Metaphysical properties of stones

People from all around the world, have used stones for thousands of years to protect themselves from different spiritual dangers that may have obstructed their continuous quest for health, prosperity and enlightenment.When we take a better look at the modern society we notice that, when it comes to stones, we are not that different from our ancestors. These metaphysical properties of stones continue to fascinate and intrigue scientific communities.

Nowadays people use stones as adjuvants in different medical treatments, or as a way to find balance and communicate with the metaphysical world. Pure, rough shaped stones, beads or jewelry pieces, are the ultimate healing accessory.

As their popularity increases every year, this social phenomenon can be found all around the world. The truth is that people want and need to know what surrounds them, what is beyond the borders of this world and how can we get to know other planes that seem unreachable to the human spirit. In this quest, stones are our best friends.

Meditation Stones

Meditation in general, and meditation with stones in particular, is extremely beneficial for every part of our body, from a physical and a spiritual point of view. Throughout meditation, the body relaxes and the mind unleashes its full potential. Another important part of meditation is the release of negative energy and unwanted thoughts that may harm your body and mind.

Using stones in your meditation is a key element in balancing chakras. A chakra (Sanskrit: चक्र) is an energy point or node, part of the spiritual body, also called subtle body.  The vital spiritual energy, or the prana, moves in our body and any dysfunctional part of our spiritual body, leads to dysfunctionalities in our body. The number of chakras is not well defined, but usually spiritual leaders refer to seven main chakras. For every chakra, we can associate at least one stone as it follows:

spiritual crystals chakras

  1. Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) – a violet crystal or clear quartz crystal such as amethyst placed just above the top of the head.
  2. Brow Chakra (Ajna) – an indigo or dark blue stone such as sodalite in the center of the forehead
  3. Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) – a light blue as lapis lazuli at the base of the throat
  4. Heart Chakra (Anahata) – a green stone, adventurine may do the trick, in the center of the chest. Also, a pink stone can be added for emotional clearing
  5. Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipurna) – a yellow stone, like some golden calcite or some citrine between the navel and the ribcage
  6. Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)– an orange colored stone such as carnelian on the lower abdomen
  7. Base Chakra (Muladhara)– a red or black crystal (red jasper for example) near the base of the spine between your legs, or alternatively place two red stones, of the same sort, on the top of each leg.

For these special stones, placing is a key element. To boost your chakras, you must set them as close to your karmic points as possible. You may even want to call someone to help you set them in the right place, someone who is fully connected with his or her spiritual part,

You can use any type of stone in your meditation, but you may want to find some stones that have special properties that you need. Meditation in itself is a remarkable way to channel your energies, but stone meditation will amplify whatever thoughts and energies you want to enhance, because, in general, gems have excellent metaphysical attributes.

Metaphysical properties of stones

While meditating, besides your stones, think of adding some crystals around you, as their healing properties facilitate the release of negative energy and removes any energy blockages to energetically cleanse your body. When it comes to adding crystals and stones to your meditation, there is no right or wrong. Any healing stone or crystal can be used. However, it is beneficial to choose gems that have healing properties or energies in line with your metaphysical and meditational desires, as the use of these supplements will definitely increase the outcomes by reducing the waiting time.

Holding crystals in your hands while meditating is the best practice. Another trick would be to lay your crystals on your body as close to the chakras as possible. This will influence your key chakra points, and will lead to a faster healing as your chakras will feel completely energized.

