Some gemstones are more popular than others.

While color trends come and go, some types of gemstones stick around. Some gemstones get replaced by what's in currently in vogue.

Others are kept to be passed down to future generations as a part of the family.

Black gemstones have an interesting history and diverse characteristics. They have been praised both for their rarity and beauty.

Let's take a look at black gemstones and determine whether they go deeper than what's in vogue.

What is a Black Gemstone?

black gem

So, what exactly is a black gemstone? The Gemological Institute of America explains that a black gemstone is a classic, yet versatile gem.

The black gemstone covers a wide variety of different types of gems, from diamonds and opals to pearls and onyx. There is also a wide margin in their value. You can find affordable black gemstones and more precious varieties.

Black gemstones are making the rounds in current fashion. However, they certainly aren't new to the scene. The use of black gemstones in jewelry can be traced right back to biblical times.

Black diamonds are particularly popular with today's fashion trends. They primarily get their black hue from graphite. Because of the cleavages and fractures, black diamonds are often difficult to cut. This means that they can be quite rough in their appearance.

Black pearls are also popular in current and historic fashion trends. This is because they are exotic, and often hard to come by. However, with the growth of the pearl manufacturing industry, black pearls have become more widely available and less unattainable.

Tahitian Cultured Black Pearl

Other black gemstones include obsidian and hematite, also popular picks in today's catalogs.

Black Gemstones in Fashion

Necklace of Black Onyx

Black gemstones were once considered bad luck because of their color. However, this superstition has long since disappeared, and black gemstones have made a comeback.

If you're looking for a black gemstone to go with your suits,  choose black quartz. Onyx and Agate are the two most popular black quartz gemstones. They are popular with men's fashion accessories, like tie-clips or cufflinks.

Black garnet is used in the fast world of fashion for its durability and variability. It has an excellent luster and high refractive index, making it a versatile, black gemstone.

This type of availability means that you can make almost anything out of this particular gemstone. From earrings and rings to necklaces and pendants, many jewelry pieces have integrated this black gemstone into their current look.

However, there's another type of black gemstone that's even more common, especially in today's market. Black tourmaline is a favorite among jewelers because of its shape and size diversity.

If you require a significantly large black gemstone, tourmaline is ideal.

Black spinel is another popular piece of black gemstone available. However, it is known for its high quality and subsequent price tag.

Buying a Black Gemstone as an Heirloom

Portrait of a jeweler

While black gemstones are widely popular in today's jewelry market and don't seem to hold any sentimental value, it wasn't always like this. Black gemstones have an interesting history that implies they were once touted as an important heirloom piece.

Gem Select explains that black gemstones were popular in the Victorian era. They were most commonly used in mourning.

When Queen Victoria lost Prince Albert, she adapted the black gemstone and wore it in her stage of mourning. While this immediately sparked a surge in popularity of black gemstones, many of these pieces would have been handed down through the generations, especially in remembrance of those who were mourned with them.

Black gemstones remained frozen in the Victorian era for quite some time as fashion trends moved on from mourning jewelry. However, because the black gemstone remained a fixture of this generation, these particular varieties will hold significant value for those who have held on to them.

Heirlooms were quickly forgotten about when the ‘emo' scene was brought to America in the 1980's, and the demand for black gemstones increased again.

Miners were now able to keep any black gemstones they found as their value had now increased dramatically.

Owning a Black Gemstone

Garnet and Diamond Necklace

When it comes to fashion, both clothing and accessories often get caught up in the whirlwind.

Trends used to hang around for a lot longer. Nowadays, we quickly pass through each one, discarding what's in vogue for the fashions of tomorrow.

Whether you associate black gemstones with heirloom pieces of fashion fads, they have kept an important place in the history of jewelry for thousands of years.

From associating black gemstones with a late family member to pairing them with your latest business suit, black gemstones remain in vogue and relevant to today's jewelry market.