Aquamarine the March Birthstone

Dear gemstone lovers, this post focuses on the meaning, lore, and powers of the March Birthstone. Stay with us to discover the story and uses of another protective gem. What is myth and what is fact?

What Is the Birthstone of March?

If you take a look at our guide to birthstone jewelry and symbolism, you might be confused as concerns the March birthstone. If according to Arabian astrologers, the traditional birthstones for March were Bloodstone and Aquamarine, only Aquamarine has stood the test of time. Some charts, however, enlist Jade as the mystical March’s birthstone.

Modern March Birthstone: A Short Introduction to Aquamarine

Aquamarine is both the traditional and modern gem representative of March, as endorsed by all American societies of jewelers.

Now that we have established what birthstone is March known for in more recent years, we invite readers and wearers to learn more about its origin, meanings, and important correspondences.

As regards the major natural sources for this cherished crystal, Aquamarine is found in various countries across Europe, the US, and Africa. To name just a few of the countries where the gem is mined, it is important to mention Norway, Austria, Russia, Tanzania, Kenia, Colombia, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka,Zambia, South Africa. In America, aquamarines can be found in Montana and Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho. However, the most important source for these crystal is Brazil.

What is March birthstone composed of? As a variety of beryl, along Emerald (green beryl), Heliodor (greenish-yellow beryl), Golden Beryl, Goshenite (colorless beryl), Morganite (pink beryl), Bixbite (red beryl), Aquamarine is a cyclosilicate mineral. It is thus composed of silicate minerals, and, to be more specific, of beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate.

Etymologically, the name stands for “Water (aqua) of the Sea (Marine)”. Reminiscent of the sea, its colors bring to mind a bright blue sky and an endless deep blue sea.

March Birthstone: Lore and Legends

For centuries, this gemstone has been used to protect sailors and travelers of all kinds. Ancients believed that there was a  connection between the Moon and the influence of the crystal upon its wearers. They would wear it when the Moon went on increasing.

The March birthstone is also symbolic of eternal life, being considered a stone of youth, health, and happiness. During the Meddle Ages, it was used as a protective talisman and as a treatment against poison.

Aquamarine is the astrological stone for Gemini, also associated with the Throat Chakra. While it heightens the intellect, it also opens the channel to clear and persuasive verbal communication.

March Birthstone Color Symbolism

Typically, the meanings of any gem vary according to its color. This is an old valid assumption, generally accepted by all gem experts. Aquamarine belongs to what ancients called “cool stones”. For this reason, it was used as a soothing crystal.

For those who want to know precisely what color is March birthstone, as the appellation goes, it is a blue gem par excellence. Aquamarine is the generic name for the blue beryl variety. So the ocean-like crystal can occur in beautiful shades of pale, almost transparent blue to greenish-blue and deep, dark hues.

Deep blue Aquamarine exemplaries are very rare. These are called Maxixe and are commonly found in Madagascar.

March Birthstone Meaning: Aquamarine’s Protective Powers and Properties

Physically, Aquamarine is said to have a wide range of healing properties. It is considered beneficial for the respiratory system, lungs and throat in relieving colds.

Also, the crystal is believed to counter inflammations and vision problems.

Emotionally, aquamarine embodies everything connected to water symbolism. It allows healers and mystics to explore the deepest sides of our souls and guides those who believe in its powers on the path to self-knowledge.

As it corresponds to the Throat Chakra, the gemstone influences its owner to overcome all fears related to speaking in public. That is why, Aquamarine is ideal for professionals like teachers, reporters, and for all those who are looking to acquire public speaking skills.

As a top tip, you can use it to open your Throat Chakra, and so to help you express yourself truthfully.

Spiritually, Aquamarine can empower the wearer if aware of its force. As a vital crystal, it provides fresh perpectives on life, and a deeper understading of everything around us.

Nowadays, the gem is available in diverse sizes and unique pieces of jewelry believed to have beneficial properties for those who need to cool their temper. The gem enhances calm and an overall state of well-being. Aquamarine is the gem of serenity.

Aquamarine is especially recommended as a love crystal for married couples, to bring them peace and harmony.  It thus makes for wonderful eternity rings or meaningful talismans to increase commitment and contentment.

Beautiful March Birthstone Jewelry Examples

Below you will find pictures of charming examples of March birthstone jewelry we’ve discovered across the web. Get inspired and surprise your friends who are born in the third month of the year with a beautiful piece of jewelry bearing their birthstone. If you’re interested to learn more about the properties and meaning of aquamarine jewelry, read more about it here.

Note that, Aquamarine is also recommended as an ideal gift for the 16th and 19th wedding anniversaries.

March Birthstone Rings 

March birthstone rings

March Birthstone Engagement Ring

Whether it is an engagement ring or a ring without a particular significance, be sure to charm the one you give it to. No one can resist to Aquamarine’s vibration.

Charming Bracelet Inlaid with the Birthstone of March

beautiful aquamarine bracelet

Luxury Aquamarine Bracelet – a Special Gift for a Special Someone

Eye-Catching Aquamarine Necklaces 

March Birthstone Necklace

Elegant March Birthstone Necklace

Aquamarine Flower Earrings 

aquamarine flower earrings

Beautiful Aquamarine Earrings

We hope we provided informative answers to “what is the March birthstone?”. If you have further questions or suggestions, we are here to answer your queries. Leave us a message in the comment section below. Don’t forget to wear the birthstones suited for you – the gems that can create a good vibe.

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