Poem for August birthstones Peridot and Sardonyx

August Birthstone Meaning & History

August babies are lucky to have two lovely gems as birthstones: Peridot and Sardonyx. In this article, we will walk you through their meanings, properties, and uses, as documented by famous gemologists like Stern Max. First, let’s take a closer look at the August birthstone classification in both Western and Eastern cultures.

What is the birthstone for August in both Western and Eastern cultures? 

Although in recent years US national associations of jewelers have officially adopted Peridot as the sole August birthstone, the eighth month of the year used to be represented by Sardonyx as well. Romans were the first to recognize it as an August birthstones.

Traditional August Birthstones also include carnelian, moonstone, ruby, and topaz. Nowadays, Sardonyx is still considered a modern August birthstone in Britain. In Eastern societies, the eighth month is represented by Ruby.

Peridot: Key Facts, Origin & Etymological Meaning

Also known as Chrysolite (green to yellow stones) and the “Evening Emerald for its lovely green color, Peridot is a variety of Olivine, which come in transparent to translucent shades of green, yellow, brown, red, and gray.

Today, Peridot is found mostly in Arizona, Brazil, China, Pakistan, and Myanmar. The interesting thing about this mineral is that it was also found in some meteorites. Other notable sources: Burma, New Mexico, Queensland.

Concerning its value, gemstones smaller than three karats, as jewelers inform us, are common, but those exceeding five – ten karats are extremely rare. The largest gem is estimated to 310 karats. One of the most valuable green-olive Peridots out there, counting 192 karats, is today part of the Russian crown jewels.

august birthstone rings

Exquisite Peridot August Birthstone Jewelry

Sardonyx: Key Facts, Origin & Etymological Meaning

As the etymology of the word attests, Sardonyx is a red onyx (the Greek word “sard” meaning reddish-brown, and the Persian “sered”, meaning yellowish-red), part of the mineral family called chalcedony.

More specifically, Sardonyx consists of red layers of carnelian and white bands of chalcedony.

Found throughout the world, the gemstone is not as expensive as other gems. Attractive, and widely available, Sardonyx gems are now mostly mined in Germany, Brazil, Uruguay, Czechoslovakia, and the United States (Oregon). Lovely specimens of sardonyx can be found in India.

August Birthstones & Their Symbolic Journey Through Myths and Cultures 

What are the birthstone for August known to signify?

Peridot meaning: success, vitality, cheerfulness, prosperity, emotional balance, compassion, rebirth, power.

Corresponding Chakra: Heart Chakra – the point of energy located between lower chakras (matter) and upper chakras (spirit). The heart chakra governs our emotions and level of stress.

Legendary Uses: There are many legends associated with Peridot stones. In ancient time, it was believed to host magical energies, and it was worn as protective pendants. Peridot was also mistaken with Topaz, one of the stones of the breastplate of Aaron.

Astrologically, Peridot is associated with the Constellation of Virgo. The sixth sign of the zodiac is blessed with cool reason, honesty, and a spirit of equity. Peridot is thus said to enhance the typical qualities of a Virgo: ingeniosity, intelligence, persuasive eloquence.

Sardonyx August Birthstone Necklace

Sardonyx: August Birthstone Necklace

Sardonyx meaning: protection, influence, strength, vigor, integrity.

Corresponding Chakra: Root Chakra – the point of energy in our body that governs instincts, and the sense of grounding and security.

Legendary Uses: Pendants and talismans of Sardonyx were common among Greek and Roman warriors. They believed the red stone would enforce their courage and bring victory.

Sardonyx was also used to aid in romantic affairs. As an old Roman poem goes:

She, loving once and always, wears, if wise,

Sardonyx and her home is paradise.

August Birthstones and Their Mysterious Properties

Peridot’s Powers and Recommended Uses 

This lovely green gem is believed to open one’s heart. It boosts feelings of love, tenderness, and well-being.

Peridot is also a gem of renewal, of new beginnings.

Sardonyx Powers and Recommended Uses

Sardonyx, like any other variety of Onyx, is a stone of power and protection. It grants its owners with willpower and vigor, and it is said to enhance stability in every sector of life: marriage, career, partnerships.

Some people use Sardonyx as a protective stone for their homes. Placing the gemstone in corners of the house is said to cast away dangers and misfortune.

Sardonyx is recommended for individuals suffering from low self-esteem. As it inspires eloquence and self-confidence, it is the ideal gem to wear by public speakers, teachers, lawyers, and orators of all kind.

August Birthstone Color Symbolism

Did you know that Peridot is one of the few gems that are found in only one color spectrum? The gem is found in color variations of green, from yellowish to brown-green. However, the lovely springy lime green color is its signature.

Regarding symbolism and psychological effects, green is a powerful yet soothing color. Associated with Mother Nature and vital instincts, it is worn especially for its revitalizing energy.

As concerns the other birthstone for August, Sardonyx comes in various layers of red. Most commonly, it is recognized for its red to brown layers.

peridot august birthstone rings

Peridot August Birthstone Rings

August Birthstone Jewelry Guide

To exert its full power, Peridot should be set in gold, experts say. Worn in this fashion, the gem is said to dispell nightmares and protect the wearer from negative energies.

Let’s not overlook the aesthetic asset of Peridots. The rich lime green of these gems goes perfectly with summery outfits. Don’t forget even if you are not born in August, wearing the August birthstone in during this month, it enhances its powers and properties.

Why not choose Peridot August Birthstone earrings for a more casual look, and Sardonyx August birthstone necklaces for more formal occasions?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, we recommend getting a vibrant August birthstone ring. Consider August birthstone rings for a happy engagement ceremony too, as Peridot is a symbol of long lasting relationships and unconditional love.

Any positive spirit will be thrilled to receive either a Peridot or a Sardonyx as an August birthday gift. As any gift goes well with a bouquet of flowers, note that the August birth month flowers are Poppy and Gladiolus.

Passionate about gems? Enjoy our complete birthstone jewelry guide and do let us know which ones are the most beneficial for you.