holding a pink tourmaline in quartz crystal for healing

Woman holding pink tourmaline in quartz crystal. Image By Charlie

I remember one day, years ago when my mother-in-law came over with her crystals for healing and a handful of sage to cleanse my aura. I'd been having a rough go of it after having my first kid, and she only wanted to help.

But I was like:

facial reaction when a person saw unbelievable things

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So, I told her I didn't want any of that new age woo-woo in my home.

Times have changed, though, and it seems everyone I know uses crystals for healing.

And here's the truth:

I do run with a reasonably spiritual crowd now that I'm older and wiser.

Mom would be happy!

The thing is, crystals for healing are a lot more mainstream than they were a few years ago.

Just a quick search on Instagram and Facebook give you tons of photos like this:

features of healing crystals

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clear quartz massage crystal wands

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Crystals are beautiful, and they naturally draw people to them.

In fact, it's easier than ever to buy crystals online or find them in a local shop nearby.

That's not all:

There are crystal healers aplenty who know how to use them.

attractive and beautiful gem watercolor

Crystals Are Everywhere

Salt is a crystal; diamonds are crystals, and snowflakes are crystals too.

Even our DNA is a crystal-like arrangement.

This video by Spirit Science explains some of the scientific properties of crystals and the concept backing the use of crystals for healing.

man couldn't believe that there are crystals everywhere

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There are six categories of crystals

According to the folks at Spirit Science, all crystals will fit in one of these six categories describing their shape.

isometric black crystal for healing

Isometric Crystal Image CC by SA 3.0, by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, via Wikimedia.com

tetragonal zircon crystal for healing

Tetragonal Crystal CC by SA 3.0, by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, via Wikimedia.com

hexagonal amethyst crystal for healing

Hexagonal Crystal Image CC by 2.0, by  James St. John, via Flickr

orthombic olivine crystal for healing

Othorhombic Crystal Image CC by 3.0, by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, via Wikimedia.com

monoclinic gypsum crystal for healing

Monoclinic Crystal Image CC by 2.0, by James St. John, via Flickr

Triclinic crystal for healing

Triclinic Crystal Image CC by A-SA 2.0 Brazil, by Tom Epaminondas, via Wikimedia.com

Crystals transmit frequencies

Spirit Sciences says that we have crystals to thank for modern computer science.

The first radio transmitter used a wire that was touched against a quartz crystal, resulting in the frequencies transmitting through that crystal.

Quartz crystal is stable and has a measurable frequency of its own which makes it perfect for basic technology.

 crystals transmits frequency like the frequency on basic technology

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gem watercolor broken in two

When we use crystals for healing, we're transmitting our frequency through the crystal, much like the quartz and the radio transmitter.

But here's the thing:

Speaking metaphysically, once you understand the science behind using crystals, it's not so hard to believe that there's something to all the hoopla about crystals for healing.

The oldest known pieces of our planet’s surface are 4.4-billion-year-old zircon crystals from the Jack Hills of Western Australia.

History of Crystals for Healing

The history of crystals started long before my mother-in-law discovered crystals for healing.

People were using crystals for healing as far back as the stone age, or the archaic phase, before science.

Scientists discovered precious stones and healing crystals in burial tombs and cave drawings depicting the first way that people used these magical stones for healing.

During the mythological era, crystals for healing were given a place in the stars with the gods and the zodiac.

different shapes of gem watercolor
mythological era of the galaxy

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And that's not all:

The Greeks discovered how to use crystals in more scientific ways, and during the middle ages, crystals were a source material.

Throughout the medical phase, crystals for healing were ground and processed alchemically into medicines.

And get this:

Some are still used today in homeopathy practices.

The Mayans used the power of crystals for healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. They also used crystals to diagnose diseases.

Over the past 300 years, crystals for healing took a backseat to scientific uses for these fascinating stones.

In modern times esoteric practitioners draw from all angles of the rich history of healing crystals that came before them.

