Black tourmaline, sometimes known as Schorl, is a startlingly beautiful black stone. But it's not just pretty, it's a gemstone with many diverse uses. Black tourmaline properties range from the spiritual to the therapeutic. But it also has a pleasing geometric shape that makes it popular among jewelry makers. Black tourmaline's wide range of benefits and versatility make it a must-have for gemstone collectors, healers, and spiritualists.

What Is Black Tourmaline?

black tourmaline stone

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Black tourmaline is a fairly common stone and can be found in the United States, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Brazil, Western Australia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. It is in the silicate class of stones, and its scientific name is sodium iron aluminum borosilicate. The chemical composition of black tourmaline is Na Fe3 (Al,Fe)6 Si6 O18 (BO3)3 (OH)4. Black tourmaline's hardness level ranges from 7 to 7.5. Oh my!


Black tourmaline is characterized by striations, ridges, and furrows. These are lines that form in the stone and give it a very recognizable look. It's also often hexagonal. It's jet black in color but can sometimes be dull depending on the grade of the stone. The vertical lines can make black tourmaline easy to identify. Many black gemstones can often look very similar and be hard to identify with the naked eye. But black tourmaline stands out.

In ancient times, black tourmaline was believed to glow because it had its own energy. Now we know, black tourmaline is actually pyroelectric. It produces electricity when it is heated. It's also capable of storing an electrical charge. Sadly, it is not the solution to the national energy crisis. But it does provide many solutions to your personal energy crises.


The spiritual properties of black tourmaline are numerous and highly beneficial. Like many black stones, black tourmaline is good for dispelling negative energy. This black stone is good for protecting from bad vibes and psychic attacks. Black tourmaline can ground your energy to keep you centered and better in control of your own energy. When wearing black tourmaline, it can form an energetic shield of protection. It's often said to be one of the most powerful protection stones.

Black tourmaline is a good karmic stone. It's said that when bad energy is sent your way, it gets returned to its sender. This can provide a sense of security that you are protected not just physically but spiritually.

But black tourmaline doesn't just protect. This gemstone can actually convert energy. Black tourmaline's striated shape helps with the flow of energy. This energy flow helps bring dense energy to a higher vibration. Black tourmaline helps you convert negative energy into positive action. It also naturally converts energy around you. Wearing black tourmaline can increase your vitality as it converts your negative energy into positive vibrations while also grounding your energy and providing protection. That's not too shabby. These numerous benefits help you get the most from this stone.


Black tourmaline's natural connection to flow can also help with releasing any energetic or emotional blockages. Black tourmaline is great for restoring balance. Black tourmaline can help balance the masculine and feminine energy in the body. It also balances the right and left hemispheres of the mind. It even balances all of your energy meridians and chakras. But can it balance your checking account?

Black tourmaline can help clear and protect all of your chakras, but black tourmaline is most closely associated with the root chakra. The root chakra is the chakra associated with safety, security, and self-preservation. Also called the base chakra, it is located at the base of the spine and extends from the pelvic floor to the first three vertebrae. Black tourmaline is also most closely associated with the element of earth. For you astrologers, it's also associated with the star sign of Capricorn.

What Are Black Tourmaline's Healing Properties?

Black tourmaline is renowned for its many healing benefits for both the mind and body. Black tourmaline promotes physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual clarity.


Like Shungite, black tourmaline is great for dispelling electromagnetic radiation. This is the ambient radiation that can often be found around our mobile devices and personal computers. Not to mention all the ambient electromagnetic smog that builds up around our tech-heavy lives. This radiation is responsible for many health issues like cancer. It's a great idea to keep black tourmaline around work desks, rested on laptops, or in pockets with cellular devices. But please don't use black tourmaline instead of a hazmat suit. There are limits.

Black tourmaline improves alignment. As a root chakra stone, its connection to the spine can help in re-aligning your back. Black tourmaline can also improve hand-eye coordination.

Black tourmaline is great for relieving pain and tension in the body. It can help with pain associated with the lungs, intestines, spine, or muscles. Black tourmaline is also very helpful with arthritis.

The black tourmaline properties of radiation protection and energy balance can really help during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Black tourmaline can aid with the physical discomfort of such treatments. It can also help protect your body by regulating the amount of internal radiation. Black tourmaline's pain-relieving benefits will always come in handy.

Black tourmaline can defend against debilitating disease as it protects your body and energy. It also strengthens your immune system to help you better fight diseases. Black tourmaline can balance your immune response which helps with allergy attacks.


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Mentally, black tourmaline is good for treating dyslexia and paranoia. Not that those two are related. It can also help people struggling with addiction.

Black tourmaline's balancing benefits extend to the emotions. Black tourmaline can banish the victim mentality as it helps the flow of emotions from past pain. It also helps promote an overall positive mood which promotes compassion, altruism, tolerance, and prosperity. It can help you accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative and recall old song lyrics.

Emotionally, black tourmaline can help with mood. Black tourmaline's protective nature can help with feelings of intense fear and anxiety. It can help provide relief during panic attacks by providing emotional balance and grounding. The stone's energetic balance can also help you to achieve emotional serenity.

Black tourmaline can help stimulate practical creativity — because, there's nothing worse than impractical creativity. Seriously, though, its grounding positive nature helps you bring practicality to creative endeavors as opposed to losing yourself to whims or wild energetic flow.


Black tourmaline properties are also beneficial socially. Black tourmaline's protective and grounding nature can help with social anxiety. Holding black tourmaline can help during panic attacks. There's also peace of mind as black tourmaline protects against energy vampires and toxic relationships. Black tourmaline helps you rise above by not letting you engage with negative energy and lower vibrations. It can help you avoid gossip and conflict.

The positive emotional benefits of black tourmaline make it great for helping with new relationships. Black tourmaline helps you keep a cool head but an open heart. The overall vitality and optimism caused by black tourmaline properties can make you attractive to new people. As you stay level headed and balanced emotionally, energetically, and intellectually, you can make your best first impression.

Black tourmaline's grounding nature make it a great meditation stone. It can help you ground your energy to more readily find your center. The stone's ability to relieve tension helps you relax. These black tourmaline properties also help provide a great and restful night's sleep. It can help you eliminate worries while you sleep so your dreaming can effectively rebalance your thoughts.


Black tourmaline is best cleaned under warm water. To charge your stone, be sure to put it in sunlight for a few hours. Black tourmaline should be worn in the direction of the flow of your energy to ensure it works its best. Wearing black tourmaline on your body can help promote an overall positive mood. Black tourmaline worn on a bracelet can manage the flow of energy inside and outside the body. Black tourmaline is best worn on the left side to promote the correct energetic flow.


Black tourmaline harmonizes well with other stones. Black tourmaline can increase the efficacy and effect of other stones. Black tourmaline often appears with other stones in nature. It can often be found with quartz in the form of tourmalinated quartz. This stone is quartz with thick black bands of black tourmaline. Tourmalinated quartz a great detoxifier. Black tourmaline can also be found with mica, lepidolite, and prehnite.


Black tourmaline is unique and striking. It's also extremely useful. Black tourmaline is an important part of any gemstone collection. Black tourmaline properties include the ability to balance your posture, energy flow, chakras, emotions, and thoughts. Black tourmaline converts negative energy and protects against radiation. Spiritually, black tourmaline brings harmony and promotes overall positivity by converting negative energy and thoroughly grounding your energy.