Healing Crystal Jewelry: A Short Introduction

Healing with the help of crystals is not a new practice, being one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine. Culturally and historically, healing crystal jewelry therapy was employed by Ancient Egyptians who used clear quartz crystals to attract positive energy. Chinese traditional alternative medicine uses the microcrystalline Jade for its healing powers, besides many other gemstones and crystals. The use of crystals as energy balancers and boosters can also be traced back to the Hopi Native Americans of Arizona and some Hawaiian populations.

healing crystal jewelry

Healing crystals and stones are mentioned in almost all religions throughout the world, playing an important part in each and every one of them. Crystals, birthstones, and gemstones are mentioned in the Christian Bible, in the Koran, in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and so on. The beliefs surrounding these crystals emphasized on their healing and purifying powers. There is no wonder why many healing crystal jewelry pieces were found in ancient tombs and archeological sites.

Healing Crystals Jewelry: The New Age

During the 80s and the 90s, the popularity of healing crystals jewelry and stones saw a rebirth, as more and more specialists emphasized on their curative properties. Katrina Rafael, Melody and Michael Gienger, they are just a few promoters of modern crystal therapy. Their books made it clear that healing crystal jewelry was more than just hocus-pocus ancient medicine, more than religion and more than culturally-bound spiritual beliefs. The use of healing crystal jewelry thus became a mainstream complimentary therapy with wide and acceptable uses. Some colleges and faculties offer today accredited courses and qualifications in the uses of healing crystals and crystal therapy.

Healing crystals jewelry is available on the market in different combinations, but today we will look at some of the most important healing stones and their meanings and powers, emphasizing on their uses as body, mind, and spirit healing abilities.

The practice of using healing crystal jewelry in modern times involves several types of jewelry (necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings) to alleviate illnesses and uplift the spirit. In therapy, the crystal healing practitioners place different crystals on different parts of the client’s body. Since many crystals are associated with the chakras, they are used to unblock the chakras.

Rare Healing Crystal Jewelry and Their Healing Powers

There are plenty of healing crystal jewelry offers out there, but today we will focus on a few extremely rare and powerful crystals. They are usually found in necklaces, pendants, amulets and bracelets and are highly appraised for their healing abilities from all points of view.

The Amazonite Stone Pendant

beautiful amazonite pendant

This healing crystal is also called the lucky “Hope Stone” and is used mostly to balance emotions. If you choose Amazonite healing crystal jewelry, it is better you wear an Amazonite beads necklace or an Amazonite pendant. If placed on your chest, it works on your heart chakra. In other words, it stimulates blood flow and regulates heart beatings. From an emotional point of view, wearing Amazonite on your chest area will help you become more emphatic; develop feelings of compassion, hope and optimism. This crystal also has great benefits for the mind and spirit as it has a soothing effect especially for those going through rough patches and stressful times. They are used to help people find their “voice” (if worn as necklace) – and by that we mean that it allows the users to express their true self and not be afraid of judgments or constraints.

The Amethyst Phantom Quartz and the Angel Phantom Quartz Necklaces

amethyst healing crystal jewelry

These two types of rare quartz crystals have extraordinary healing powers, taken individually or in combination.

The Amethyst Phantom Quartz is usually found in crystal healing jewelry in the form of necklaces, amulets, and pendants. It is a very protective stone, as it acts as a natural stress reliever, being often used in meditation. Since it is used to balance emotions and enhance self-growth, motivation, emotional stability and inner peace, it is also used to clear one’s head in tension-high periods of time. It is also recommended to people who can’t let go of the past, as it aids them to move forward and embrace new beginnings and opportunities.

The Angel Phantom Quartz is used in healing crystal jewelry as a stress reliever, enhancing the powers of the Amethyst Phantom. The Angel is an incredibly rare crystal, being found in few places on Earth. However, it is indispensable to all those looking for inner peace. It helps build intuition and calm the inner energies.

Healing crystal jewelry made of Amethyst Phantom Quartz and Angel Phantom Quartz protects people from nightmares and negative energies. Some specialists recommend parents to get such crystals for their children. Placed under the pillow or worn as amulets they help children balance their emotions, manage stress and tension better and fight off nightmares and night terrors.

The Blue Apatite Crystal Stone Bracelet

blue apatite bracelet as a form of healing crystal jewelry

Another rare crystal, blue apatite is said to draw the negative energy out of our bodies and balance the positive energies so we can clear our minds and find peace, inspiration, and creativity. Ancient civilizations used the blue apatite in stressful times and moments of high pressure and tension, as they have the power to help the wearer find the light in darkness and come up with innovative ideas. Ancient military leaders wore blue apatite as pendants or stone rings to achieve personal goals, find illumination and increase personal power.

Blue apatite amulets, talismans, bracelets or earrings are also recommended to children – the stone promotes independence, ambition, motivation and determination. They have a positive effect on intelligence and creativity and are good companions during exams – they are said to help people reach that “AHA” moment faster.

From a physical point of view, blue apatite helps the body to eliminate toxins, being used in overweight treatments. It can suppress hunger and increase the metabolic rate, thus helping people lose weight more naturally and in a very healthy manner. The blue apatite is recommended to be worn in bracelets and pendants on a daily basis, for a full curative effect.

If you enjoyed this short review of some rare healing crustal jewelry pieces and want to find out more about the immense healing power of crystals, their meanings, symbolism, and uses, feel free to browse our website!