Kunzite is a beautiful, uplifting and calming gemstone. The kunzite meaning is most often associated with lovers and long-lasting love. Whether that is because of the gemstone’s gentle pink hues or the color energy observed since kunzite’s discovery, it’s still a mystery.

What can be said with certainty about this enchanting crystal is that its appeal lies as much in its physical properties, as it does in its spiritual healing properties. Kunzite is one of the most alluring gemstones to be mounted in jewelry.

Despite its popularity, kunzite is, in fact, a ‘young’ gemstone. Unraveled in 1902 by the famous George Frederick Kunz in Pala District, California, the prism-shaped gemstone quickly rose to fame. Today, kunzite is mined in the United States, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Madagascar.

kunzite crystal kunzite meaning

The sought-after gemstone holds special physical properties that also carry part of the kunzite meaning. A pleochroic gemstone, the kunzite stone meaning is also derived from the abundance of possible nuances that kunzite shines in.

Typically a delicate yet seductive pink stone deemed a crystal of peacefulness and clarity of mind, kunzite can also shine in violet and rarely green hues. Depending on the angle you look at kunzite, you may catch a glimpse of any of these colors. Nevertheless, the most surprising and exhilarating nuances are the pink ones.

There is more to learn about these crystals, particularly their ability to heal both the mind and body. Hence, the following sections will be an in-depth discussion of the said topic and more.

What Is Kunzite?

Before moving on to the kunzite meaning, it is worth mentioning that this fairly young gemstone is a member of the spodumene family which is a good source of lithium. The lithium from spodumene is used in batteries for both automotive and mobile phones as well as in industrial ceramics.

Spodumenes are part of the larger pyroxene group. The name of the group is derived from the Greek words ‘pyr’ and ‘xenos,’ standing for ‘fire’ and ‘stranger.’ A strange fire shines in all the gemstones making up this group.

Kunzite was named after George Frederick Kunz, mineralogist and jeweler. It is just one of the two most essential varieties of the spodumene mineral. The other variation is called Hiddenite, the green chromium-rich variety. However, kunzite and hiddenite stones were only recognized as such two years after the discovery of spodumene.

The strong pleochroism of kunzite along with its cleavage and splintery fracture makes it quite a challenge for gem cutters to work through the stone. Nonetheless, its elegant pink color–which may vary in intensity as the crystal is viewed from different perspectives–is enough to make it one of the most sought-after gemstones.

Kunzite Meaning

The kunzite gemstone meaning is primarily associated with that of a stone for lovers. In addition to being a stone that opens one up for love, kunzite crystal meaning also stands for devotion, calm and clarity.

A highly beneficial crystal, kunzite is also considered a powerful healing crystal. With its gentle pink radiance, kunzite bestows peace of mind, inner peace and happiness on its wearer. As it lifts the grip of anxiety and stress, kunzite is deemed an ideal stone for those who suffer nerve-wrecking symptoms of these conditions.

The kunzite meaning is largely that of a gemstone of peace. Whether or not you are captivated by its properties, one thing is certain: kunzite bestows serenity and enhances inner joy right from the onset even if you catch a quick glimpse of its calming radiance.

Kunzite Stone Energies and Healing Properties

Kunzite’s healing energy and properties are strongly entwined with the color energy of the crystal. As a gemstone that resonates with the heart chakra and crown chakra, kunzite is beneficial in aligning the energy of the mind with that of the heart. Emotions, feelings, and mindfulness are thus bestowed upon the wearer.

With the joy exuded by the pink crystal comes the empowerment of love. It’s not just love in a couple, but a love of others and oneself as well. As the heart chakra is connected to the center of the breastbone and regulates the interaction between us and the world, kunzite bestows a specific clarity that helps with seeing this relation in a more serene light.


Kunzite gemstone will dissipate blockages, shining a new light on our emotions and needs. Changes are more easily accepted and revealed from a different, more comprehensive perspective.

The crown chakra is deemed the fountain of our beliefs and thoughts. At the same time, it is the spring of our spirituality and balance. As the kunzite crystal strongly vibrates with the crown chakra as well, it aids in grounding one’s beliefs, enhancing intuition and lifting the veil of confusion.

Pink kunzite meaning is revealed by the color energy of the crystal. Wearing kunzite brings determination, caring, and commitment as part and parcel of one’s life. Kunzite is the stone of new beginnings. It is the patron of new romance, new love, as well as new relationships unfurling beautifully against a serene and joyous background.

1. Kunzite Uses for Healing the Body

In crystal therapy, kunzite is used to treat migraines, neuralgia, and epilepsy. At the same time, as a crystal with a pronounced feminine energy, it is a useful crystal that helps to alleviate PMS symptoms, pain linked to menstrual issues, support the reproductive system of women and help young girls through puberty.

As kunzite vibrates with the heart chakra, it is also held in high regards for being a stone that successfully regulates the circulatory system and the strengthens the heart muscle. Circulatory functions are propped by the energies of kunzite, while stress-related issues are dissipated.

As a gemstone of serenity and joy, kunzite is deemed efficient in stimulating the secretion of hormones which can improve one’s well-being. It is recommended that kunzite jewelry is worn in direct contact with one’s skin. This is when the healing crystal’s properties work at their best.

2. Kunzite Uses in Spiritual Healing

Kunzite is used to ward off negative emotions and feelings, residues of past experiences that may have closed a person from life. From this perspective, kunzite is deemed a powerful protective stone as well. As it exudes happiness, joy, and serenity, it also clears fears and sadness, anxiety and stress.

While balancing the energies flowing through the body and aligning the crown chakra and the heart chakra, kunzite opens the path to the enjoyment of the present and the opportunities and gifts life is offering at the present moment.

Kunzite is a healing crystal, but also a gemstone of love. In balancing the mind and the heart, kunzite emphasizes the divine love found in us and in the surrounding world. Thus, it becomes easier to let go of resentments and fears and accept change, tolerance, and empathy.

kunzite necklace kunzite meaning

Kunzite meaning is clearly one infused with love, joy, and light. Kunzite makes the ideal gift for those who wish to heal past pain, spruce self-trust, love and tolerance and become more aware of the gifts life has in store. Against the backdrop created by the kunzite meaning and healing properties, it is also worth noting that wearing jewelry with kunzite helps bring a welcoming sense of serenity in your life.

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