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Crystal uses, in terms of healing, hark back to ancient times in history. That’s precisely why, when trying to figure out how to use spiritual crystals for energy work and/or healing, you’ll find that the information spans across several different fields, from Seichim to Reiki. Each crystal and gemstone has its own metaphysical energy and lore and, of course, the first step toward learning how to use crystals for healing is to connect each stone with a specific chakra.

As explained in a previous article on gemstone chakras, each energy vortex within the spiritual body (i.e., each chakra) has a corresponding locus of energy within the physical human body. As such, the healing use of crystals can be employed to clear, open, and cleanse chakras.

Bear in mind that all the stones mentioned below have been traditionally used for healing, or for help with healing.

Their properties may not have been scientifically tested and proven, and their alleged effects should not be taken as representative of a professional medical diagnosis or treatment. However, the meaning and usage of each crystal has been known to help spiritually with healing, on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. Each has a positive action, which their presence will enhance, as well as a negative one, which their presence will decrease.

How Chakras & Healing Crystals Work Together

crystal uses and chakras

Each crystal corresponds to a given chakra, thanks to its specific color and vibration, which matches that of the energy wheel within the body. In a nutshell, chakras act like constantly rotating energy flowers, whose center is positioned on a specific ‘hub’ within the spiritual body, starting at the base of the spine and going all the way up to the a few inches above the top of one’s head. This is also why crystal uses vary.

Each chakra revolves at a specific pace, is stimulated by a given color, and can be influenced by a gemstone or crystal that complements it. The wheels come in different sizes and shine at varying intensities, depending on each individual’s level of energy, health, stress, and stage of intra- and interpersonal development.

Chakras can be thrown off kilter, or become unbalanced, through a blockage in their specific energies. This typically happens when we are feeling stressed, tired, ill, or just overcome by a negative attitude.

Energy blockages occur because, oftentimes, humans tend to block out their negative emotions, which are a result of negative experiences. Such emotions, when approached with a balanced perspective, can help one’s chakras develop toward maturity. At the same time, some of us have gotten used to allowing our chakras to be too open, which also causes an imbalance.

Too open of a chakra allows too much universal energy to flow through it, literally flooding a person with an amount of energy that they cannot properly metabolize. Here’s how each chakra behaves, when it is unbalanced:

crystal uses and chakras - watermelon tourmaline

  • Root chakra: when imbalanced, it causes anxiety, fear, frustration, eating disorders, and knee troubles. To help this chakra heal, one should use smoky quartz crystals, obsidian, garnet, and black tourmaline. This chakra is also associated with the male sexual organs.
  • Sacral chakra: A blockage in this chakra will cause emotional and sexual blockages, as well as an overflow of emotion, verging on obsession and manipulative behavior. In the physical plane, this chakra affects the kidneys and lumbar area, but can also cause spastic muscles, bladder issues, and constipation. For healing, use Carnelian Agate, Tiger Eye, and Orange Calcite.
  • Solar plexus chakra: Confused? Lacking self-confidence? Affected by the views of others on your behavior and/or appearance? If you’re also experiencing digestion problems, feel constantly exhausted, are affected by food allergies or diabetes, this chakra may be blocked. Use Topaz, Yellow Calcite, or Citrine to unblock it.
  • Heart chakra: Broken hearts, heart scars, and a lack of empathy are caused by problems with the heart chakra. Physical ailments caused by it include hypertension, heart attacks, trouble sleeping and trouble breathing. To heal it, you can employ Watermelon Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, and Kunzite.
  • Throat chakra: An over-active thyroid, skin problems, ear infections, soreness in the throat, and back pains, as well as skin irritations, various inflammations can all be caused by blockages in the throat chakra. Emotionally, this chakra will affect assertiveness, cause you to feel shy and withdrawn, with problems in expressing your thoughts and opinions. The best crystals to use for this purpose are Aquamarine and Azurite.
  • Third Eye chakra: Selfish people, those who experience migraines or have trouble seeing clearly (or may even be going blind without realizing it) might just have a closed-off Third Eye chakra. This chakra is in charge with the eyes, brain, endocrine system, and lymph nodes. It is addressed with the use of Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Sodalite.
  • Crown chakra: When you’re feeling depressed, destructive, and unable to experience joy, you probably have a blocked crown chakra. You will want to use Quartz Crystals, Oregon Opals, and Amethyst, to deal with such issues.

How to Clear a Crystal or a Gemstone

crystal uses and chakras - amethyst

In order to clear the energy of a specific crystal or gemstone, you can try any one of the following methods:

  1. Smudge the crystal

Burn some cedar or sage and pass the crystal through the stone a few times. You may want to repeat this process each time after you’ve used a crystal for healing.

  1. Expose it to moonlight

This method may vary in terms of the span of time required to work, depending on the healer’s energy and sensitivity. Leave your stone outside, in the moonlight, from the full to the new moon. Perhaps the best time to clear a crystal is the Waning stage of the moon.

  1. Bury your crystal

To this end you may bury it into the Earth, or in a cup of dried herbs. Sea salt also works well to this end.

  1. Sacred breath

Just hold the stone in your hand, blow over it, and tell your higher self to cleanse the crystal.

How to program a crystal/gemstone

This process is intense, but simple. All you need to do is hold the crystal or gemstone in your hand and wish positive energies into it. You will need to get in touch with the energy of the stone and maybe even try dedicating it to a healing presence, such as Healing Goddesses: Diana, Isis, White Buffalo Calf Woman, or Yemaya.

As you can see, crystal uses are extremely varied, according to the chakra that you are trying to improve or cleanse. If you have more questions related to this subject, feel free to contact us.