Unfortunately, there are no scientific studies in today's world that provide evidence that crystals work for healing.

western depiction of how ancient people perform healing

Public Domain

Buddha with red crystal heart

Buddha with red crystal heart Image CC by 2.0, by Wonderlane, via Flickr

“I believe in kindness and karma — which could make me a Buddhist. I believe in mystic healing and crystals’ powers—which could make me a witch. I believe in truth, honor, and forgiveness — which could make me a Christian. I even believe in the existence of past lives and that each and every one of us is watched over by guides from the other side — which, to some, would make me totally woo-woo squared.”
― Emma Mildon, The Soul Searcher's Handbook: A Modern Girl's Guide to the New Age World


Science wants to call the success we have with crystals for healing a placebo effect. That's okay because crystals for healing really only work when you believe they will work.

It's that frequency thing, yo.

gem watercolor in two different shapes

In 2000, the largest, most spectacularly-formed natural selenite crystals in the world were discovered 1,000 feet deep in a Mexican volcano. The translucent beams are as big as four feet across, with some of them as long as 36 feet and weighing as much as 55 tons.

Gypsum Giant Crystal Cave Naica, Mexico with person for scale

Gypsum Giant Crystal Cave Naica, Mexico Image CC by 3.0, by Alexander Van Driessche, via Wikimedia

Heal Yourself with Crystals for Healing

As you gather your crystals, you will tune them to your specific purpose.

That mean:

If you're depressed, suffer from anxiety, have headaches, or stomach problems — tell your crystals and they will help you.

Remember, there are specific crystals to use for healing, and you will want to cleanse and program them once you determine which will work best for you.

Woman on deep meditation

Image By Jacob Lund

Choose the Right Crystals for Healing

When you're searching for your crystals, first think about what it is that you need from them.

Crystals for healing help with all kinds of mental health and physical issues — they help to address fear, anxiety, phobias, addictions, and more.

Shaq's getting rid of some.

getting rid of negativity, anxiety and other bad vibes

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Once you know why you're looking for your crystal for healing, it's time to buy your crystals.

But wait:

You can order crystals online, but if you go to a physical store, it's easier to feel their energy.

Take some time and explore the available inventory. Pay attention to the ones that stand out from the crowd to you.

Think about the color, shape, size, and how you plan to use your crystal for healing.

Your crystal may be a large chunk of rock, a tumbled stone, or maybe, for now, you would prefer a necklace or bracelet.

25 Crystals for Healing



Agate crystal to increase self esteem

Image via amazon.com

Increases self-esteem, stability, strength, balance, and clear the mind.


Botswana Agate

faceted botswana agate crystal helps you stay alert

CC by 3.0, by Pschemp, via Wikimedia.com

Helps you to stay alert and guards against toxins.


Moss Agate

green moss agate crystal ball brings emotional balance

Image CC by A-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia.com

Brings emotional balance and helps fight depression.



amethyst cluster crystal helps guard against toxins

Image CC by 3.0, via Wikimedia.com

Helps you to stay alert and guards against toxins.



aquamarine crystal helps fight fears and stress

Image CC by SA 3.0, Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, wikimedia.com

Helps fight fears, phobias, and stress. Good for the respiratory system.



adventurine crystal stimulates muscle tissue

Image CC0 by Bordercolliez

Stimulates muscle tissue and blood flow. Guards against stress and promotes well-being.



Chrysocolla crystal supports the relief of grief and fear

Image CC by SA 4.0, by Maatpublishing, via Wikimedia.com

Supports letting go, surrendering pain, the release of grief, sadness, and fear.



Chrysoprase crystal transforms negative ego

Image CC by 2.0, by James St. John, via Flickr

Transformation of the negative ego by reducing superiority or inferiority complexes.


crystal quartz

crystal quartz aids emotional stability

Image via Pexels

Aids emotional stability, speeds healing and is a symbol of balance and purity.



purple Fluorite crystal helps prevent mental confusion

Image CC by 3.0, Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, via Wikimedia.com

Helps prevent mental confusion and makes it easier to develop awareness.



garnet in it's natural setting for enery

Image CC by ND 2.0, by Géry Parent, via Flickr, cropped

Gives us the energy and courage to abandon harmful patterns. Also helps blood and hormone dysfunctions.



