide, where you can find specific information for green, pink and purple amethyst meaning. Also, you can discover the secrets and miraculous properties of other spiritual gemstones, such as agate, quartz, turquoise, diamond, jade and many more.

We hope this new post on the fascinating power of crystals will help you channel your energy and actions towards spiritual healing and development. If you have any questions, suggestions or experiences you’d like to share with us, please drop us a line in the comment section below. We are here to connect and guide you through the captivating realm of gemstone meanings.

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