moonstone rings and pendants Moonstone is a powerful crystal associated with the superior chakras. Hidden underneath the moonstone’s pearly veil lies the key to a perfect balance between mind and body. The moonstone meaning has been associated for centuries with inward journeys and the resulting light.

Moonstone is often used as a protective and guiding talisman said to keep travelers from harm and guide their way in the darkness. As its name suggests, the crystal often associated with enhanced intuition and psychic capabilities is reminiscent of the Moon. The silvery-white reflection of the healing crystal makes moonstone a simple yet elegant and telling talisman. The moonstone meaning is always a link away from femininity and spiritual abundance.

White, slightly opaque moonstones make exquisite talismans when encased in a jewelry frame. Yet several moonstone varieties are just as breathtaking and powerful. Just think of the rainbow moonstone meaning, black moonstone meaning, blue moonstone meaning, green moonstone meaning or gray moonstone moonstone installed in brooch to exemplify moonstone meaning

These varieties, beautiful in their own unique way, share a wide sphere of healing properties with the widely-known moonstone. Moonstone is a Feldspar mineral. The soft opaque silvery-white reflection of the white moonstones has captivated ancient civilizations as much as ours. Other moonstone shades include peach, gray, blue or green. Take a look at this list that breaks down gemstones’ meanings by their color. 

As the most beautiful moonstones are extracted in Sri Lanka, this gemstone is also referred to as Sri Lanka moonstone at times. The Sri Lanka moonstone meaning detailed here will include the additional focuses of some of the moonstone varieties mentioned earlier.

What Is the Meaning of Moonstone through Centuries? Captivating Legends

In the Roman Empire, moonstone was a prized gemstone for over two thousand years. The Moon goddess Diana would have bestowed the gemstone with powers reminiscent of her own. The wearer of a moonstone would be endowed with love. Wisdom, wealth and success were also associated with the moonstone meaning.

Another Roman legend entails that moonstone bears the gift of second sight and prophecy. With a clear mind, the wearer of moonstone jewelry could find the psychic abilities buried deep within all of us.

Oriental civilizations have known moonstone for even longer than the flourishing civilization of the Roman Empire. In India, the moonstone would have crowned the forehead of the four-handed Moon god. Here, it is also a traditional wedding gift as the moonstones meaning also implies enhanced fertility. When it is exhibited for sale, moonstone is always placed on a yellow piece of cloth as the color is sacred in India.

Its waning luster and the moonstone crystal meaning made the gemstone a favorite choice for Art Nouveau jewelers who sought the spirit of nature.

Moonstone Healing Properties

Moonstone is essentially a talisman for travelers of all sorts, for women and enhanced spirituality. It is a stone of inner peace and balance, of uplifting hope and appeasing. This incredible gemstone of sensitivity and all-encompassing love is most strongly associated with femininity. It is recommended that women wear it to favor childbearing, calm, and love. The moonstone spiritual meaning renders it the perfect crystal to help in reconnecting with the higher self. As other gemstones listed here, moonstone has both physical and spiritual healing properties.  moonstone necklace

Physical Healing Properties

Moonstone is a crystal that aids the reconnection of natural energies and rhythms. As such, it will align energy cycles to positively affect the reproductive system of women. Moonstone helps fertility and alleviates pain related to menstrual cycles or childbirth.

In addition, moonstone gems aid the balance of the hormonal system, the digestive system and promote the elimination of fluid retention. Children and teenagers could benefit from the white moonstone meaning and healing properties. Moonstone is also a growth stone. From this perspective, the elderly are also favored by part of the meaning of moonstone. As it promotes growth, the gemstone alleviates degenerative conditions while enhancing the assimilation of nutrients.

Spiritual Healing Properties

The spiritual meaning of moonstone derives from the healing crystal’s connection with the superior Chakras. As these are representative for the connection with the superior power, moonstone channels inspiration to our own intuition.

Moonstone helps the wearer embark on a journey of introspection and self-awareness. Enhanced creativity is also the work of moonstone increasing emotional vision. The healing crystal holds surprising soothing powers over our emotions. Wearing a moonstone talisman on our body will assist the mastery of emotions.Moonstone jewelry

Overwhelming emotions which are getting out of hand can be contained by moonstone. The gemstone works actively to promote composure and self-confidence. The gentleness resulting from the spiritual soothing properties of moonstone can only bring more happiness.

Moonstone Varieties

The blue moonstone meaning entails that it’s a powerful crystal to balance yin-yang energies and enhance focus during inner journeys. The peach moonstone and the yellow moonstone assist the heart and relieve stress, anxiety and worries. Through its variety of colors, the rainbow moonstone is a prism of energy. Rainbow moonstones aren’t met too often, yet their properties are known to ease emotional traumas while clearing the mind and promoting a calm sleep and lucid dreaming.

Moonstone Jewelry

The moonstone gem meaning is also reflected in moonstone jewelry. A moonstone ring meaning or a moonstone necklace meaning may vary according to the time these jewelry pieces are worn.

For instance, as moonstone governs love and eroticism, a moonstone necklace can harmonize your body with the natural lunar cycle during the full moon.moonstone necklace

Moonstone jewelry meaning may also be perceived differently by people in different professions. Artists of all kinds may find moonstone jewelry particularly helpful for self-expression. A moonstone pendant holds all the vibrations of this healing crystal.

Since ancient times moonstone has been considered stones of spirituality. The meaning of moonstones brings positive vibrations in anyone’s life. Moonstone jewelry will influence your emotional balance, your heart and your brain.

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