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Ametrine Gemstone Meaning & Short History

Ametrine is a special type of quartz with many beautiful colors. It keeps negative energies away and calms everyone who comes near it. This gemstone is a mixture of Citrine and Amethyst. It is mainly used in the making of different types of jewelry. The Ametrine stone is one of the rarest in the world. Its history isn’t as rich as that of other gemstones.

According to the legend, the Ametrine was brought to Europe by a Conquistador. He discovered it in South America. The gem was a gift he offered the Spanish Queen as a thank you for letting him marry a Bolivian princess by the name of Anahi. In fact, the only commercial source of this quartz is a mine that has her name.

The Ametrine appeared again on the market in the 1970s. It was sold for commercial uses in the 1980s. Nowadays, Anahi produces natural citrine and amethyst.

If we want to refer to Ametrine meaning, we need to think of its composition. The stone’s name is a combination of two words: Amethyst and Citrine. The first comes from ancient Greek mythology and it means “not drunken”. It was a symbol for sobriety and people wore it to prevent alcohol intoxication.

The word “citrine” comes from the French “citron”, meaning “lemon”. This “merchant’s stone” attracts prosperity and keeps bad thoughts away. Poisonous snake venom doesn’t affect people who carry rough citrine stones.

The Ametrine is much like the two crystals and it carries the same vibration and powers.

Ametrine Stone Healing Properties & Recommended Uses

An entire book can be written on Ametrine properties, especially the healing one. Here are the most important ones:

  • heals the mind, body, and soul;
  • assures awareness;
  • helps spiritual growth;
  • relieves stress and depression;
  • clears tension from the head;
  • keeps emotions in balance;
  • improves creativity;
  • offers strength;
  • helps with weight loss.

Apart from emotional and spiritual aid, the Ametrine also helps the body. Particularly the autonomic nervous system. The immune system is also stimulated to work at full capacity. Your acceptance of others enhances if you wear Ametrine jewelry. The stone eases digestive disorders and allergies. It also cleans tissue and the metabolism.

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To enjoy its powers, you need to place the Ametrine on your chest. That’s where the Solar Plexus chakra is. Other uses: place it directly on those zones of your body that hurt. Best do it for several hours. Ametrine pendants, rings, and earrings worn daily have the same effect. Use the stone during your meditation sessions.

Ametrine Color Symbolism & Spiritual Meanings

Ametrine comes in contrasting colors. The fine variety has a medium dark to moderately strong orange. The stone also has a vivid to strong purple. Violetish purple is common, too.  Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine. That is why we need to look at each of their color symbolism.

  • Purple and Gold Flame Amethyst spiritual meanings & properties: a symbol of sincerity, piety, spiritual wisdom, and humility. The crystal connects earth and heaven, keeping everything in balance.
  • Red-violet Amethyst spiritual meanings & properties: the ray that brings color and time together. Logic and emotion intertwine. Imagination and passion go hand in hand. Creativity receives a boost.
  • Dark amethyst spiritual meanings & properties: helps perception and offers insight on decisions. The future will appear clearer.
  • Light Amethyst spiritual meanings & properties: it improves Self-knowledge and self-esteem are both stimulated.
  • Violet amethyst spiritual meanings & properties: allows us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. Stimulates the imagination. It transforms the soul into what it’s meant to be. Violet calms emotions and enhances spiritual enlightenment. The color encourages sensitivity and self-love.
  • Dark Yellow Citrine spiritual meanings & properties: great for when we have to change something in our lives. It helps persuasiveness and precision.
  • Light Yellow Citrine spiritual meanings & properties: adds a different perspective to how we see things. It feeds optimism and strengthens relationships.
  • Dark Gold Citrine spiritual meanings & properties: devotion, love, and enthusiasm.
  • Light Gold Citrine spiritual meanings & properties: surrounds us with power, happiness, and enthusiasm. People also wear it for prosperity.

Ametrine Gemstone Key-Facts

Ametrine is generally known as a type of quartz. Scientifically, it’s a color-zoned variety of macrocrystalline quartz. Known as trystine, the stone is a bicolor mixture of citrine and amethyst. The three get their colors from iron. The composition includes silicon dioxide and the commercial name of the Ametrine is Bolivianite.

Its hardness is 7. This means that it’s 1/15 as strong as a diamond.

Astrological stone for Libra.

Corresponding Chakras: 7th or Crown Chakra (purple Ametrine) and 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow Ametrine).

Ametrine Stone Jewelry: A Short Guide

Jewelry made of this special stone helps people who wear it a great deal. The next time you go shopping for a present, choose a ring or a necklace that incorporates this stone. Buy a bracelet, beads, or a pendant made out of Ametrine for yourself at a yard sale. You and your friends will feel calm and the stress will be a thing of the past. Once it gets in contact with the skin, this crystal removes tension and eases depression.

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Value & Price on the Market Today

Much of the value of this stone comes from how it’s carved. The stone in itself is found in large pieces. Prices range from $1136.50 to $420.50, depending on quality. The stones with fewer carats come cheaper: $15-$89.

Ametrine Legends and Lore

There are few legends surrounding the Ametrine. The only one to survive is a story about don Felipe and princess Anahi of the Ayoreo tribe. The two fell in love with one another and her father offered the conquistador a mine as dowry. Don Felipe gave it the name of this wife. The mine produced a beautiful gem later known as Ametrine.

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