People buy gems for various reasons, but one of the most common ones is trying to make a profit. Cut or uncut, these gems can make quite an investment. Gemstone collectors from all over the world, are looking for a new and exotic piece for their collection, making the price of some gems rise more and more. People buying gemstones for embellishment, as part of their future jewel, are rather common. There are even those who will purchase the jewel in its uncut form, as it is sometimes less expensive and they prefer cutting it themselves.

Because they are not yet cut and polished, the possibilities with these gems are endless. When it comes to these stones, sky is the limit. Not being limited by a pre-made cut, which may not be fashionable any more, empowers the owner of these gems. Number of resulting gems, size and shape…this is for the owner to decide.

Uncut Gemstones: A Fashionable Accessory

Uncut gemstones, also referred to as raw or rough gemstones are taking over the fashion industry. Nothing but rough, these pieces of art were created by the ultimate designer: nature. There’s something magical and primordial about these gems, that vibrates with people. These uncut variants to classic jewelry are taking over the fashion industry with style and grace. Raw gemstones jewelry have become a must-have accessory for every fashionable lady.

Uncut gemstones

No two uncut gemstones are alike. Each and every one of them has its individual beauty and can make the difference between a creator and a conformist. Sometimes, you will find semi-raw gems on your jewels, as one of the sides is usually cut and polished, to make it easier for the gem to be mounted, while the other side is left uncut, looking like a primal beautiful force of nature. Sometimes, if the piece is bigger, the jeweller will cut it in half and mount it directly on the desired piece.

If you want to make your own fashionable rough accessory, you may think of buying a book on uncut gems, watching tutorials on the internet and only then start this wonderful adventure in the world of gems. Regarding the pattern, you can either make your own design and try to stick to it, or you can let the gems lead you to final project. If the gems are more expensive or hard to find, try calling an expert to assist you in your first cutting procedure.

Don’t forget the tools. Usually, when creating a piece, you will need a multitude of tools including flush cutters, precision scissors, crimping pliers, regular chain-nose pliers, a work station and a few other things. Jewelry tool sets can be found online at reasonable prices. It’s quite an investment, but it is worth every penny, as it’s the first baby step in the jewelry making craft.

**EDITORS NOTE** Please exercise caution, when it comes to polishing and cutting the rough stones. If you’re a gem hobbyist you may find the tools used are expensive and varied for different stones. Gem cutters and polishers are trained by experts for months before they actually get to cut the stones. Mistakes can be costly if done incorrectly. Therefore, for cut or polished gemstones, sometimes it’s best to just buy what is available on the market whether online or at local shops.

Buying Rough Uncut Gems

Should I buy uncut gems? Will they pay off?

You wouldn’t imagine how many people ask me these questions every day. Throughout history, our ancestors have been using gems as a form of currency. Collecting and investing in gems has always been a safe way to make money. The only real risk lies in the sum of money you are willing to invest in them, and on the place where you are going to keep them. Being so small and easy to transport is, on one side, a good thing that assured gem’s popularity throughout history, but it’s also an inconvenient, as these gems are easy to lose.

Don’t expect to get rich overnight just because you have some gems. Their price does not fluctuate so much, making any investment in gems far less risky than investing in the stock market, for example. This is a long-term investment, so, if you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, rough gemstones are not the answer.

If you only want these gems for crafting your own jewelry, or for another personal reason, you could buy some rough uncut gems at decent prices on the internet. There are lots of websites that have rough gemstones in their offer, which can be purchased instantly for a better price than in your local gemstones shop. The only minus of purchasing the piece online, is that you won’t feel the gem’s vibe and you won’t really see its colors, but you can always ask for more details on the stone that you’re interested in.

Uncut gemstones

If you already know what pieces you’re going to use in your project, you can purchase them all at once, as the delivery price will be relatively smaller. Don’t make compromises when it comes to your piece and ask as many questions as necessary. Once you get something you’d like to purchase, don’t be shy to ask for further details on the price, as well as some extra pictures for it.

Look carefully at the gem’s description and check the seller. If the website offers a rating system, look at the person’s ratings. Usually, the ones with good ratings are more reliable, but they can also have higher prices. These steps will prevent further deceptions and will increase the likelihood to be very satisfied with your shopping experience.

Cut and Polish

Rough uncut gems can be used in their original form, or they can be cut to fit even the most complicated encasements. Cutting these gems is a fun and rewarding experience. Before proceeding, you may want to check as many tutorials as possible, read some topic-related books and even go to some cutting gems classes. At the end of the day, you don’t want to destroy the piece, but to make it have the shape you need.

If you need some smooth & shiny gems, then rock tumbling, is the best solution. You can even involve your kids in the project and make it a fun leisure activity for the whole family. Before getting all excited, do remember that gemstones that aren’t of the highest quality will not produce precious stones, but low quality results. .

Uncut gemstones

Clean your tools before and after using them. This is a key factor that will protect your gems and your tools. Watch your hands and be extremely careful not to hurt yourself and not to destroy the gems.

Extra tips: to make sure the process of rock tumbling is successful you must load the tool with different sizes of stones (including sand and large particles). Besides size, you should also worry about hardness. It is recommended that all stones are of the same hardness. If you mix harder stones with softer stones you will eventually see that the latter ones are fading away. 

Uncut colored gemstones may be a fun activity for the whole family, if you know what to do with them. Cutting your own gemstones is almost like growing your own food…the results are amazingly fulfilling. This activity may not sound like incredible fun, but you would be surprised at how fulfilling it can be to create your perfectly round stone.  Custom handmade jewelry pieces are great gifts for all occasions, both for a collector and for a fashion addict.

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