Crystal energy healing can be used to help reduce emotional suffering. Following, are some crystals which have been used to treat emotional pain and ways to use them for crystal healing.

Rhodochrosite Crystal for Healing Past Emotional Trauma

Rhodochrosite is generally a pink, orange, or cream-colored crystal. It is known as a compassionate stone. It is generally thought of as one of the best stones for the treatment of emotional pain due to sexual abuse. The energies of this stone act to help eliminate denial and also to aid the acknowledgement and release of these painful emotions. It can also be helpful with alleviating depression. Rhodochrosite crystals are generally worn on the wrist or placed over the heart on a pendant.

Rhodochrosite Crystal

Ease Emotional Trauma

Pink Tourmaline Crystals for Security in Love

Pink tourmaline is also a healing crystal that is generally worn over the heart. Its energy helps to attract love, promotions emotional security, and helps to connect the wearer with compassionate feelings. Obsolete, negative, or obstructive thoughts are removed and replaced with the awareness that expressing feelings of love is safe to do. All forms of tourmaline have been known to help remove such energy blockages. Pink tourmaline crystals are the ideal stone when working with blockages connected to the heart and emotional pain.

Pink Tourmaline

FInd Love

Smithsonite Crystal for Healing Childhood Emotional Pain

Smithsonite is found in a wude range of colors, from a deep pink to bluish-green. It is the ideal crystal for people who have trouble overcoming the belief that they are unwanted or unloved, which starts from an absence of emotional nurturing during childhood.


Does anything about your childhood still bother your?

Dioptase Crystal for Betrayal and Abandonment

Diptase is deep bluish-green healing crystal which acts to heal emotional suffering and heartache from losing someone. It is excellent for helping to alleviate grief, abandonment, and betrayal while at the same time encouraging a positive view on life. This crystal is often held over the heart chakra or can also be taken as a gem elixir.


Dioptase eases feeling of abandonment