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Colored Gemstones

Do you dream of building up a collection of gemstones by color and crystals in different shades? The color of a gem is one of its most important characteristics. Not only it carries a specific meaning and has particular effects, but it also helps you identify the right one for you. If a gem is fiery red, it has a fast and intense action, just like fire. That is why our ancestors have associated red gemstones with life. In contrast, a blue gem is soothing. It is the perfect antidote for too fast moving emotions like anger. A green crystal, on the other hand, represents gradual growth and nature. Let’s go deeper into gem’s color meanings and discover more of their traditional symbolic associations.

Gemstones by Color: Meanings & Properties

Below, you will find a list of gemstones by colors, followed by their color meanings and healing powers.

White Gemstones

White stones and crystals are classified into colorless white and cloudy white (translucent or opaque). Let’s see their corresponding meanings and healing properties, as well as their “antidotes” (colors that have opposite or complementary effects).

Colorless White Gemstones

white diamonds on black background

White diamond

Diamond, White Sapphire, White Zircon, Dandurite, Petalite

Colorless White Gem Color Meanings: originality, new beginnings, talent, inspiration, good health and vitality, ambition, good fortune, spiritual growth, contact with angels, spiritual guidance.

Healing Properties: colorless white gems are beneficial for the entire body. They impact our general health and well-being, balancing mind, body and soul. Particularly, they address neurological disorders, pain relief, the auto-immune system.

Antidote: Grey Gemstones.

Cloudy White Gemstones

Moonstone, Pearl

moonstone on black background


Cloudy White Gem Color Meanings: slower new beginnings, hope, protection against negativity, nurturing, slow unfolding of potential, motherhood, fulfillment of dreams, granting wishes, calling love.

Healing Properties: these gems are believed to assist with fertility, pregnancy, fluid balance, hormones, recovery from illness, depression, exhaustion, marrow, cells, bones.

Antidote: Yellow Gemstones.

Red Gemstones

Ruby, Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Fire Agate

ruby raw


Red Color Meanings: courage, passion, strength, power, determination, male potency, sensuality, initiative, competitiveness, protecting loved ones, overcoming obstacles, survivals.

Healing Properties: red gemstones are said to help wearers improve the level of energy, low blood pressure, circulation and blood ailments, reproductive organs, feet and hands, as well as muscles. They are also good at lifting depression.

Antidote: Blue gems.

Orange Gemstones

Orange Calcite, Orange Carnelian, Golden Topaz

orange carnelian gemstone on black background

Orange Carnelian

Gems Meanings: joy, creativity, confidence, abundance, prosperity, female fertility, independence, self-esteem.

Healing Properties: Orange gems and crystals are good for the reproductive organs, ovaries, intestines, kidneys, bladder, and the immune system. They are said to help increasing pulse rate, fight food allergies, addictions, and rheumatism. Orange gemstones also help with menstruation and menopause.

Antidote: Indigo.

Yellow Gemstones

Citrine, Yellow Labradorite, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Chrysophrase 

citrine stone on black background


Gems Meanings: Memory, determination, communication, logic, tests, job changes, money-making, surgery, repelling malice, conventional healing.

Healing Properties: Yellow gems and crystals help the lymphatic system, blood sugar (together with blue and green gems), metabolism, digestion, liver, pancreas, spleen, nervous system, skin problems, sickness, and nausea.

Antidote: Violet gemstones.

Green Gemstones

Jade, Green Jasper, Green Sapphire, Peridot

peridot crystals used in peridot jewelry


Gems Meanings: Love, beauty, nature, commitment, environment, crystal healing, improvement of health, wealth, and good fortune.

Healing Properties: Greem gems are beneficial for the heart, lungs, and the entire respiratory system. They fight infections, viruses, pollen and fur allergies, as well as high blood pressure (together with blue gems).

Antidote: No complementary gem needed.

Blue Gemstones

Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz

raw turquoise on black background


Gems Meanings: justice, inspiration, idealism, travels, house moves, partnerships, marriage, prosperity, inner peace.

