People have used gemstone and crystal energy healing for centuries for healing and rituals. Their mere appearance is quite mystifying, so it’s no surprise that people have readily accepted the use of crystals and gemstones as an alternative health treatment.

The belief that crystals and gemstones can be used as tools to magnify and isolates energy to heal the body has been held since ancient times. The color and tone of the crystal used depends on the areas of the body one is attempting to heal. The “prana” from Indian culture and the “chi” from Chinese medicine are both life forces which circulate through our bodies. The chakras are the energy vortexes located where the prana exists. In Chinese medicine, the chi flows along meridians and circulates the body. The use of crystals and gemstones, in both of these cases, is to either enhance these energies or to unblock it.

Picture of multiple gemstones

Different Gemstones for Different Needs

Chakra Points Utilize Different Gemstones

Originally, there were many defined chakra points, but it has been reduced to seven, which are the most commonly used. The root chakra which is located in the

tailbone utilizes garnet, bloodstone, rubies and onyx to stimulate energy. The sacral chakra is located below the navel and it vibrates with carnelian, moonstone and hematite. The solar plexus chakra located in the center of the chest uses citrine, amber and topaz. If you want to focus on the heart, use rose quartz or fluorite. Aquamarine and turquoise are the primary healing stones associated with the throat chakra. The forehead chakra uses amethyst, sapphire or turquoise. The crown chakra, on your head, utilizes amethyst and clear quarts. While these are generally considered the most traditional, many crystal energy healers often simply use clear quarts in healing.

Chakra chart

Gemstones relate to chakra points

Sometimes the person who is receiving healing energy lies as the healer places the crystals on various charkas. Other times, there isn’t a formal healing session, but the person who wants healing carries a crystal or gemstone on their person. People that carry the stone with them are often seeking emotional healing and carry the stone associated with the body part thought to be associated with that emotion.

While there has been some research done regarding crystal energy healing, the majority of the scientific community tends to attribute healing to the placebo effect. While no one knows for sure what the effectiveness is of crystals and gemstones, their use is one possibility that many users believe and regularly use as an alternative method of healing every day.