June Birthstone Trio Pearl Moonstone and Alexandrite

Welcome to the spiritual realm of the June birthstone Triad. Those born in June can be proud of having three exquisite gems as their birthstones. They have something in common: all three are rare and precious.

What Is the Birthstone for June?

What birthstone is June known for? This is one of those questions without a definitive answer. June is one of the few months that count more birthstones. Until the 20th century, the traditional June birthstone in English-speaking communities was Agate. As this old Gregorian birthstone poem goes:

Who comes with summer to this earth,
And owes to June her hour of birth,
With ring of agate on her hand
Can health, wealth, and long life command.

Since 1912, when the American National Association of Jewelry adopted a standardized list of birthstones, the month of June was first represented by Pearl and Moonstone. In 1952, Alexandrine was added to the list by the Jewelry Industry Council of America.

The first birthstone for June, Pearl, has been in use for century. Its special nature (it is the only organic gem out there), makes it as precious as diamonds. Pearls are also cherished as symbols of loyalty, faith, and purity. They are representative of the feminine force in the universe, associated with the Yin energy.

The second birthstone for June, Moonstone, is a sacred stone, having been cherished by Indians as a symbol of good fortune, spiritual purity, and hope. Associated with the power of the Moon, it has been seen as a gift of love and wisdom.

The third birthstone for June, Alexandrite, is a spiritual gem, a stone associated with prosperity and intuition. Mystics say that this member of the chrysoberyl mineral family has the power to balance mind, body, and spirit.

June Birthstone: Origin & Etymology

June Birthstone: Pearls in different colorsPearls are unique because they have organic origins. Plus, they do not require cutting or polishing as other gemstones do to reveal their beauty. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, cultured pearls came to replace natural pearls in the jewelry industry.

As regard the origin of the word “pearl”, experts talk about an uncertain etymology. Deriving from the Old French word “perle”, the name is said to be based on the Latin word “perna”, which stands for “sea-mussel”, and literally for “gammon” or “ham”.

Scientifically speaking, the Moonstone is a mineral belonging to the family of minerals named feldstar. The most precious moonstones come from Sri Lanka. They are also found in India, the US, Mayanmar, Madagascar, and Australia.

As regards its etymological meaning, the second June birthstone was named by Pliny, a Roman historian who believed that its appearance changed according to the moon’s phases. Moonstones are playful gems, having the distinctive quality of playing with light and shades, sometimes displaying something similar to a cat’s eye or a multi-layered star.

Alexandrite is of more recent date than the other two birthstones for June. The gemstone was discovered in 1831 during Czar Alexander’s reign, from whom it took its name.  Now it can be found in Sri Lanka, Brazil and South Africa too. Alexandrite gems become more and more rare, though, just like the other two birthstones for June. Take note that on the jewelry market you will find more synthetic, man-made alternatives of this beautiful gem.

June Birthstone Color Symbolism

The June birthstones carry different meanings and values according to their color spectrum.

Pearls come in a great range of colors, from white to peach and lavender to black. They can be silvery white, copper, salmon, pink, red, brown, and even blue.  While white pearls are symbols of wisdom, purity, and love (associated with weddings), the cream ones are said to grant the wearer with good fortune. Peach pearls are said to be bring health, and such golden gems to be symbols of wealth. Lavender pearls inspire a sense of royalty and enchantment, while black pearls are believed to enhance one’s power and confidence.

Unlike popular beliefs stating that the predominant Moonstone color is silvery white, this gem comes in a variety of delicate colors, from green to peach and purple to blue. Gemologists have classified these gems into Blue Moonstones (the so-called Cat’s Eye Moonstone), Gray Moonstones (names the “New Moonstone”), White Moonstones, Peach Moonstones, and Rainbow Moonstones, each having particular meanings and properties. Generally, Moonstones enhance clarity of mind and stimulate psychic perception.

June Birthstone changing-color Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a chameleonic gem, most valued for its enchanting green hue. As a color-changing gemstone, it also shows green to blue shades in daylight, or reddish and even darker tones. Alexandrite is said to change one’s mood and health by changing its color.

So, the birthstone color for June-born wearers is in fact a myriad of colors.

