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Black obsidian is one of the most powerful rocks in nature. It protects the wearer against all kinds of negative actions and emotions. This stone of truth heals and enhances the gift of prophecy.

Black Obsidian Meaning, Short History, and Legends

Obsidian is a natural form of volcanic glass. It’s made of the following: Rhyolite, Andesite, basalt, and Trachyte. The rock has different colors: black obsidian, blue, reddish brown, and smoky gray. Other hues and patterns: green, golden sheen, rainbow, snowflake, and silver. In nature, we find the Obsidian rock as small nodules called Apache Tears.

The word “obsidian” comes from the Latin “obsidianus”. This is an inaccurate version of the words “Obsianus (lapis)”, meaning “(stone) of Obsius”. The latter was a Roman who discovered the rock in Africa, more specifically Ethiopia. The history of this powerful rock is older than the Roman Empire.

The obsidian was first used as a weapon and a mirror in 700,000 BC. Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans used it to make tools. They also carved it in the form of decorative objects. The black obsidian appears in the history of Native Americans as well. The stone statues on Easter Island have obsidian in their composition. You’ll also find the rock mentioned in the Middle East.

According to astrologists, the rock is the stone of Pluto. In ancient times, the obsidian was believed to be a fragment that fell from Satan’s claws. The Apache Tears pattern takes its name from a legend.

50 warriors of the Native American tribe died in an ambush and their bodies turned into black stones. The tears that fell from their wives’ eyes were buried in the stones by the Great Father. If you look at a black obsidian in the light, you will see the shape of a tear. People who wear the Apache Tear as jewelry will never cry and good luck will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Black Obsidian Healing Properties & Recommended Uses

Black obsidian properties are many and powerful. The healing ones are particularly important. Here’s what the stone can do:

  • Enhance physical force.
  • Treat male and female genital diseases.
  • Improve the functioning of kidneys.
  • Help adrenal glands work better.
  • Treat rheumatism.
  • Improve digestion.
  • Calm your mind.
  • Protect against depression.
  • Improve peripheral circulation.
  • Draw tension and stress out of your body.

To make the most out of these properties, you need to use the rock during your crystal therapy sessions. Alternatively, you can place it beside your bed. Another good idea would be to place the stone under your pillow.

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Black Obsidian Stone Color Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

Obsidian doesn’t come in just one color. The gemstone has different hues and patterns. Each of the colors and shapes symbolizes something else and has another spiritual meaning. Let’s see what this means.

  • Black obsidian: it increases self-control and removes selfish intentions. If you’re sensitive to the outside world, your foresight will be enhanced. Use a black obsidian crystal ball during your meditation sessions. You will feel emotional release if you wear the stone on the Manipura.
  • Green Obsidian: symbolizes freedom from draining energy. It has to do with the root and the heart chakras. The energies of these important regions are brought together in synergy.
  • Mahogany obsidian: gentle energy. The stone vibrates with the earth and fuels weak auras with strength.
  • Bright blue obsidian: represents intuition. The rock that has this color can open Vishuddha, the 5th Its power becomes clear in an induced trance state. Fortune telling is one of the most common practices to use the bright blue stone.
  • Golden obsidian: the symbol of protection. Used in scrying sessions because it harmonizes energy fields.
  • Silver obsidian:: a symbol for patience and perseverance.
  • Golden sheen: a symbol of the past and the future. Helps solve a problem by making us look into the root of it all. It solves ego conflicts.
  • Rainbow obsidian: another symbol of protection. This is the stone to use if you want to learn about your spiritual nature.
  • Snowflake obsidian: the symbol of purity. It brings balance between spirit, mind, and body.

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Black Obsidian Key-Facts

This rock forms only near volcanoes that are active. Surgeons use it for different procedures thanks to its sharpness. The obsidian works great as a jewelry piece, too. because it’s easy to work with this gemstone. You can buy a black obsidian bracelet and pair it with a ring.

The rock has a hardness of 5.5. This means that it’s not difficult to carve. Thanks to this property, artists can turn it into figurines, sculptures, and masks.

Other words for this rock: glassy lava, royal agate, Xaga, or glass agate.

Astrological stone for Sagittarius.

Corresponding Chakras: Muladhara (or 1st Chakra) and Manipura (or Chakra Three). Placed at the base of your spine, the black obsidian protects your back, teeth, bones, and blood. Negative energy stays away from these regions.

Black Obsidian Jewelry: A Short Guide

Wearing a necklace, a pendant, or beads made of black obsidian will bring you health benefits. The gemstone doesn’t only bring physical healing. It also helps if you aim for a high-fashion look. Mix a pearl ring with a black obsidian and get ready for a great night out.

You can combine this rock with other stones fashioned into refined jewelry. Here are some examples: Dravite, Golden Rutilated Qtz, and Shungite. An Amethyst pendant is a perfect companion for a black obsidian bracelet.

black obsidian jewelry

The stone is so popular, that motherboard manufacturers have come up with black obsidian cases. You have the 800D full-tower one, as well as these Obsidian Series options: 450D, 550D, and 650D. If you find one on sale at a good price, buy it. You won’t find a better one anywhere.

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Black obsidian is one of nature’s most powerful rocks. It’s filled with meaning and there are many interesting facts about it. Find out all about its properties, history, and legends from today’s post. If you want to find out info on another gemstone, feel free to check out this A to Z comprehensive guide.

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