Most people are superstitious about something.

Whether it's checking twice that you've turned the oven off or touching wood every time you hope something doesn't happen, we've all got our quirks.

Good luck charms are another area of superstition that is commonly used among high stakes gambles, like a sports game. Most people would consider these comforting, but unnecessary.

However, what if good luck charms actually worked? Let's find out.

What are Good Luck Charms?

So, what exactly is considered a good luck charm? Wikipedia explains that a good luck charm is an object, called a charm, that is believed to bring the wearer or carrier good luck.

crystals and precious healing charms and stones

Good luck charms don't discriminate. Almost any type of inanimate – or animate – object can be considered a good luck charm. Some great examples are coins or buttons that can be carried easily in a pocket.

Small objects that are given to the recipient as gifts is another good example of what you might consider being a good luck charm.

Many souvenir shops stock small objects that can be used as good luck charms – especially if there is an association based on that souvenir shop's location.

The carrier of the good luck charm might be doing so in support of their favorite baseball team. This means they might purchase something close to the home grounds of that team.

Looking briefly at the history of the good luck charm, African slaves brought the ‘lucky rabbit charm' to America. The lucky bag is another historic good luck charm that was brought to America from Africa. It is often associated with voodoo ceremonies.

What Does Science Say About Good Luck Charms?

Now that you know a little bit about the history of the good luck charm let's take a look at what science says about it.

Helena Negru of Elite Daily explains that there is scientific evidence that good luck charms actually work.

The study says that it all begins with the belief you hold that a small object can help you perform better. Believing that you are truly protected from failure makes you stronger and can increase your confidence.

The simplicity of the matter is, when you look good and feel good about what you're wearing, you're more likely to perform better. This is because you're confident. Your confidence enables you to strive for much higher goals, and quickly get back up when you face obstacles.

Speaking of failure, a good luck charm gives you more resilience against inevitable downfalls. Your good luck charm can block the fear of failure you have, allowing you to take more calculated risks and ultimately win.

There are multiple good luck charms out there that have ancient meanings and specific things they protect against.

Now that you know the cold, hard evidence, let's take a look at some popular good luck charms you can incorporate into your life.

Try Out These Simple Good Luck Charms

These five simple good luck charms can increase your luck almost immediately. Let's take a look:

Citrine Quartz

citrine quartz

Image by KatinkavomWolfenmond from Pixabay

This good luck charm is great for promoting happy vibes. It is known as the happiest crystal on earth and can rub some of its positive energy onto you when you're wearing it.

 Purple Garlic

purple garlic

Purple garlic is known to be a little bit sweeter than its white counterpart. This means that a purple garlic clove can add a dash of sweetness to otherwise daunting and heavy situations you might find yourself in. Romance, divine timing, and luxury are also associated with this good luck charm.

Honeysuckle Essence

honeysuckle essence by bach

This essential oil is often used to help with feelings of homesickness and nostalgia. As a good luck charm, it can unblock your path and enable you to chart a straight course set for success.

Saint Christopher Medal

saint christopher necklace

Because Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travel, the Saint Christopher medal is often used as an object of protection when you're traveling away from home.

Red Rose

rose tucked in ears

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

The beauty and purity of a rose enable good vibes to emanate through even the most negative thoughts you might have, allowing you to be your best self and achieve those seemingly overwhelming tasks.

Using a Good Luck Charm

Good luck charms aren't just superstitious. Now, they're science.

If science says they're real, then they must be. Using a good luck charm to boost your confidence and help you achieve goals that you previously thought were unrealistic is a valid option.

Whether you find comfort in the cool metal of a coin, or prefer to be reminded of your abilities through a specific scent, good luck charms are a great way to keep you on the straight and narrow.