The Gem of All Gems, the July birthstone stands as a symbol of nobility, power, passion, and vital energy. With its power residing in its fiery hue and intense vibrancy, this gem is a must have in any gemstone enthusiast’s collection, especially if born in July. 

Ruby July Birthstone

What Is the Birthstone for July?

What is July birthstone known as in Western cultures? Ruby was associated with this beautiful month of the year since the beginning of the 20th century. Also considered the zodiacal stone for Leos (those born between 23rd of July and 23rd of August), the gem is one of the most radiant gems, an emblem of ardent love and good fortune.

Are there more July birthstones? If you are passionate about the world of gems, spiritual stones and healing crystals, you already know that there are months that count more than one birthstone. The seventh month of the year used to be represented by turquoise and onyx in the 15th century. In modern times, though, Ruby was chosen as the exemplary July birthstone.

The birthstones for July differ from culture to culture, though. Our complete birthstone guide provides readers with the wonderful story and history of each gem. However, these are the birthstones credited by and inside English-speaking communities.

What is the birthstone for July is Eastern cultures? According to a Hindu text from 1879, the July birthstone is Sapphire, which in fact is another variety of corundum.

July Birthstone: Origin & Etymology

What is the July birthstone meaning? Rubies express passion, courage, and confidence.

Not only is its color the most important aspect of its value, but it is also the etymological source of its name. “Rubi” in Old French, and rubinus in Medieval Latin means “red”. The name of the gem originates in the Latin “ruber”, and it dates as an independent word for the color red from the 15th century.

High-quality rubies have been mined in Upper Burma since the 15th century. These are known under the name of “pigeon blood”. Other significant sources for these precious gems are Bangkok, Afghanistan, China, Ceylon, Queensland, and the Ural Mountains.

July Birthstone: Color Symbolism

The representative birthstone color for July is of course what gives value to this precious gem – that medium dark purplish red. Few people know that this red variety of corundum can be nearly colorless. Besides all shades of red, Ruby’s colors range from transparent pink to deep crimson.

In terms of color symbolism, the July birthstone carries a vital energy and can have a powerful emotional effect. Symbol of fire (primordial element) and blood, red is associated with our primary needs and instincts.

July Birthstone: Legendary Properties & Uses

As a symbol of vital life, Ruby was believed to preserve one’s good health and guard the wearer from danger, grief, evil, and discord.

Throughout history, the gem was considered a symbol of power, royalty, and authority. Egyptians chose a Ruby to represent the Serpent in Pharaohs’ Scepters. Indian legends revealed Gods’ abode lighted by such glowing gems too. In more recent times, Rubies became part of rings of bishops as emblems of devotion.

As concerns its legendary uses, in ancient times, people believed that a woman wearing a Ruby was ensured of her husband love and loyalty. In oriental cultures, the gemstone was used as an ailment for heart diseases and as an antidote for poison too. It is said that a Ruby would change its color according to the state of its wearer. If in ill condition, the gem would fade, and would regain its color only when danger had passed.

In current spiritual practices, Rubies are used for their emotional effects. The gems:

  • Increase physical energy and vitality.
  • Earn wearers with good stamina and a sense of grounding.
  • Enhance spontaneity and passion.
  • Evokes loves, courage, and other powerful emotions.
  • Encourages a positive attitude and inspire a sense of power.

Physically, Rubies stimulate the heart and speed up metabolism by increasing respiration rate and blood pressure.

Spiritually, due to its intense color and vibrations, the gems sharpens the wearer’s awareness and grants him or her with stability and faith.

Ruby is recommended to those who need to overcome exhaustion on one hand, or those who want to attract a new partner, on the other. Corresponding to the Base Chakra, it also increases desire and sensual energies.

Rubies are very beneficial for those who need to increase the level of their activity and self-confidence. It will also help bring closer one’s family and friends.

July birthstone jewelry

July Birthstone Jewelry Guide

Why would you choose a Ruby as a gift for those born in July? Apart from its beneficial uses already mentioned above, Ruby is considered among the most precious and attractive gems out there. In fact, a perfect Ruby can be three times more valuable than a diamond. Also, due to its hardness, it is ideal for every-day wear.

Did you know that the world’s most expensive Ruby, called the Sunrise Ruby after a poem of the same name, is also the most expensive colored gem and one of the rareest of all gems? It was sold this year for $30 million.

What kind of jewelry item would you choose to celebrate a July birthday? It all depends, of course, on the future owner of such an exquisite gem.

If you are not the conventional type, why not surprise your loved one with a July birthstone ring? On the other hand, if you are looking to get a special stone for your mom, July birthstone necklaces stand for sophisticated jewelry that every lady would love to own and wear. Consider a pair of fancy Ruby earrings as well for your sister, or an elegant Pandora bracelet for a beloved aunt.

Charm your loved ones not only with July birthstone jewelry but also with a nice flower bouquet. In flower symbolism, July is associated with Larkspur, which comes in a variety of gentle hues. Choose white for pure thoughts, purple for a strong love bond, and pink for happy moments.

Looking forward to learning more about the fascinating properties and uses of birthstones? There is one for everybody! Discover everything you need to know about the topic in our complete birthstone jewelry guide. Also, feel free to reach out and share your story with us. What gems do you like the most?