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Diamond Gemstone Meaning & Short History

When we say diamond, we think of Marilyn Monroe and her famous love for this gemstone. They’re a symbol of eternal love and fidelity. In mineralogy, the stone is a metastable allotrope of carbon. More specifically, it’s the most concentrated form of this element. A diamond is both rigid and transparent. Few impurities manage to contaminate it.

It’s a stone unlike many others and it’s used to make refined jewelry. You can surprise your loved one with a blue or a black diamond ring for your engagement.

This gemstone’s history is long and eventful. One of the first mentions was during Roman times. Pliny referred to it as “the most valuable, not only of precious stones but of all things in this world.” If we dig further, we find that diamonds come from India. They were gathered in their natural state from rivers.

Diamond trade flourished in India in the 4th century BC. By the 15th century, medieval markets in Venice were an attraction for the elite. They all wanted to buy a diamond bracelet or necklace. Brazil soon turned into the main source of trade with this beautiful stone. By the 19th century, South Africa was revealed to have generous diamond deposits. In the 1870s, annual production of rough diamond was under 1,000,000 carats. The 20th century brought that figure to 100,000,000 carats.

Want to know more about the meaning of diamonds? The stone takes its name from “adamas” and “diaphanus.” They are Greek words and they mean “unconquerable” and “transparent.” This “king of gems” stimulates creativity and opens your mind to the new. Wedding rings symbolize gifts offered by persons in love.

Diamond Gemstone Healing Properties & Recommended Uses

Diamonds have strong healing powers. They attract prosperity and harmony. The diamond stone symbolizes, among others, love and purity. Here’s a look at the most common healing properties:

  • strengthens the heart;
  • fights severe depression;
  • invigorates metabolism;
  • fights stomach aches;
  • helps birth delivery;
  • fights skin diseases and infections;
  • prevents illnesses;
  • reduces fever and physical tiredness.

If you wear something that incorporates diamonds, poison won’t affect you. The green diamond symbolizes motherhood. Wear the stone as amulets and talismans whenever you can. In doing so, you won’t attract negative influences. The diamond protects its wearer against:

  • snakes;
  • fire;
  • sorcery;
  • predatory animals;
  • thieves.

Diamond Color Symbolism & Spiritual Meanings

Generally, diamonds are colorless. You will, however, find them in hues of green, pink, grey, yellow, blue, and brown. The stone of Venus has, like all other gemstones, a color symbolism. Let’s find out what it’s all about.

  • Brown Diamond spiritual meanings & properties: it brings inner strength and harmony. This color symbolizes the love of nature and earth.
  • Yellow Diamond spiritual meanings & properties: the symbol of happiness and friendship. Yellow brings hope.
  • Red Diamond spiritual meanings & properties: people who wear it are confident and strong.
  • Orange Diamond spiritual meanings & properties: it attracts enthusiasm and energy.
  • Pink Diamond spiritual meanings & properties: symbol of joy. The color attracts love and creativity.
  • Blue Diamond spiritual meanings & properties: it symbolizes the beginning of something new. It represents good health and peace.
  • Green Diamond spiritual meanings & properties: symbolizes nature and wealth.
  • Purple diamond spiritual meanings & properties: the symbol of spirituality and royalty.
  • Black Diamond spiritual meanings & properties: the power to look within ourselves.

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Diamond Gemstone Key-Facts

Diamond is the hardest natural substance on our planet. The stone has different colors and its melting point is 3820K. Boiling point is 5100K.

The stone forms 100 miles below ground. Deep volcanic eruptions are the ones that bring diamonds to the earth’s surface. This gemstone is 100% carbon and you can only scratch its surface with a second similar stone.

Astrological stone for Aries, Taurus, Leo, and Cancer.

Corresponding Chakras: The Crown Chakra, the Third Eye, the Throat Chakra, and the Etheric Chakra.

Diamond Jewelry: A Short Guide

As long as you wear diamond jewelry, you’re safe from negative emotions. This miracle stone protects against nightmares, cures memory loss, and keeps infections at bay. A gold, pink, white, or blood-red diamond ring is the perfect pick for someone you love. If you look at fashion catwalks, you’ll see how many diamond jewelry pieces there are for women and men. Should you not want to buy a gift from a physical shop, try online.

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Helzberg Diamonds is a family business owned by Dustin Helzberg. Their supply is endless and it includes many refined collections. The Jared jewelry store in Jackson, Tennessee, is another good option. Blue Nile is the place that has rings and bracelets fit for a princess. You don’t have to play Pokemon or Minecraft to feel like one. Just pay them a visit. Match your jewelry with some nail art. Crazy Nails, a salon in Ontario, are experts at applying real precious stones on your nails.

Value & Price on the Market Today

The price of a 3.00 carat diamond goes from $21,000 to $160,000 depending on 3 factors: color, clarity, cut, and shape. Loose diamonds, those that haven’t been set into jewelry, are more affordable.

Diamond Legends and Lore

In Ancient India, the stone was thought to come from rocks struck by lightning. Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt wore a cross with a loop on top. This was called an “ankh” and it had a diamond placed in its middle.

In Ancient Rome and Greece, the gemstone was the tear of a god. Mythology says that Cupid had arrows tipped with many diamonds. The stones were also considered splinters from fallen stars. Rose from the movie Titanic wore a diamond called Hope. Many think it’s the reason behind the ship’s tragic end.

Famous bands have songs about the beautiful gemstone. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is only of these tunes. There’s even a singer whose stage name is Marina and the Diamonds. A lot of lyrics praise this healing stone and tennis players are the image of famous jewelry brands. People get tattoos of it to show appreciation.

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