Hematite healing crystal dissolves negativity

Image CC by 3.0, Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, via Wikimedia.com

Helps dissolve negativity and reinvigorates the blood.


**brown jasper

brown jasper crystal works against toxins

Image CC by SA 2.0 migrated, by Mineraly.sk, via Wikimedia.com

Works against toxins.


lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli crystal calms the mind

Image CC by 4.0, by Reitawood, via Wikipedia.com

Calms the mind, increases mental ability, concentration, memory, and sight.



raw malachite crystal has curing energy

Image CC by 3.0, by Anagoria, via Wikimedia.com

Curing energy which helps extract pain and brings emotional issues to the surface.



Increases intuition. Help keep emotions under control. Eases anxiety and stress.



Obsidian crystal promotes self understanding

Image CC by A-SA 3.0, by Ji-Elle, via Wikimedia.com

Promotes self-understanding and acceptance of our sexuality, as well as repelling negative thoughts.



Peridot cut crystal reduces depression

Image Public Domain by Humanfeather

Reduces depression, stress, rage, and jealousy. Cures grudges, hurt egos, and helps repair relationships — powerful protection against evil.


red jasper

Provides protection and helps in trauma healing.


rose quartz

Aids the capacity of giving and receiving love, and eases sufferings, fear, and resentment — Increases self-esteem.


green quartz

Green quartz crystals stimulates good health

Image CC by 4.0, by Géry PARENT, via Wikimedia.com

Stimulates good health, security, discipline, and stability.


smoky quartz

Smokey Quartz crystal protects against negative energy

Image CC by SA 3.0, by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, via Wikimedia.com

Protects against negative energies and provides security, courage, and self-acceptance. Good against depression and negative emotions — Eliminates subconscious blocking.



Topaz crystal has magnetic energy

Image CC by SA 3.0, by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, via Wikimedia.com

Magnetic energy which helps guard against mental exhaustion and traumas.


black tourmaline

schoral black tourmaline crystal has strong curing power

Image CC by SA 3.0,  by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com,  Wikimedia.com

Strong curing power which defends against debilitating diseases like a heart condition, arthritis, and weak immune system — repels negative energy.



Turquoise quartz crystals increases self knowledge

Image CC by SA 3.0, Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, Wikimedia.com

Aids in relationships and increases self-knowledge — Improves meditation, circulation, and spiritual condition — helps soften the skin.

No doubt you have some ideas about which ones will do the trick.

crystal geode crystal healing

“I wish to stay drenched forever in those rain-blue eyes in those ... soul-reaching crystals not moving a muscle nor breathing just savoring this turquoise ache against my heart.” ― Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

Crystal Clearing

Before using your new crystal, you'll want to cleanse them. It's the way to ensure they reset to their natural frequency.

Crystals store energy.

passing on the energy from one hand to another

Image via giphy.com

Each time the stone passed through someone hands, from the mine to the market, the crystal absorbed energy.

Crystal cleansing is vital to wash away the energy it has absorbed up to this moment.

And the cool thing is:

Cleansing honors the stone and accounts for the journey it went through to land here, in your hands, and make it yours.


Cleanse hard crystals such as quartz in running water, like a stream or under a faucet. Submerge the crystal and let the water flow over it to neutralize any negative energy it may have stored.

Another way to cleanse hard crystals like amethyst is to submerge them in salt water for a few hours. Then rinse them in cool water and pat dry.

Again, this will neutralize any negative energy.


The moon's energy is purifying and easily used to cleanse and charge all of your healing crystals.

They'll get the most frequency revitalization if you put them outside in the moonlight during a full moon or a new moon.

The feminine energy of the moon is said to help with spiritual and emotional healing.


sunshine under a white crystal

Image via etsy.com

Use brown rice to cleanse protective stones such as black tourmaline and red jasper.

Rice absorbs all the stuff those stones absorbed.

So, be sure to throw the rice away when you're finished.