List of stone’s metaphysical properties

Ordered alphabetically

Metaphysical properties of stones

  1. Agate – has the power to balance your ying-yang energy flow, improve decision making abilities, restore your aware, increase awareness, and instill courage. Many people claim that the agate also enhances creative abilities and strength.
  2. Amber – If you want to purify your spirit, body and mind you should choose the Amber stone. This gorgeous gem balances electromagnetic energies in the body and restores the natural flow of chakra. The Amber is also recommended for people fighting depression as it encourages positive attitudes. Last, but not least, this stone invigorates intellectual powers.
  3. Amethyst – The opposite of the Amber is the Amethyst, which is known fir its abilities to calm and soothe spirits, enhance psychic ability and improve strength. If you want to regain your balance and achieve piece or a higher spirituality, the amethyst is your perfect stone.
  4. Aventurine – As the name suggests, this game enhances vital qualities such as creativity, independence or leadership skills. This is achieved by perfectly aligning emotional, mental and auric energies.
  5. Aquamarine – The aquamarine’s beauty is only surpassed by its properties. An excellent stone that improves reflexes, awareness, intellectual prowess and braveness.
  6. Azurite – If you ever wanted to become a psychic, you should know that the Azurite is the snow which awakens the power of intuition and insight. It is also a great stone for those who wish to meditate.
  7. Apache Tears – Many people have never heard about Apache tears, let alone its incredible properties. Are you having trouble forgiving people or getting over a loss? Slap on an Apache Tears on and you will feel all your negative energies dispersing. Among other things, this stone improves analytical skills.
  8. Calcite – Cleansing and Amplifying energy are the two things that Calcite does best.
  9. Celestite – this stone has a rather explicit name. It is the preferred gem for astral travellers and lucid dreamers as it enhances subconscious abilities. It also instills a sense of peace and hope.
  10. Chrysocolla – is the ultimate earth stone that purifies the user of all negative energies and restores balance.
  11. Copal – You may not believe in energy fields, but believe us when we tell you that the copal will improve yours. This stone excels in providing mental fortitude and a higher state of consciousness.
  12. Fluorite – We were talking about stones that offer stability in a previous article. This is one of the stones that will help you achieve inner balance, better focus, and a higher understanding of the rules that govern the universe. Especially recommended to individuals with hectic lives.
  13. Garnet – Want love in your life? Not sure if you are ready for commitment? No problem. The garnet has got you covered. This stone also improves your natural flow of energy and devotion. Commitment, devotion, love, stability and order. Even flow of energy.
  14. Hematite – Enhances mental fortitude.
  15. Jade – A preferred stone by many individuals because it provides with self-confidence, hope, peace and fidelity. Also used by lucid dreamers.
  16. Jasper – the Jasper will help you improve your powers of insight and offer protection against dangerous energies.
  17. Kunzite – Harmony, passion, protection are all offered by the Kunzite. This stone also helps individuals who are having trouble communicationg or socializing, or who wish to improve their meditative skills.
  18. Kyanite – Hate cleansing your stone? Just get a Kyanite and you’re covered for the rest of your life. As far as properties go, this unusual gem will help you improve psychic awareness, balance your chakras and help you improve your communication skills.
  19. Lapis Lazuli – Ingenuity, Intellectual power, wisdom and peace of mind.
  20. Lepidolite – Sincerity is one of the most important attributes of a human being. Luckily, the Lepidolite will help you preserve your heart untainted. Other properties of this stone include fortitude during times of transition, stability, forgiveness and stability.
  21. Malachite – Are you on the verge of a major transition? Is your mind clouded? The Malachite has incredible powers including support for spiritual transformations, mental fortitude and clearness of mind.
  22. Moldavite – A rather odd stone with even stranger properties: inter-dimensional access, unworldly experiences, timelessness and clarity.
  23. Moonstone – Power of seduction, emotional support, rythms and fate.
  24. Obsidian – It may be black, but the obsidian has the power to cleanse all negative energies. It is one of the primary protective and healing stones that helps individual better understand their true selves and make the changes necessary to become a better version of themselves.
  25. Onyx – Another stone that will help you get past losses or shocks is the Onyx. It is also a favorite stone for those seeking to achieve better self control or to center their spirit.
  26. Opal – preferred by artists with creativity blocks.
  27. Peridot – Another healing stone with incredible powers. It makes it easier for individuals to understand and accept the transformations of life and its cycles.
  28. Rhodochrosite – Helps individuals center themselves and find love.
  29. Rutilated Quartz – Used in association with other crystals as it enhances their properties. By itself, it is used by clairvoyant individuals who seek more focus and better brain stimulation.
  30. Sapphire – Happiness, optimism, abundance and fertility.
  31. Selenite – Do you believe in reincarnation, past and future lives? If the answer is yes you might want to know that the Selenite aids those on their spiritual journey between lives. It also helps users achieve a higher sense of spirituality and to sharpen judgement skills.
  32. Sodalite – enhances analytical skills, sincerity, and productivity.
  33. Sugilite – Self-confidence, love, cleanses negative emotions and empowers positive energies.
  34. Tigereye – the fierce eye of the tiger is used for spiritual empowerment, positive energy and grounding.
  35. Topaz – enhances personality traits, helps users on their pursuit of love, instills creative purpose.
  36. Tourmaline – cleanses negative energies, forgiveness, creativity.
  37. Turquoise – A spiritual stone with protective powers that helps the users in times of transformation.

Metaphysical properties of stones

While trying to meditate for finding a balance, it may be a good idea to use a crystal that is aligned with a Spirit Guide, an angel or a Goddess. On the other hand, for self-healing meditation, you may want to pick some birthstones or some stones that are aligned to the corresponding chakras.

Beside this, you may want to place some crystals and stones like smoky quartz, hematite or black tourmaline between your feet to act as an anchor that will enhance the metaphysical properties of stones.

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