metaphysical crystals used for meditation

People from all around the world, have used crystals for thousands of years to protect temples or even houses, to communicate with Divinity in their continuous quest for health, prosperity and enlightenment. If we take a better look at modern society we will notice that, when it comes to crystals in general and to metaphysical crystals in particular, we are not that different from our ancestors.

Nowadays people use healing crystals as a necessary part of different medical treatments, or as a way to transcend, find balance and communicate with the metaphysical world. Pure, rough shapes crystals or jewelry with gemstones, and crystals are everywhere.

As their popularity increases every year, this social phenomenon that can be found all around the world, is influencing the lives of individuals in search of their higher self. The truth is that people want, and need to know, what surrounds them, what is beyond the border of this world and how they can get to know the other planes that seem unreachable to the human spirit.

In this quest, crystals and metaphysical crystals act as mediators between us and the worlds. Energy holders, these true payphones to the other world, bring knowledge and energy to the ones looking for it. Usually, all energy of both our plane and the others, together with valuable transcendental information are kept locked in the crystals and by means of meditation, we can activate all this energy and find true balance.

Crystal Meditation

crystal uses and chakras

Meditation in general, and crystal meditation in particular, is extremely beneficial for every part of our body, both from a physical and a spiritual point of view. Through meditation, the body relaxes and the mind unleashes its full potential. Another important part of meditation is the release of negative energy and unwanted thoughts that may harm your body and mind.

Any meditation can be transformed into a crystal meditation by holding your special crystal in your hand while meditating. Meditating with crystals is one of the best ways to explore the inner vibration of your stones and to sense how your body resonates with their energy. Then, all you have to do is to continue this procedure and wait for the benefits.

You can use any type of crystal in your meditation, but quartz crystal is one of the best choices as it can be synced with your meditative intention. You can program most crystals, but the quartz crystals can amplify whatever thoughts and energies you place into it. All varieties of quartz crystals can be programmed easily, and they have excellent metaphysical attributes.

Another crystal, selenite, is beneficial for meditation because, as you are clearing your mind and relaxing your body, its healing properties facilitate the release of negative energy and removes any energy blockages to energetically cleanse your body.

metaphysical crystals used for meditation

When it comes to crystal meditation, there is no right or wrong crystal. Any healing stone or crystal can be used. However, it is beneficial to choose a crystal that contains healing properties or energies that are in line with what you want to achieve through your meditation. Meditating with crystals will enhance and magnify positive results.

Meditating with crystals is also a wonderful way to explore new crystals, new energies and new planes and see how your body resonates with this outer energy.

Holding crystals in your hands while meditating is the best way to experiment with metaphysical crystals. Another trick would be to lay your crystals on your body as close to the chakra points as possible. This will influence your key chakras, and will lead to a faster healing as your chakras will feel completely energized.

Metaphysical Crystals Used to Balance Chakras

Generally, each person possesses his own field of energy. This energetic field can be more or less developed, depending on the individual’s needs and resources. One can enhance the inner energy by boosting his/her energy centers, also known as chakras. Imbalanced chakras may lead to a general sensation of discomfort, fatigue and even diseases associated either with the body, mind or spirit.

metaphysical crystals and chakra

Crystals and meditation, or a combination of the two, are used in chakra healing. When it comes to balancing chakras, crystal’s vibration are pure energy enhancers. Whether or not the vibration of your crystals will be able to resonate with a certain chakra, to heal the corresponding area of the body or to restore an Imbalanced part of the auric field is a highly individual and subjective issue that tends to depend on the spiritual strength of each person, and on the ability to resonate with good positive vibrations.

Absorbing crystal properties is no easy task; sometimes, the transfer from person to crystal may be more likely to happen. Wearing or holding a crystal during meditation enhances the absorption of spiritual vibrations and the achievement of your meditative goals. Also, during meditation, there are some who use crystal as a focusing point to help them maintain concentration throughout meditation.

…Some of the more experienced meditators have their own altars with spiritual crystals of all shapes and forms. Depending on what you want to achieve by the end of your meditation, you may want try to hold or to place a crystal quartz on the heart chakra for emotional balance, or near the third eye chakra for mental clarity.

While trying to meditate for finding a balance, it may be a good idea to use a crystal that is aligned with a Spirit Guide, an angel or a Goddess. On the other hand, for self-healing meditation, you may want to try using a crystal associated with the appropriate chakra of that particular medical concern.

To balance and realign the chakra energies, try to put a crystal of the appropriate color on the skin, as close as possible to your chakra area.

metaphysical crystals used for meditation

  • Crown Chakra – a violet crystal or clear quartz crystal placed just above the top of the head.
  • Brow Chakra – an indigo or dark blue crystal in the center of the forehead
  • Throat Chakra – a light blue crystal at the base of the throat
  • Heart Chakra – a green crystal in the center of the chest. Also, a pink stone can be added for emotional clearing
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – a yellow crystal between the navel and the ribcage
  • Sacral Chakra – an orange colored crystal on the lower abdomen
  • Base Chakra – a red or black crystal near the base of the spine between your legs, or alternatively place two red stones, of the same sort, on the top of each leg.

Beside this, you may want to place some stones like smoky quartz, haematite or black tourmaline between your feet to act as an anchor that will enhance the metaphysical properties of the crystals.

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