Healing Properties: Blue gems help thyroid gland, throat, teeth, cuts, fevers, inflammations, high blood pressure, communication disorders, eyesight, rashes, bruises, and burns.

Antidote: Red gemstones.

Purple Gemstones

Amethyst, Fluorite, Tourmaline

tourmaline faceted gemstone


Gems Meanings: imagination, spirituality, vision, dreams, intuition, psychic powers, counselling, healing, banishment of past problems or present negative influences.

Healing Properties: purple gems are said to help with insomnia, headaches, migranes, ears and hair related problems, sinusitis, addictions, nevroses,, allergies to chemicals, hyperactivity.

Antidote: Orange gemstones.

Pink Gemstones

Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Thulite, Spinel

large unprocessed rose quartz

Rose Quartz

Gems Meanings: happy relationships, kindness, friendship, young and new love, trust, children and teenagers.

Healing Properties: pink gemstones are said to assist with stress headaches, glands, ears and skin related conditions, ulcers, psychosomatic and stress-induced conditions, nightmares, insomnia, family ills, abuse, and safe-hatred.

Antidote: Blue gems.

Brown Gemstones

Sinhalite, Smoky Quartz, Axinite, Sardonyx, Sard, Staurolite

raw axinite on black background


Gems Meanings: Security, pragmatism, money, new skills, property, perseverence.  

Healing Properties: brown gems are helpful for legs, feet, bowels, prostate, hernia,degenerative conditions, panic, chronic conditions.

Antidote: Green gems.

Grey Gemstones

Grey Moonstone, Russian Agate, Hemalite, Grey Quartz

raw gray quartz on black background

Gray Quartz

Gems Meanings: neutralizing threatening energies and emotions, adaptability, peace-making, secrets, ease of tensions.

Healing Properties: grey gems are said to shield the wearer from psychic attachs and to help with burns, tissue and nerve connections, acute anxiety, obsessions, and persistent pain.

Antidote: clear white gemstones.

Gold Gemstones

Gold Sapphire, Citrine, Quartz

golden sapphire on black background

Golden Sapphire

Gems Meanings: protection, money and resources, fulfilled ambitions, recognition, long life, recovery.

Healing Properties: gold gems are beneficial for spine, skin, nervous system, obsessions, and convulsions, minor miracles, healing whole system.

Antidote: no complementary gems needed.

Silver Gemstones

Corundum, Chalcedony, Dendritic Agate, Howlite, Goshenite

howlite on black background


Gems Meanings: feritility, natural cycles, truth, luck, intuition, spirituality, feminine energy, attraction, unexpected money.

Healing Properties: silver gems are said to cleanse toxins and help with visual disturbances, nightmares, and epilepsy.

Antidote: no complementary gems needed.

Black Gemstones

Agate, Black Obsidian, Onyx, Opal

black obsidian on black background

Black Obsidian

Gems Meanings: peaceful endings, transformation, grief, acceptance, banishment of sorrow and negative influences, psychic protection.

Healing Properties: black gems assist with pain relief, IBS, constipation, as well as with side effects of invasive treatments.

Antidote: clear white gems.

Rainbow, Multi-Colored Gemstones

Multi-colored gemstones, as well as changing color crystals, have a special status. They are multi-purpose gems, addressing a wide array of affections.

Hope our list of gemstones by color and their traditional color meanings and associations will help you find the most beneficial one for you. Don’t forget that by identifying the gemstone you need, you can also transform it into an appealing jewelry item.

We also recommend exploring their healing powers in connection to the seven chakras and birthstone attribute. Enjoy reading our guides and resources, and for any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us!

Note: the information provided has been thoroughly researched. We have reviewed Cassandra Eason’s and Judy Hall’s guides to stones and crystals’ mystic powers together with other acclaimed resources. However, please learn that crystal healing does not replace standard medicine or psychological treatment. Stones and crystals should complement medicinal treatment if needed.

Image Source: citrine, orange carnelian, turquoise, tourmaline, axinite, golden sapphire, howlite