If you’ve wanted to dig for diamonds, there is only one place in the entire United States in which you can do that.

There was once a second diamond mine in the U.S., but it closed down in 2002.

Now Crater of Diamonds, an Arkansas diamond mine, is the place to go if you want to find a diamond in the rough.

Crater of Diamonds History

Murfreesboro, Arkansas had a strange phenomenon going on for many years, and it was something that stumped residents.

There was an area where the dirt was green. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that some geologists did tests on the soil and found it was filled with volcanic material known for bearing diamonds.

Sometime in the 20th century, the property was purchased by a farmer. John Wesley Huddleston, the landowner, was the first to find diamonds on the property, in 1906.

After gaining the nickname “Diamond King,” Huddleston sold the property, and it became a commercial diamond mine. People flocked to the mines to fill their pockets with diamonds. The business was booming.

Even with the commercial mine, there was another 40 acres of diamond-bearing soil covering the land, and it was privately owned for most of the time. There was a lot of changeover in ownership of these different properties over the years.

It was in 1969 that a company out of Texas, General Earth Minerals, bought both properties. Instead of opening a commercial mine, they turned it into a private attraction for tourists, which ran until 1972.

Then the state of Arkansas bought the property and turned it into a state park, which now hosts visitors looking to hunt for diamonds across 37.5 acres of land.

Why You Should Consider Visiting the Arkansas Diamond Mine

Crater of Diamonds offers a fun experience for people of all ages, whether you want to take the entire family along or the adults want to go alone. You can’t get an experience like it anywhere else in America. It’s a chance to look for actual diamonds. It’s also a workout.

Why not find diamonds while walking and searching along more than 37 acres of land?

The Arkansas diamond mine is the eighth largest volcanic crater of diamonds in the world. If you find a diamond, you get to keep it. There’s more to this adventure than just searching for diamonds. It’s a learning experience as well.

The visitor center offers interactive exhibits that let you see what an uncut diamond looks like, and tells about the history of the site and how diamonds are created. You’ll also learn how to search for diamonds, giving you a better chance of finding one while you’re there (hopefully). Bring your own mining tools, or you can rent them from the park or buy some at the gift shop.

About the Diamonds at Crater of Diamonds

Not all diamonds are clear and colorless. In fact, diamonds come in many colors. Though there are many naturally occurring diamond colors, Crater of Diamonds has three colors of diamonds that have been found at the park. Those colors are brown, white, and yellow.

Diamonds aren’t the only gemstones that can be found while you are treasure-hunting at the park. You may also find quartz, jasper, garnet, amethyst, and agate, among others.

If you’re a rock collector, you need to visit this Arkansas diamond mine.

Planning Your Visit to the Arkansas Diamond Mine

For a fee, you can hunt for diamonds. But Crater of Diamonds offers more than just diamond hunting. You can camp at the park. There are even tent sites with free Wi-Fi available. There is a heated and air-conditioned enclosed pavilion, perfect for parties. There are also restaurants and gift shops.

The gift shop offers all the souvenirs you’d expect. You’ll find hats, t-shirts, patches, collectibles like spoons, and even a new mug for your morning coffee. You can buy the tools needed for hunting for diamonds and guides to help you recognize different gems. There are polished stones, snacks, and more. This is also where you can purchase bags of ice and firewood for your campsite.

To add to the fun, enjoy some time at the Diamond Springs Water Park. All you need to do to start planning your one-of-a-kind trip to search for diamonds is to visit the park’s website.

Make a Vacation Out of Your Visit

You’ll find many other fun things to do in the area when you’re done digging for diamonds. There are walking trails, fishing spots, and other state parks worth visiting.