Here's another thing you can do:

Set the crystals outside in the dirt before the sun goes down and bring them in around 11 a.m. — give them a rinse, then pat dry.


Keep in mind, tumbled crystals handle sunlight better than natural stones.

You can use sound cleansing for any of the crystals.

Better yet:

Cleanse the entire collection at once.

Chanting, a tuning fork, or using a bell will work if you don't have cleansing bowls like the woman in the video.

The idea is to allow the sound to wash over the whole space for 5 to 10 minutes.


holding the crystals with care

Image via Pexels

Hold the healing crystal, cupped in your hand in front of you. Close your eyes and envision white light surrounding the stone, cleaning all of the negative energy and impurities it's picked up along the way.

And pay attention:

Because you'll feel a shift in the crystal's energy.

Crystal Charging AKA Crystal Programming

When you program or charge your crystal, you're performing a ritual, much like you did with the cleansing.

Now, you're connecting your intentions with the crystal for healing.

the right timing to recharge our crystals

Image via Instagram

Follow these steps to charge your crystals:

  • 1
    Figure out what you need
  • 2
    Pick a crystal that stands out to you
  • 3
    Hold the crystal first to your heart, then to your third eye
  • 4
    Hold the crystal in front of you, arms extend and visualize what you need
  • 5
    State your need out loud and thank the crystal for transmitting the need outward
gem watercolor in two different colors

10 Ways to Use Crystals for Healing Starting Now

  • 1
    Carry a crystal with you in your pocket
  • 2
    Sleep with a healing crystal under your pillow
  • 3
    Place crystals throughout your home
  • 4
    Write your intention, need, or goal on a piece of paper and set the crystal on top
  • 5
    Cleanse your energy with a selenite wand, tourmaline, or obsidian
  • 6
    Wear jewelry made from healing crystals
  • 7
    Use a crystal point as a wand to direct energy
  • 8
    Bury crystals to provide a protective boundary
  • 9
    Make a crystal grid
  • 10
    Use crystals to heal, open, or activate your chakras
chakra points illustrated in our body

Image via Pixabay

Crystal Grids

Grids are:

Sacred geometry arrangements — patterns found everywhere in nature.

The grid combines sacred geometry with a variety of crystals for healing that activates the flow of energy for a specific purpose.

Sacred geometry patterns combined with the arrangement of specific crystals create an energy frequency that amplifies your intention.

In other words, it's a power-up.

Each crystal grid's geometric pattern has its own sacred meaning.

Crystal Grid with Rose Quartz as sacred geometry arrangements

Image via Instagram

It's essential to state your intention clearly.

"This grid will fill me with confidence and help me overcome my social anxiety."

A clear intention focuses you, so write it down before you start.

How to Use a Crystal Grid — Step by Step

  • Set your intention
  • Choose your crystals for the properties they possess
  • Cleanse your crystals and the space where your crystal grid lives
  • Place the piece of paper with your intention written on it in the space
  • Take time to state your intention out loud — light candles and play music if you wish
  • Using the sacred geometry grid, place your stones — start where it feels right to you
  • Activate your grid with a clear quartz point by lightly touching it to each crystal
  • As you touch each crystal visualize them connecting
  • Try to leave the grid set up for a minimum of 48 hours (Crystal Visions)
blossom and crystal grid

Blossom Crystal Grid Image CC by ND 2.0, by Allegory Malaprop, via Flickr

Flower of Life Grid

As a beginner practicing with crystals for healing, the flower of life grid is a good one to use.

The geometric pattern known as the Seed of Life AKA Flower of Life is excellent for grids because it represents all possible beginnings and all potential paths — a place where anything can happen.

The focus stone

A focus stone is a crystal that's in the center of a Crystal Grid.

The focus stone brings in the life force energy.

Then, it shapes it through the sacred geometry pattern...

and fills it with its color energy.

And here's where it completes its mission:

It then sends the life force energy down the path to the way stones.

Focus stone clear crystal point

Image via Pixabay


Crystals that surround the center stone on a path are called the way stones.

The way stones are like a pump in a water system.