The Healing Properties & Uses of the June Birthstones

The Ancient Greeks believed that pearls should be part of wedding ceremonies for their perfect purity, on one hand, and their power to stimulate virility, on the other. Also, in the Koran, this June birthstone is described as part of the Paradise.

Nowadays, these gems are worn for their enlightening colors and increasingly used for its healing qualities. Apart from helping women to connect with their inner self, they are said to strengthen nerves, and alleviate muscle pain.

Moonstone gems carry mysterious powers too. As children of the Moon, they are said to enhance inward knowledge, taking its wearers deep into themselves to bring to light their deepest secrets. For its timeless connections to the Moon, Moonstone has been worn ever since Antiquity as a protective talisman. They bring calmness but at the same time are believed to enhance one’s sensuality and increase carnal desires.

As concerns their main traditional uses, these gems were called the Traveler’s stones for their protective power against dangers along the road.

They are stones worn by lovers too, as symbols of fertility and eternal love. A June birthstone necklace of this kind is said to harmonize bodies during lovemaking.

June Birtstone MoonstoneBeing closely related to feminine energies, they are also said to affect the female reproductive system, to alleviate menstrual pain and ease labor.

This June birthstone would also be a beneficial gift for those dealing with insomnia, bringing peace, fostering positive thinking and dreaming. In traditional healing practices, it was used to fight sleepwalking.

Astrologically associated with the zodiacal sign of Cancer (children of the Moon too), the Moonstone is believed to have physical healing energies that affect the digestive system. Its calming, soothing properties affect the emotional body as well.

Wearing this birthstone of June will help you become in tune with lunar cycles and nature itself, and so more emotionally balanced.

All in all, Moonstone is a gem of intuition and its spiritual energy should be used to strengthen one’s faith and well-being.

Alexandrite’s qualities are said to strengthen intuition and foster creativity. They grant inspiration and increased imagination to its wearers. As concerns its physical healing powers, the gem improves blood circulation and strengthen blood vessels.

June Birthstone Jewelry Guide

Pearls: The Ideal Bridal June Birthstone Rings, Necklaces and Earrings

Pearls are elegant but extremely underrated gems because everybody associates them with formal occasions. Even so, they are some of bride’s favorite gemstones. By choosing a June birthstone engagement ring, you can’t be wrong.

Pearls are a fantastic choice for June birthstones necklaces as well. With so many outstanding qualities, we are sure you will find a piece that will make your loved one feel precious.

While white pearls (Hanadama) are great for brides, South Sea (blue to gold) or Tahitian Pearls (kaleidoscopic black) are perfect to wear as June birthstone earrings.

Moonstone June Birthstone necklace

Moonstone: Unique June Birthstone Jewelry Items

Moonstones make for special June birthstone rings and June birthstone necklaces, but also for powerful pendants. Being the zodiac gem of the Cancer sign, they are perfectly suited for those born from June 22th onward.

Alexandrite: Fascinating Changing-Color Jewelry

An Alexandrite June birthstone ring will make those born in this summery month enhance not only their look but also their mood. This fascinating changing-color gem is the ideal present for a child born in June.

An Alexandrite June birthstone necklace can also be an exquisite gift for the one you love.

Just like the month of June is associated with one or more gems, there is also a flower symbolism corresponding to those born in the sixth month of the year. Both the June flower and the June birthstone can make for a lovely gift for a special someone.

June Birthstone Quick Summary

Q: What is the birthstone for June?

A: The three birthstones June is currently associated with are: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite.

Alexandrite June Birthstone Necklace and Earring set

Q: What is the June birthstone that is the most precious?

A: Birthstones should be valued for their properties. However, as far as their material value is concerned, the most precious pearl is the South Sea Pearl. A pair of such earrings can get to $600. Even so, the Moonstone becomes more and more rare. Those who benefit of its energy and power should consider themselves lucky, but for a Moonstone Cat’s Eye of 5 carats they can pay up to $1,500. Alexandrite is by far the most expensive June birthstone. For exceptional quality, a wearer would pay between $ 5000-10,000 per carat.

Q: What color is June birthstone known for? 

A: The birthstone color June is represented by is the rainbow color spectrum as all gems associated with this month of the year reveal the splendor of kaleidoscopic nuances.

Hope you enjoyed our post on the fascinating June birthstone trio. For further information on birthstones jewelry, history and symbolism, we invite you to read our birthstone guide.

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