Hematite is a mineral made from oxidized iron and it really shows off the healing power of crystals. Its healing properties are based in the strengthening energy of iron, as well as the calming, nurturing nature of oxygen. Anyone can get the benefits from using these crystals, either by wearing jewelry made from this ore, or by keeping a piece of the mineral with them. In crystal energy healing, this reddish ore is often used as both a grounding crystal, and as a crystal for transformation.

Fundamental Properties of Hematite

Hematite Ore

Oxidized Hematite

Hematite is generally an opaque stone, which is somewhat dense and heavy because of its mineral composition. It usually is found as a silver, black, or brown stone. Rubbing a piece of it against a hard surface leaves a red residue. The heaviness and its dark, silvery sheen signifies grounding, protective crystals in energy healing. The red is related to the power of this iron ore to instill creative energy, and to help stimulate the circulatory system. This healing stone is common around the world, with major deposits in South American, Canada, and some regions of Europe.

The Metaphysical Nature of Hematite

When performing metaphysical work, hematite can be used to ground higher energies – it is generally a strong bridge between the spiritual plane and physical plane. It can also be used to help balance the subtle bodies, by imparting feelings of soothing and calmness. It can also be protective, reflecting and protecting against external negative energies.

Polished hematite crystal, which was used to make mirrors in past times, has been known to have the power to deflect and dissolve negative intentions, guarding the

Hematite Stone

Iron ore’s healing properties

aura and subtle bodies during astral projection, and also guarding the mind from harmful influences. While expert crystal energy healers may utilize this healing stone to create energy barriers, any user can benefit from wearing hematite jewelry, or by carrying a piece of this opaque stone, particularly if one is about to face a challenging person or event.