The legend and lore surrounding this variety of jasper have enhanced the bloodstone meaning through centuries. A stone of intuition and creativity, bloodstone holds powerful healing properties and vibrates with the Base Chakra (also known as the root chakra).

Bloodstone is a remarkable variety of jasper or chalcedony. Its deep green color splashed with red spots as well as dark brown and sometimes blue spots makes bloodstone an aesthetically compelling gemstone.

However, beyond its beauty and allure, the meaning of bloodstone as well as the gemstone’s coveted healing properties and deep-rooted symbolism make it all the more enticing.

three bloodstone gems bloodstone meaning

Bloodstone Properties

Bloodstone is one of the most remarkable members of the chalcedony family. A cryptocrystalline quartz, the crystal has a 6.5 hardness on the Mohs hardness scale. Bloodstone’s deep green hues are rather opaque.

At the same time, the pyroxene, chlorite and amphibole elements present in the bloodstone’s composition give the gemstone its alluring color. The red splashes or fine sprays of red spots are rendered by the high concentration of iron oxide minerals.

This gemstone is mined in India, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Brazil. In addition, bloodstone is also mined in Australia, China, the U.S., as well as Bulgaria and Scotland.

Bloodstone Meaning

As bloodstone vibrates with the root chakra, the bloodstone meaning is strongly associated with survival instincts, grounding and a strong sense of preservation. A stone of security, individuality and stability, bloodstone has powerful protective properties.

The bloodstone gemstone meaning is also associated with heightened intuition and increased creativity. As it protects against negative energies from the environment, bloodstone is also a revitalizing stone. As the element it is associated with is Earth, the gemstone promotes grounding and rationality. Thus, the bloodstone meaning also stands for living in the moment, enhanced decision-making capabilities and avoiding perilous situations.

Legend and Lore

The bloodstone gem meaning is shrouded in mystery lost in the depths of time. Some of the most compelling legends that have travelled through centuries are related to the crucifixion of Christ and the Sun Stone.

During the Middle Ages, bloodstones was believed to have been stained with blood during the crucifixion of Christ. It is said that the blood fell on the dark green earth and turned to stone. As another legend goes, the blood dropping from the spear thrust lingered on green jaspers found at the foot of the cross. The holy blood stained the green jasper and the bloodstone was born. The bloodstone crystal meaning has remained entwined with this legend until today. Against this background, bloodstone is a stone of sacrifice and courage, enhancing the altruistic character of the wearer.

silver necklace with bloodstone cabochons

When bloodstone is referred to as the Sun Stone, that is due to the fact that Heliotrope is derived from the two Greek words ‘helios’ and ‘trepein’. Helios stands for sun, while trepein stands for attraction. As such, bloodstone was known as the Sun Stone or sun turning stone in ancient Greece. The element of legend was added by the belief that when submerged in water or placed in the dusk light, bloodstone would turn light to a blood-red hue.

In Mesopotamia, bloodstone’s healing properties were strongly connected with blood vessels and the detoxification of the internal organs. In the 4th century, Damigeron mentioned that bloodstone was a powerful gemstone in divination, changing the weather and influencing the stars, as well as preserving one’s youth. 13th century Albert the Great claimed bloodstone was the stone of Babylon and had magical properties unlike any other.

Bloodstone Healing Properties

As one of the gemstones that resonated with the base chakra, bloodstone’s physical healing properties are related to circulation and detoxification. Spiritually, it is a stone of renewal, rejuvenation and a strong revitalizer.

1.      Bloodstone and its Influence on the Body

Since ancient times, bloodstone was considered a stone that could help in healing flesh wounds. Places on the body, it would help blood flow as well as the healing of wounds. It is said that the warriors of the Mesopotamian space and ancient Greece wore bloodstone amulets to protect them from harm, channel the energy of the sun to prevent injuries and summon courage in battle.

Nowadays, bloodstone has kept its powerful blood cleansing properties. It is used to neutralize toxins and aid the lymphatic system. Moreover, bloodstone is used to heal inflammations, infections and prevent the formation of pus.

Internal organs such as the intestines, the bladder, kidney, the liver and the heart are also protected by bloodstone. One of the most common conditions where the jasper variety is used is anemia.

2.      Bloodstone and its Spiritual Healing Properties

The crystal of heightened intuition, bloodstone enhances selflessness and altruism, as well as idealism. It dispels the confusion caused by complicated situations or past experiences and as such promotes sound decision-making.

As it helps ones become more grounded, bloodstone enables the wearer to become calmer by keep aggressive thoughts at bay. Bloodstone also sooths negative emotions such as irritability, impatience and sadness sprung from past experiences.

Against this background, bloodstone carries the ability to fend off indecision and ground one in the present by enhancing the ability to act with courage, determination and spiritual strength. This powerful crystal provides emotional support just when it is needed most, dispelling the illusion of isolation and loneliness.

bloodstone in silver tie pie bloodstone meaning

A gemstone of strength and rationality, bloodstone helps the wearer through times of transition, propping the ability to make rational yet empathic decisions, connected to one’s environment and self.

This exquisite red-tainted variety of jaspers is most commonly cut into perfect cabochons. Mounted on rings, bloodstone has been conventionally associated with men’s jewelry. Bloodstone seals and cufflinks are the most common men’s bloodstone jewelry.

Nonetheless, astonishing jewelry sets for women are easy to find as well. Bloodstone is also a March birthstone. As such, a bloodstone jewelry set makes the perfect gift for those who are born in the spring month. The bloodstone meaning, its healing properties and symbolism make this gemstone a special item in your crystal collection.


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