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From western civilizations to eastern ones, from castles’ chandeliers and princesses with crystal shoes to a cold perfect red wine served in a crystal glassware and to a tiny ring on the gentle finger of a young lady, from the salt mines to the sets of Breaking Bad’s meth makers, crystals are everywhere. But from this tremendous variety of types, shapes and colors, how to choose the best crystal of them all? Sometimes while looking at a crystal, you can almost feel the taste of it, but how do you know that you will like that taste?

Humans have used crystals for thousands of years to adorn their houses, to embellish their bodies and to seek health and prosperity. If we get a better look at the contemporary society we will notice that things are not that different: on one side, there are still people using healing crystals as a supplement to medical treatment, and on the other, there are the ones who seek beauty over health, the ones who will transform crystals in jewelry for their fingers, necks, hips, ankles, bellies, nails…you name it and they will use it.

As their popularity rises more and more every year, this social phenomenon that can be found all around the world, englobes more and more domains. If a couple of years ago crystals were generally seen as a part of the slightly elderly’s people/posh people’s lives, nowadays, crystals are everywhere and everyone knows at least something about them. From the youngest girl that dreams to Cinderella’s crystal shoes to the boy’s games and tv screens with crystal clear clarity, every person has a different, yet similar definition of the term crystal.

Purchasing the Best Crystals

If you are a beginner and you want to purchase some of the best crystals in the world, there’s no better place on earth than Crystal Hill, Arkansas. This crystal city is the American homeland of quartz. Everywhere you look, you can find at least one piece of quartz and teams of diggers excavating in quartz mines to get them to the light. Then the crystals are filed, recorded, cleaned with crystal clear water. From Monday to Sunday, these brave men and women are looking for the best gems, looking forward for the next great catch.

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Now, you may expect a wonder, miraculous method of choosing your crystals. There is no special code, no special incantation, as you may see in some movies, nothing like that. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there is no such thing. Sometimes it’s the crystal that chooses you and sometimes, you just need a jewelry to match your shoes and if it comes with healing power and with a specific energy, then why not. Let’s put the crystal specialist glasses and begin picking the best crystals.

While choosing a crystal, specialists talk about a certain vibration. Being given the great number of healing stones and gems that are now available on the market, choosing a crystal may turn into a true hassle, and you may need to develop your own method of choosing the right gem, otherwise, by the end of the day, you will find yourself either with a tone of crystals in your bag or with no gems at all. The following lines are dedicated to both parts.

If you feel overwhelmed whenever you want to buy, what some refer to as the best crystals, let me tell you that it’s as normal as it can be. In order to choose your crystals or the crystal, you do not need to know the pedigree of every gem and sometimes, the nicest crystal in the pile it may not be for you. Still, there are a few steps that may help you to purchase a good healing crystal.

Communicate with the crystal

While buying a crystal, the most important is to be receptive and to communicate with your crystal, to set a connection, to listen and to be listened. I know it may sound strange, but usually, the gem picks you and not the other way around. Be receptive and let yourself picked by the right stone.

Have you ever seen a pile of crystals and all of a sudden, some small rock drew your attention for no particular reason? It was not what you were looking for and it doesn’t fit exactly what you wanted, but if it continues to draw your attention, then it was meant for you. My advice is to trust your intuition and to buy it. Probably you’ll need it, faster than you may think.

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Remember your Reasons

It is more than normal to feel overwhelmed standing in front of piles of crystals. Either you go into a Pokémon ‘Gotta catch’em all’ phase, or feel the urge to leave as soon as possible. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the number of gems standing in front of you, try to remember why you went there in the first place and what do you really need.

Shut your eyes for a few seconds, remember your reasons to purchase the gem in the first place and let the stones attract you. It’s almost like a small meditation period in your own crystal palace. After this session of positive recharging, open your eyes and just buy the one or the ones that attract you the most. That will be the stone for you and you will be the right owner for it.

Feel the Vibe

Feel the crystal vibe and this doesn’t imply using crystals to go clubbing, no. If you are like me, we will probably find you on top of the biggest pile of quartz and turquoise, looking for God knows what gem, somehow looking like a cat in a huge litter box.

The spiritual crystals specialists usually talk about a vibration, almost like a small electric impulse that touches you and even shakes you for a sec. Before running as crazy and be forever afraid to touch another crystal in our life, keep in mind that all crystals vibrate at a certain frequency. The degree of sensitiveness that some people have towards these vibrations, influences the exact reaction to these vibes.

Cold, warm, buzz, tingly, there is no standard sensation for this. Everyone has his own way to respond to the crystal’s vibe. One thing is certain, a crystal that will be good for you at any level whatsoever, will feel right to you even though you may not be able to describe the sensations it creates. Just keep on browsing until you find just the right one.

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Pendulum swing

Hold a pendulum over the top of a crystal. Then ask yourself if the crystal will be beneficial to you.  While asking this question, try to visualize something. Some people even start visualizing a river, a lake, their favorite song, their favorite place on the face of the Earth, a nice dinner in their favorite restaurant…the choice is yours. Then look for any circular movement done by the pendulum above any particular crystal and that may be the one for you.

Crystal gifts

There is no better gift than a crystal. Everyone loves receiving a crystal, just because they are perfect in all the possible ways. Usually, a gift crystal is almost a miracle. Somehow, nobody knows how, but the gift crystals cover some of your most hidden needs and desires.

Another small detail, losing a crystal may sometimes be a blessing, so don’t be too upset. It means that the crystal finished its purpose and that you don’t need it anymore. Just think of it as a present for an unknown friend.

Online crystals

Browse the list of available crystals and just take your intuition one stage further. Browse through the pictures and note which ones appeal you the most. You may find yourself excited by the picture of a particular crystal, with a powerful urge to touch and feel it and a sense of frustration that you cannot. When this happens, you have a winner. It is most than possible to find great pieces in this way.

Wrong crystal

There is no such thing as a wrong crystal. Even if the crystal doesn’t speak to you, this may mean that you don’t need it yet, yet being the crucial word. Still, that gem that does nothing to you, may be the best crystal for one of your best friends.

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