Historically, the ammolite meaning is related to knowledge. Unsurprisingly so, as ammolite gemstones are in fact the fossilized shells of ammonites. 65 million years ago, ammonites became extinct. These fascinating organisms left behind their mesmerizing fossilized shells, brimming with symbolism in every culture of the world.

ammolite meaning ammonite fossilized shell

Ammolite Properties

Before moving onward to the rich ammolite meaning, we should understand the elements that make this unique biogenic gemstone so special. What is ammolite? This rare iridescent stone is in fact the fossilized shell of ammonites, the invertebrate organisms which became extinct approximately 65 million years ago.

As ammolite is formed through an organic natural process, it is known as a biogenic gemstone. Amber or pearls are also biogenic gemstones of extraordinary beauty. Ammolite gemstones are primarily composed of aragonite. In addition to this element, you can find pyrite, calcite, silica and many other elements in their composition.

Each trace element plays a role in offering ammolite gemstones their mesmerizing iridescence. Often compared to the rainbow, ammolite shines in hues of violet, blue, green, orange, red, and yellow. Each of these colors can be assigned to the trace elements present in the gemstones: aluminum, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese and chromium.

Yet, the most important element is aragonite. Each layer of aragonite refracts a different light. Ammolite gems with thicker aragonite layers have a more pronounced green and red refraction. Those with thinner layers refract violet and blue.

Ammolite Meaning

The ammolite meaning stands for intuitive knowledge, grounding and prosperity. This gemstone has such a rich history of uses in every culture of the world that it’s difficult to pick just one ammolite meaning and focus on it.

The gem has been used by native North America tribes primarily for its healing properties and to guide hunters. In every ancient culture of the world, ammolite was associated with great deities, usually horned ones.

Thus, Pliny the Elder wrote of the fascinating gemstone, calling it ‘hammonis cornu’. This phrase referred to the horns of Amun, the Egyptian god of creation. In ancient depictions, Amun was presented as ram, a sphinx with a ram head or a man with a ram’s intricate horns. Pliny the Elder wrote of ammolite that it was a prophetic stone, bringing forth enhanced visions of the future.

The ammolite stone is a stone of perfection. Fibonacci or Leonardo di Pisa, the famous 13th century Italian mathematician spoke of the sequence of numbers which is the building block of nature’ creations and evolution. The shell of the extinct ammonites are the perfect representation of the golden mean spiral, the depiction of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers.

ammolite meaning ammonite shell

Knowledge, wisdom and perfection are the three attributes best ascribed to the ammolite meaning. A direct representation of the golden mean spiral, ammolite gemstones are believed to hold the energies of the universe.

Crystal healing practitioners and Feng Shui teachers use ammolite as the means to personal awakening and harmonizing with our environment, both spiritual and worldly. It is believed that ammolite gems help with understanding the cycles of creation and evolutionary shifts.

Despite the ammolite rarity, ammolite jewelry is in high demand. That is due to the fact that the ammolite is a highly spiritual stone as well as a protective one. Associated with the root chakra, it channels all energies into perfect tuning. Since the first recorded mentions, ammolite meaning was associated with luck and prosperity, as well as guidance on the spiritual path that reveals the very center of existence.

Thus, ammolite stones mounted in exquisite ammolite jewelry are useful for people who need grounding, structure and steadiness. While the process to achieving these states takes one through deep emotional shifts, it is also helpful to understanding the shifts in consciousness. After all, ammolite is a stone of positivity and positive energies. The pathway to achieving serenity and balance may be winding just as the shell of ammonites, yet it is the pathway to spiritual and emotional evolution.

Ammolite Jewelry and its Healing Properties

ammolite meaning colorful ammolite gemstones

Nowadays, ammolite deposits have become a rarity. Moreover, only approximately 50% of the ammolite stones that are found are fit for jewelry. Despite this fact, you can still find breathtaking ammolite jewelry and even complete sets.

Due to the fact that ammolite is in fact a fossilized shell, this gemstone is quite fragile. Ammolite rings may be beautiful, but it may not be ideal for everyday wear. If you happen to find an ammolite pendant, necklace or ammolite earrings, these are the ideal jewelry to wear.

Wearing ammolite jewelry is known to strengthen the will and appetite for living life to the fullest. As such, ammolite’s healing properties are beneficial for clearing the mind of negative emotions and feelings. The gemstone is used in healing therapies for treating depression or other similar affections. In Feng Shui therapies, ammolite is thought to help with detoxification and cleansing of the body.

Thanks to its extraordinary blend of colors, ammolite is considered a rainbow color energy stone, associated with the root chakra. This is why wearing an ammolite pendant can help you balance mind and body, achieving a serene and healthy state.

Moreover, ammolite jewelry is believed to bestow wisdom and wealth upon the wearer. Ammolite gemstones are helpful guides and supportive stones in one’s process of spiritual and emotional growth. While it relieves harmful emotions and makes room for positive energies, ammolite lifts the pressure of daily stress and gives the wearer a sense of grounding.

Crystal healing practitioners praise ammolite for its extraordinary representation of the chakra system. As the ammonites shell is the representation of the golden mean spiral, so too the ammolite stone is a representation of evolution and balance.

In the chakra system, spiritual energy flows through all the chakras. When one is blocked or isn’t balanced with the rest, imbalance makes its way in our lives. Ammolite helps overcome these barriers and channels all the energies in one synergistic flow. Despite being associated with the root chakra, ammolite is in fact a stone for all the seven main chakras of the human body.

With a rich history and symbolism, the fossilized shells of the extinct ammonites remain as fascinating today as they ever were. The ammolite meaning is a reflection of the wealth of symbolism assigned to this gem, primarily standing for prosperity, evolution and beneficial change.

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