What is Morganite?

Morganite is a millennia-old gemstone, the morganite meaning having stood for compassion, promise, and love for a long time. The name by which we know this gemstone today was only given to the pink beryl variety in 1911.

Before this landmark, morganite was simply referred to as pink beryl. At the time, it wasn’t even a gemstone in its own right. It was in 1911 that the renowned G.F. Kunz proposed that the noble variety of beryl is called morganite. The name was chosen as an homage to the passionate mineral collector and banker John Pierpont Morgan.

pink beryl morganite meaning

There are several varieties of beryllium aluminum silicates, all of them enchanting. Due to the fact that they incorporate minerals, their colors change the higher the concentration of a particular mineral. While pure beryl is transparent and colorless, the incorporation of manganese turns it into a pink treasure: morganite.

Other varieties of the mineral beryl that are used as gems include the Red Beryl or Bixbite, the Blue Beryl or Aquamarine, the Green Beryl or Emerald, the Golden Beryl, and many others.

Morganite is found in deposits around the world. The most renowned mining resources are located in California, Brazil, Madagascar, and Afghanistan. This beautiful pink stone with a 7.5 hardness is a favorite for mounting on engagement rings.

Morganite Meaning

The morganite stone meaning is entwined with healing, promise, compassion, and love. The gentle pink energy emanated by this gemstone speaks of happiness and kindness, trust, finding new love and rekindling an old love.

Morganite meaning is also closely connected with the gemstone’s vibration with the Higher Heart Chakra. While doing away with anxiety and negative emotions holding our spirit down, morganite is considered a stone of lightness and spiritual growth–earning the name, “The Crystal of Divine Love.”

morganite engagement ring morganite meaning

The meaning of morganite derives from the gemstone’s property to align the spiritual plains in such a way that they will enable growth. By clearing the sight and lifting emotional burdens morganite opens the door for love and compassion both for oneself and others.

Love and compassion are the cornerstones of the morganite gemstone meaning. As these two states have the power to overcome difficult obstacles, their long-lasting effects overflow in all the aspects of life. Thus morganite becomes a gemstone of the heart, the divine, relationships, joy and unhindered spiritual growth.

The Physical Healing Properties of Morganite

The pink variety of beryl is connected with the higher heart chakra. From this standpoint, morganite will assist in the healing and strengthening of the physical heart. Wearing morganite upon oneself aids with calming palpitations and other heart-related problems or clearing one’s lungs.

In addition, morganite assists in the healing of the nervous system and effectively relieves stress including stress-related illnesses. In some instances, morganite is used for treating asthma, tuberculosis and emphysema. Moreover, this healing crystal is used to oxygenate and restructure the cellular structure.

This healing gemstone is also known to assist with the healing of the larynx, the thyroid gland, and vertigo.

The Spiritual Healing Properties of Morganite

The morganite gemstone meaning is derived from the healing properties of this crystal. A gemstone of the heart, morganite resonates strongly with the Higher Heart Chakra. As this vibrant relation unfurls, morganite helps overcome resentment, fear, and anger.

As these are cleared away, morganite opens a window of opportunity for recognizing what had so far remained hidden. Often, hidden feelings and dissatisfaction block the way to healing and meaningful transformation. Thus, clearing the path for self-awareness entices transformation and spiritual growth.

The pink morganite meaning stands for love among other things. Thus, morganite spiritual meaning channels love in one’s actions and thoughts alike. The emotional field gets a boost of energy from wearing morganite jewelry. Peace and calm invite an open heart and purposeful life.

beryl varieties pink beryl

As a stone of love, morganite fosters a love for oneself and others. It is used to heal mistrust created by past experiences and kindle love. Whether it’s new love or deepening older relationships, this pink crystal holds powerful properties in this respect. It is also used to calm grief and appease the feelings created by loss.

In a nutshell, the morganite crystal meaning is related to the cultivation of the spirit through love and compassion. A reassuring and supportive gemstone, morganite heals past wounds that stand in the way of spiritual growth.

Through its gentle pink hues, morganite radiates determination, caring, and commitment. Reflection and meditation are strongly encouraged by the pink beryl. The translucent gemstone promotes happiness, friendship, and companionship, as well as the feeling of belonging.

Morganite is well known for encouraging fair treatment towards others and oneself. Against this background, it is a recommended gemstone for those who work in legal professions or that imply a thorough judgment of others’ characters.

Morganite Jewelry

Morganite is an exquisite stone for jewelry. One of the best-known pieces of jewelry including the pink beryl variety is the morganite engagement ring. Many brides who adore the morganite engagement ring meaning choose this piece of jewelry to mark their life-long commitment and loving relationship.

The morganite value springs from the gemstone’s high degree of brilliance, beautiful rose pink to red-pink hues, and extraordinary durability. Sometimes referred to as the pink emerald, morganite is the perfect gemstone to be mounted on engagement rings.

It is affordable, durable and gorgeous. Morganite withstands the test of time and needs little care if any. As time passes by, morganite may acquire some scratches. As such, a new round of polishing and buffing is required for the gemstone to return to its initial luster.

cut and polished morganite morganite meaning

A morganite ring or any other morganite jewelry is nothing short of gorgeous. Often used in combination with diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, morganite enhances these stones’ properties. Mounted in exquisitely designed jewelry, these stones are breathtaking.

The cut and the polish of morganite add to its value. Surprisingly, this is one of the gemstones the value of which doesn’t increase with the increase in carat weight. The fine details conferred by a custom cut and the pure rose pink color are more precious than the carat weight.

Pink beryl or morganite as the gemstone is known since 1911 is primarily regarded as the gemstone of love. The morganite meaning, its gentle rose pink to red-pink hues and its spiritual and physical healing properties make morganite one of the most sought gemstones in the world.


How to Clean Morganite

The safest way of doing it is by soaking the gem in warm, soapy water. Other alternatives include ultrasonic and steam cleaners. However, these are only applicable if your gem does not have any fractures on them.

Cleaning with warm water starts by soaking the gem in plain water for a couple of minutes. Then, take a soft-bristled brush and brush the gem with soapy water for about 5 minutes max. This method is intended to remove the buildup of dirt and oil on the gem.

Once you’re satisfied, you can rise the gem with water, wipe off the excess water and blow dry if necessary.

Now, if you want a holistic cleaning method which involves removing the energies that were previously picked up by the gem, here are some options for you.

One, you can hold it under running water, leave it out in the rain or pour water over them from a creek, river or natural spring. The point is, do not use any water with chemicals in them.

Other methods of holistic cleaning include passing the stone over the smoke of sandalwood incense or sage smudge stick, the flame of a white candle, and many others.

Does Morganite Scratch Easily?

Morganite’s hardness is at  7.5-8 on Mohs Scale which is slightly lower than that of a diamond. That said, morganite is a relatively durable gem that does not easily scratch unless scraped with other gems that fall above its hardness scale.

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