When pure, it’s colorless, but rarely does it surface to the ground untouched or unadulterated. We’re talking fluorite meaning ‘the most colorful mineral in the world’.

Rainbows crowd under its glassy luster while ample white and black streaks flash across its surface. Fluorite is movement confined in the closed circuit of the crystal. Where else do you think it got its name from?

Fluorite fluorite meaning

Fluoride Meaning Throughout History

In order to dig deeper into fluorite meaning, we need to embark on a journey in time, back to ancient Rome. Latins named the crystal fluorite after the noun ‘fluo’, which translates to a stream or flow of water.

Another term that brought its etymological contribution to fluorite meaning is ‘flux’. The mineral fluorite was originally coined ‘fluorspar’ in a 1530 printed work about the nature of metals.

Georgius Agricola, a German scientist and today known as the ‘father of mineralogy’ noted it for its practical purposes as a flux in making steel and removing impurities from other metals. He found the neo-Latinization of the German term FlußSpat – ‘a river of crystalline projections’ most suited to a rock that plays on color and light.

Fluorite Cube

In 1852, Sir George Gabriel Stokes, 1st Baronet described the phenomenon of fluorescence as exhibited by fluorspar, due to the crystal being tinted with elemental impurities. The scientist proved fluorite could convert invisible ultraviolet radiation into radiation of longer and visible wavelengths.

Presently, fluorite meaning splits into the crystal’s industrial and chemical applications that go under the term ‘fluorspar’ and its mineralogical uses.

To raise one’s impurities to the surface, to comb them off, to keep the endless flowing of energy and project the inward out, these are all the prerogatives of fluorite and, at the end of the day, make it worth its weight in gold.

Fluorite’s Crystal Habits- The Cube and The Octahedron


The crystalline matrix of fluorite reflects both a cube and an octahedron. The process of crystal twinning – the twin variation of the gem world is common enough and almost perfect in its end result. At times, these nature’s most beautiful offspring stack tightly high like a futuristic lego city.

The variety from Cumberland England is especially sought after by collectors.

Another of fluorite’s crystal habits is the octahedron. This is believed to form at higher temperatures than the cube.

Together, these two geometrical motifs form the basis of the vector equilibrium, which is said to resonate in shape with the Divine infinite.

Fluorite’s Geological Origins


Fluorite is commonly found as a gangue mineral – the surrounding ‘host-rock’ prized for its valuable minerals, on a world-wide level with over 230 million tons in deposits in over 9,000 areas. In this instance, it will often be seen in the company of lead, galena, quartz, and zinc minerals.

It is also found as a primary mineral in some granites, pegmatites, and other igneous rocks, and as a minor component of limestone and dolostone.

The largest occurrence of fluorite is in China, followed by Mexico and South Africa. Russia holds the record for the largest documented single crystal of fluorite, a cube of 2,12 m in size and weighing approximately 16 tons.

Purple Fluorite fluorite meaning

Regrettably, many other monstrously oversized feldspar crystals were not accurately measured in old times, so their true dimensions remain unknown.

Fluorite’s Colors

Fluorite meaning is closely connected to its allochromatic properties – elemental impurities can penetrate the crystal. Exposure to radiation also influences the color specter.

A bouquet of colors is nature’s gift to the crystal. Purple, blue, yellow, green, and colorless are fluorite’s most common features. Less so, white, brown, pink, red, and black.

  • Blue John Variety

Found only under the triangular hill known as Treak Cliff, just outside the town of Castleton in the United Kingdom, the blue fluorite with bands of purple or yellow going under the celebrated name Blue John, or Derbyshire Spar has been heavily extracted in the 19th century only to be fashioned into knife-handles, chalices, and wine goblets.

Blue Vein Bowl

  • Blue Fluorite Meaning

Blue Fluorite instills a sense of calm and mild energy that helps in clearing the mind free of chaos, inconsequential thoughts, and disorderly actions.

As a dual-action stone, it enhances creative and meditative thinking. Its flow drowns the chatter that our minds produce in industrial quantity when first learning how to focus the mind.

It can improve learning for anyone, improve concentration, and reduce learning disorders.

Blue Fluorite fluorite meaning

  • Green Fluorite Meaning

Green fluorite is a great stone to heal sufferings on all levels, to calm and absorb tension and anxiety, to dissipate stress by detoxifying the emotional body.

Energy is fluxed free of impurities, while the subconscious mind bubbles up to the surface to face its traumas.

Green fluorite is said to be very effective in getting rid of mental blocks and relieving negative energies. Conditioning and habits wear off to leave room for intuition and an openness of universal knowledge.

Of course, you shouldn’t rely too heavily on the stone’s inner strength. Find your own, and add to that the courage to expand your ideas and spiritual awareness.

Green Fluorite fluorite meaning

  • Purple Fluorite Meaning

The peace-giver of the fluorites, the purple fluorite can be used as a bridge to allow personal growth to happen.

Dedicated to cementing the connection between mind and spirit, purple fluorite stimulated the Third Eye Chakra in order to bring subconscious mental processes to light and clarity.

This color’s fluoride meaning boosts intuition and psychic abilities, mystic visions and emotional balance. The quintessential stone of protection, green fluorite is thought to increase its powers the longer in use. As a ‘Dream Chrystal’, it’s handy for channeling archangels while defending one from evil spirits and bad dreams.

  • Yttrium Fluorite Meaning

Yttrium is an unusual and beautiful form of lavender Fluorite. Instead of the more available Calcium ions in the mineral structure, this crystal is layered with a significant amount of the rare earth element, Yttrium, hence the name. As opposed to other varieties and colors, this one does not cleave and is extremely dense.

It might not emit the harmonizing energies of the fluorite, but other qualities make it invaluable. It mainly addresses the thinkers of this age, the dreamers, and philosophers who need to find a hook in the more physical, materialistic areas of their minds.

Yttrium fluorite helps in grounding the ideas and stripping mental concepts of a useless incomprehensibility, thus putting things in a more down-to-earth perspective.


Fluorite meaning extends to ‘Gemstone of Discernment’. It’s a powerful crystal to combine both instinct and logic, both higher spiritual realms and physical reality. Its antipodean span of uses and structural dichotomy is nature’s way of reminding us impurities sometimes carry the strongest glow.

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