What they do is this:

They take the modified energy from the center stone and amplify the energy flowing through the grid.

different colored way stones to form a heart shape

Image via Pixabay


These crystals are on the outer part of the crystal grid.

They give the universal life force its final shape and tune it to the desired outcome of the crystal grid.

A desire stone is a crystal you may use alone to get the desired outcome.

But if you use it in the grid:

It amplifies the energy and brings the crystal more power.

crystal desire stone striped brown and cream

Image via Pixabay

The Path

flower of life grid giphy

Image via giphy.com

There is a journey to the desired outcome. The lines of the grid allow the energy to expand from the focus stone.

Sacred geometry aligns with and guides the energy down the path to the desired result.

The path represents the flow of energy.

Each grid has a different energy path depending on its shape.

Crystals and Chakras

Crystals for healing are used in holistic practices to align, unblock, and activate our Chakras, by interacting with them through vibration.

Each Chakra has a color that is connected to it as well as certain crystals.

When we place the crystals for healing on the spot where our chakra is located, the crystal absorbs and re-energizes the chakra, freeing the energy.

Crystals for Healing the Chakras

crystals for Healing the Chakras in our body

Image via accessgems.com

Crystals — garnet, onyx, and red jasper

garnet stones on a string

Image via PublicDomain

black onyx crystal

CC by A-SA 3.0 , by Simon, via Wikimedia.com

Red jasper piece

Image via Wikimedia.com


Orange Zincite crystal healing

Image CC by SA 3.0, by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, via Wikimedia.com

Crystals — citrine and yellow sapphire

cut citrine cystal for healing

Image CC by A-SA 3.0 unported, by Didier Descouens, via Wikimedia.com

Yellow Sapphire crystal for healing

Image CC by 3.0 unported, by Wiener Edelstein Zentrum, via Wikimedia.com

Crystals — rose quartz or green tourmaline

pink quartz crystal ball

Image via Pixnio

tourmaline for crystal healing

Image CC by SA 3.0, by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com, via Wikimedia

Crystals — turquoise or blue lace agate

blue lace agate for healing

Image CC by 2.0, by ,Ray Burr CyberPunk65 via Flickr

Crystals — lapis lazuli or sodalite

Lapis Lazuli oval stone for healing

Image CC by 3.0 unported, by Hi-Res Images of Chemical Elements, via Wikimedia.com

Crystals — amethyst or clear quartz 

amethyst crystal points

Image CC by 2.0, by Barta IV, via Flickr

clear quartz crystal for healing

Image via Pixabay

“Crystals are like friends”. When you first make a new friend, you naturally sum up who they are by what they like and dislike, associate with and have an affinity towards. They are beautiful to look at, great to meditate and relax with and are soothing and comforting. Just like an old friend.”
― Andrew Pacholyk, Lead Us To A Place: Your Spiritual Journey Through Life's Seasons

Crystal Healing Practitioners

beautiful gem watercolor

If you would rather see a professional than start working with crystals for healing on your own.

No worries.

There are crystal healers throughout the United States and internationally. Hibiscus Moon has an extensive list of crystal healers posted on her blog.

Crystals and You

Perhaps crystals for healing work due to a placebo effect. Or, maybe there's a connection between all living things that we can only feel intuitively.

But here's the thing:

It doesn't matter.

Whatever it is, there must be something to the magic of crystals for so many societies throughout history to have sought them out for their healing powers.


healing crystals are environment friendly

Image via Maxpixel

  • Crystals are used in computer technology to transfer information
  • They make up the interior of our planet
  • We also know that crystals are potent tools for science
woman in need of healing holding a crystal ball

Image by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Why is it so difficult to believe that crystals for healing are as potent as their counterparts used for technology?

Food for thought.

gem watercolor crystals

Lovely gem watercolor illustrations are vectors by sunshine_art.

uses of Quartz Crystal in Technology

Quartz crystal units fulfill the two roles: maintaining stable frequencies and generating steady clock signals. On average, a digital camera incorporates three quartz crystal components. As electronics gain more features, they are likely to use more quartz crystal components.