Meditation in general, and crystal meditation in particular, is a soothing practice that helps individuals reach a higher spiritual plane and take better control of their bodies. Through meditation, the body relaxes and the mind unleashes its full potential. Another important part of meditation is the fact that it helps us cleanse our selves from negative energy and unwanted thoughts that may harm your body and mind.

Crystals are better known as a meditative tool, used to deepen the meditation, and enhance the results and the outcomes of the it. Crystal meditation raises consciousness, strengthens the connection between the meditator and the divine powers, and deepens if not, enhances the basic intuition that everyone has in one way or another.

Even though we are disciplined to separate things into right and wrong, when it comes to spiritual stones and meditation, these notions fade away. We are unique individuals, so while meditating, we can do whatever suits us and use whatever gem attracts us the most. There is no right or wrong gem to be used during meditation. Anyhow, you may want to choose a crystal that is beneficial to you, one that has the healing properties that will improve the focus and effects of your meditative efforts. Meditating with crystals will enhance and magnify the basic results of meditation.

How to Meditate

In itself, crystal meditation is not so different from other types of meditation. Still, if you are a newbie in the field of meditation, here you have a few tips and tricks for crystal meditating that will help you get started:

crystal meditation - quartz on statue

  1. You probably have a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you don’t have it, it’s high time to find it. This place will help you a lot, and you can make it your personal refuge from the external world and from everything going in your life.
  2. Place the healing stones or crystals you wish to use nearby your meditating place. You can put them in a circle, but a triangle would be better.
  3. Sit quietly with the gems.
  4. Close your eyes, relax and let the peace take over your mind. Peace of mind is a key ingredient to begin any type of meditation.
  5. Pay attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly and take your time.
  6. Take the crystals or the stones and hold them comfortably in your hands.
  7. Imagine that all your problems fade away and just try to feel your crystal’s energy.
  8. Let the crystal’s energy fill your mind and your spirit. Meanwhile, don’t forget to maintain your breathing at the same pace.
  9. Try to visualize the reason for your meditation. This is how the crystal finds out what is the purpose of your meditation.
  10. Relax, relax, relax!
  11. Your mind and your body need time to get in contact with the gems, so take your time. Sit with your crystals as long as you need.
  12. When you feel completely relaxed and at peace the meditation is completed. Try to visualize your concerns and your ideas floating back to you. Feel the connection Earth – Universe –body.
  13. Open your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then continue whatever you have to do.

These tricks are not exactly quantum physics, but still you may want to try them out during your meditation. In itself, the hardest part of crystal meditation is the choosing part. Crystals are key ingredients for crystal meditation and unlike singing bowls, feathers or holly resins, their vibration is almost like the vibration of a living organism.

If you are a meditation pro, you may want to try using a crystal singing bowl. Crystal bowls produce tones that affect the energy centers or the chakras for a better and faster healing, balancing and nonetheless, meditation.

Finding the Right Crystal

To begin meditation, you need to make some choices: the first and the most difficult step while meditating is picking the right crystal part. Start by laying your crystal collection in front of you.  It may sound crazy, but try to listen to them, and they will choose you.

crystal meditation - stones scattered on a log

Let your intuition take control and just take the one or the ones that seems to suit you best. If you want to attain inner peace, try some calming blue stones, (Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite and Turquoise, Kyanite). For reaching a higher state of consciousness either try some purple stones (Amethyst, Fluorite), or some Clear Stones (Quartz Crystal, Selenite). As regards to the clear stones, you may want to incorporate them as a supplement to the others stones.

Meditation gurus say that the quartz crystal, and its many variations, is the perfect stone for spiritual alignment as it can be programmed with the user’s intention. Another excellent gem is the healing stone called Selenite which can help you clear the mind and body during meditation. Its cleansing properties will help you purge negative energies and enhance the flow of chakra.

Here is a list of suggested spiritual crystals for meditation and their benefits:

  • Amethyst – this violet gem is known for calming spirits and troubled minds filled with negativity and the general troubles of everyday life. A visualization enhancer, this crystal helps expand the consciousness and enhances visualization.
  • Fluorite – want to hoover your mind? Then fluorite is the gem for you, as this stone clears confusion and negativity, aids concentration, and enables the mind to maintain a meditative space.
  • Quartz Crystal – brings mental clarity and focus. The best part of this gem is its capacity to be programmed for a certain purpose.
  • Aquamarine – or the peace bearer, this crystal supports and relaxes the mind, while promoting self-confidence.
  • Labradorite – raises the consciousness and deepens the meditation.
  • Lapis Lazuli – increases concentration.
  • Carnelian – was used to protect the dead in their journey in the afterlife. In meditation, this gem clears unnecessary thoughts that may appear during meditation, in order to keep your mind focused on higher goals.
  • Dumortierite – or the third eye activator, brings patience and inner guidance.
  • Jade –releases negative thoughts and brings serenity.
  • Picture Jasper – helps the connection between you and the Earth’s vibrations to awake creativity and initiative.
  • Moonstone – encourages self-reflection and promotes the peace of mind. This gems is the most suitable when someone wants to connect to the unconscious part of their personality.

crystal meditation - crystal ball with stones

Choosing the perfect crystal is the hardest part. If you are like us, you have a whole collection of crystals, and you tend to know that all of them may be good for you.

The best way to use crystals in meditation is to hold them in your hands while meditating or to lay them on your body as close to the chakras as possible.

When it comes to crystal meditation, there is no right or wrong crystal. Any healing stone or crystal can be used. However, it is beneficial to choose a crystal that contains healing properties or energies that are in line with what you want to achieve out of your meditation.

Then, your meditating with crystals will enhance and magnify your results. Meditating with crystals is also a wonderful way to explore new crystals and see how your body resonates with their energy.

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