Aquamarine jewelry possesses the great power of inducing peace and bestowing a soothing feeling upon those who wear it. A blue variety of beryl, aquamarine has been known through lore and legend as the protective stone of those who travel by water.

Also known as the treasure of mermaids, aquamarine is reminiscent of the blue water depths and the blue sky heights. The crystal’s name is indeed derived from the Latin words ‘aqua’ and ‘marin’ which stand for ‘water’ and ‘sea’.

aquamarine jewelry

The gemstone vibrates with the throat chakra and is widely accepted to be the March birthstone. Aquamarine birthstone jewelry makes the perfect gift for those born in the month of March. There’s a wide variety of aquamarine gemstones on the market as there are several sources where the crystal is mined.

From Europe’s Norway, Austria and Russia to Africa’s Tanzania and Kenya and other countries around the world (Sri Lanka, Madagascar, South Africa, Brazil and Colombia), aquamarine maintains a strong global presence.

The Meaning of Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine is a gemstone evoking the purity of deep blue waters. Its blue reflexes invoke a sense of calmness, cleansing and soothing. Aquamarine jewelry inspires trust and truth as well as rational fearlessness.

Wearing single aquamarine jewelry items or an aquamarine jewelry set is believed to open up communication channels for clear and effective communication. As a blue crystal, aquamarine also inspires idealism, justice, inner peace and prosperity.

An aquamarine variety with shades of green due to a higher concentration of iron oxides, paired with peridot in aquamarine and peridot jewelry is believed to benefit partnerships, marriage and travels.

Aquamarine jewelry borrows the meaning of this spectacular gemstone. As the blue shine of aquamarine reflects both blue waters and blue skies, the aquamarine meaning is tightly connected with revelation and meditation as well as introspection.

Aquamarine Jewelry and Physical Healing

Aquamarine jewelry sets will prevent illnesses connected to the lungs and the respiratory tract. Aquamarine has the property to heal heavy coughing as well as sinus-related conditions. In addition, aquamarine jewelry can protect against chronic allergies such as hay fever.

Wearing an aquamarine beads necklace can relieve colds. If you’re suffering from tedious bronchitis, aquamarine is also recommended in the healing of this illness.

Moreover, aquamarine jewelry has healing properties connected to teeth problems, sore throat and laryngitis. Even if the aquamarine stone jewelry is encased in silver or other precious metals, it still retains its physical healing properties.

Not only does aquamarine jewelry heal a cohort of illnesses, but it’s soothing and has protective powers against inflammatory diseases and skin problems.

Aquamarine Jewelry: Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Aquamarine is clearly a water element stone. In this capacity, the gemstone has powerful properties for cleansing our emotional body and promoting open and truthful communication. With the gentle energy vibrations of aquamarine jewelry comes an understanding of the inner-self and a gentle release of the self-set obstacles in the path of happiness and moving forward.

Aquamarine jewelry has the capacity to limit one’s ego, putting an end to overheated tempers and exaggerated reactions. As these limitations are dealt with, aquamarine promotes compassion, good relationships and love.

aquamarine jewelry as earrings

This healing crystal empowers those who wear aquamarine jewelry to gain new perspectives on life and a deeper understanding of the surrounding world. As it balances excessive negative emotions and feelings, aquamarine heals past emotional wounds caused by verbal or physical abuse.

With its cooling reflections, aquamarine jewelry will guide the wearer’s steps through times of change and transition. A rational understanding of the world will enhance the wearer’s power to remove resistance in the face of change.

Aquamarine Jewelry: a Guide to Wearing it

Knowing the powerful properties of the aquamarine gemstone may help you choose the best jewelry for you. There are plenty of exquisite choices on the market. As the costs of creating synthetic aquamarine that can mimic the often flawless natural gemstone are quite high, most of the aquamarine jewelry on the market is natural aquamarine jewelry.

Aquamarine gems are quite often flawless. As such, they present themselves as splendid choices for aquamarine fine jewelry. The gemstone is faceted into many cuts which reflect the gentle yet powerful blue hues of this crystal. This clear, translucent variety of aquamarine is the most common around the world.

As such, aquamarine is a very popular gemstone for aquamarine silver jewelry, or in sets of peridot and aquamarine jewelry, pearl and aquamarine jewelry, ruby and aquamarine jewelry or amethyst and aquamarine jewelry. Such a variety of combinations enhances the properties of each of the gemstones included in the jewelry items and stands testimony to aquamarine’s versatility.

However, there are some more rare varieties of aquamarine. They are of course more expensive and are rarely found in some jewelry items. Other varieties of the aquamarine gemstone include uncommon cat’s eye effect in addition to asterism. Typically, such aquamarine gemstones are cut and polished to become cabochons used in a wide variety of jewelry.

Some aquamarine stones don’t feature the same flawless appearance as others. Nonetheless, jewelers make use of them by transforming the gemstones in roughly polished beads and stones typically used in bracelets and necklaces.

Despite these variations, aquamarine jewelry maintains its healing properties. As aquamarine resonates with the throat chakra, this is one of the strongest gemstones to activate and clear the throat chakra.

aquamarine jewelry

Wearing a pair of aquamarine earrings or an aquamarine necklace will channel the flow of energy from the heart to the throat, enabling truthful and heartfelt communication. From this perspective, aquamarine jewelry is the perfect gift for those who work in such professions that require constant communication. Teachers, trainers, psychologists and others will enjoy the properties of this crystal beautifully encased in jewelry items.

Moreover, remember that an aquamarine ring or an aquamarine bracelet is traditionally gifted on the celebration of the 16th and 19th wedding anniversary and to those born in March.