Green jasper is a gemstone that embodies both light and darkness. It shines both the translucent green of the emerald and the opaqueness of the quartz. Earth has been silently grinding the stone in its crust for millions of years, only to imprint it with unique patterns that now decorate human abodes and phantasies alike.

Green Jasper Vase Green Jasper

Green Jasper. Where Did the Journey Start?

7000 years ago, in Mehrgarh, to the west of the Indus River valley, where the first great civilizations arose, people would make bow drills using green jasper.

It was the first spark that would see the stone’s popularity spread like wildfire across the world.

Green and Yellow Jasper green jasper

To the ancient and medieval world, the most sought-after variety of jasper was distinctly green. Although, due to its clarity and translucency, it was often compared to the emerald and other green stones which today would be classified as chalcedony.

Nowadays, we name jasper the opaque microcrystalline quartz. The color palette of his rare, single-colored stone ranges from nuances such as pale fresh green to strong green tea – more as the Japanese see it, or olive green.

Though green jasper is better known as a solid color, it can also be spotted, ringed, mottled, or striped. The etymological meaning of the word ‘jasper’ – ‘the spotted stone’ appropriately reflects that.

Iron oxides, earthy clays, and any other such mineral inclusions pattern it in unique designs.

Along with the opaque variety, the translucent green shows up in Orbicular and Rainbow jaspers, and in other specific stones such as Arizona Lizard Stone, Rainforest jasper or Heliotrope.

The Importance of Green Jasper to the Ancient World

‘Rain Bringers’ and nurturers, amulets of protection and healers of the spirit, jasper stones have made an impression on physicians, writers, alchemists, lapidaries and scholars throughout the ages.

Green Jasper was considered to be the best of the Jasper family, credited with driving away phantoms and harmful phantasies and dispersing the evil eye and witchcraft.

It was considered an indispensable talisman against the venom of creatures such as spiders, scorpions, and snakes. It kept one from drowning and warded off sorrow.

Green Jasper

Five hundred years before Christianity swept the whole of Europe and ended the reign of the pagan gods, green jasper was described as the stone

 ‘which rejoiceth the eye of man and is looked on with pleasure by the immortals.’

In 1612, Isidorus of Seville, considered ‘The last scholar of the ancient world’, agreed to the remarks of his ancient predecessor, writing:

‘The Jasper (Jaspis) signifieth green; and such a green as doth illustriously shine forth with a very supreme virility, or greenness of glory.’

Hailed as ‘the rain bringer’, green jasper was considered the ultimate divining stone of ‘Tempestarii’, weather-makers of the medieval lore who possessed the power to raise or prevent storms at will.

These masters of extreme weather phenomena were called upon by the villagers to save harvests from drought, and by sailors to appease the sea and spare them violent storms. The green jasper was the tool through which the skies were commanded to.

In the 4th century book Orphic Lithica, a treatise describing the magical and therapeutic properties of 30 minerals, among which the green jasper, the unknown author writes:

‘The gods hearken to the prayers of whoe’er the polished grass-green jasper wears; his parched globe they’ll satiate with rain and send showers to soak the thirsty plain.’

The American Indian Shamans used jasper as a powerful amulet of protection against unseen hazards of the night and used the green variety for dowsing water on land.

Green Jasper Physical Healing Powers

Early physicians acknowledged green jasper for its properties in regulating metabolism and colic and strengthening the stomach against digestive disorders.

Green Jasper

Galen, a well-known Roman physician in the first century A.D., was easily recognized by his ring made of jasper and carrying a rather eccentric design – the figure of a man with a stack of herbs that was meant to signify the ability to distinguish diseases and stop the loss of blood from any wound.

Even today, green jasper helps to staunch blood flow, especially menstrual and nosebleeds.

Galen upgraded green jasper to the role of protective necklace worn over the upper torso in order to strengthen the chest and stomach.

One Egyptian king, Nechepsus, had been reported to do the same. His majesty covered his digestive organs with a green jasper amulet carved in the shape of a dragon.

Egyptian Green Ring green jasper

Yet, the stone does more than keep the digestive system functioning to maximum capacity.

It’s reported to act as an armor to protect the chest, lungs, spleen, liver, bladder, and kidneys from harm. It reduces toxicity and bloating, helps in controlling body odor, and treats the sensory loss of smell.

Influenza, cold, coughs, fever, and bronchitis stand no chance to the manifest powers of the green jasper. It also soothes epileptic crises and increases fertility, helping women throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

You shouldn’t think these medicinal practices are all outdated uses good only for the ancient or medieval world. Nowadays, metaphysical practitioners still entrust green jasper with healing and releasing all kinds of disorders, physical and mental alike, such as obsessive tendencies and emotional unbalance.

The stone also helps in reducing over-consumption and the natural indulgence to vices, such as alcohol or smoking.

Green Jasper Emotional Energies and Balancing Properties

Sometimes, our minds sink in useless chatter and forget to breathe, to inhale what is most important in life. Green jasper is particularly attuned to the heart chakra, located as it is near the center of the breastbone. It stimulates your interest and redirects it from the self towards others.

green jasper

Jasper is a Seeker Transformer crystal. As a seeker, its energy is directed towards finding new horizons, therefore new opportunities and emotional reserves, just in the way American Indians employed it as a dowsing tool. It acts as a scientist’s pointer, an explorer’s compass, a researcher’s map.

In the role of the transformer, the green jasper throws new perspectives and fresh outlooks on our present situation and future prospects.

It molds us to fit our experiences, but not as straight-jackets renouncing comfort and liberty of movement, but as the embrace of wind or mild sun heat.

The stone’s slow, steady vibrations help avoid extremes. A powerful sleep stone, green Jasper can be excellent in dispelling nightmares and aiding young children to a proper sleeping rhythm.

Green Jasper

Green Jasper Associations:

  • Crystals associated with the stone – green moss agate, leopard skin jasper, and bloodstone.
  • Chakra – Heart and Base Chakra.
  • Herbs – Chamomile, kelp, lotus and lemon balm.
  • Elements – Water and Earth.
  • Flowers – Sea lavender and water lily.
  • Zodiac – Pisces.

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