Nuummite is considered an ancient stone that is not only stunning but is also believed to have a variety of metaphysical properties. This stone goes by many names but is commonly known as the Sorcerer’s Stone and the Magician’s Stone thanks to its dark color along with some of its history.

The History of Nuummite

Believed to be some of the oldest rock on earth, at about three billion years old, Nuummite was given the name the Sorcerer’s Stone because it was once believed to unlock the magic within an individual and “bring forth inner power.”

The name Nuummite originates from where it was initially discovered in the principality of Nuuk in Greenland in 1982.

While this stone generally is a dark black or deep charcoal color, it can sometimes give off the look of different colors in different lights such as red, yellow, green, blue and even purple, while the most common reflected color tends to be gold.

Metaphysical Properties of Nuummite

While the name Sorcerer’s Stone may seem something of a joke, many believe that it can and does involve some level of elemental magic and should be taken seriously and used respectfully. Nuummite is believed to have extreme powers, but if harnessed correctly, they can be very beneficial.

Nuummite is thought to counteract modern urban living and is also believed to “inspires fast, intuitive reactions without sacrificing logic, and encourages others to consider your skills more valuable.”

This stone is alleged to have the ability to “harmonize your intellect with your psychic and intuitive wisdom.”

Physical Healing

Many crystal healers believe that Nuummite holds a wide variety of healing properties many of which help reduce tension and stress and even helps with getting better sleep. It is also thought to be beneficial in insulin production and regulation and in treating diabetes, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, fainting, and dizziness.

Emotional Healing

The Nuummite stone is one that represents empowerment and allows users delve deep into the psyche to discover hidden fears, guilt, and even shames that may hold them back. This stone is said to help release users from those emotional constraints and teaches them both honor and respect for themselves and others.

While all these physical healing benefits of Nuummite are enticing, please remember that Nuummite therapies should not be used as a substitute to professional medical care, especially when it comes to conditions such as blood sugar regulation and insulin production.

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The Magician’s Stone Makes Stunning Jewelry

While the Magician’s Stone has a variety of magical and metaphysical uses, it is a beautiful gemstone that is often used in crafting jewelry.

Stones used to craft stunning pieces of jewelry are carefully picked, and it all starts with a few basics such as the stones cut, color and clarity.

Nuummite ranges in color from a light grey to dark black and is often speckled with flecks of iridescent colors ranging from yellow to gold and green to metallic blue. Sometimes these flecks can look reddish or even take on a violet tone. This gemstone is an opaque material which, when polished, has a very glossy luster. When it comes to the cut of Nuummite, it is generally cut into a cabochon, also known as cabs, to “maximize the iridescent play of color.”

These cabs are then often set in silver and made into pendants for necklaces or bracelets or made into earrings, and even rings.

Nuummite – The Masculine Stone

While Nuummite can be used to create beautiful jewelry for women, some often think of it as a more masculine stone, especially given its dark color. The idea of it being a more masculine stone also comes because it is believed to have a masculine energy with its strong ability to heal and to protect and ground individuals with its powerful elemental magic.

Beauty Within the Dark

Nuummite is one of those stones that evokes mixed feelings amongst those who genuinely believe in crystal healing and magic. While the stone’s intentions are pure, it is firmly believed that tapping into Nuummite’s elemental powers for the wrong reasons could be detrimental to the user.

If the user plans to use the stone for clarity and to ground themselves, it is a great tool to use during meditation as it is often used to facilitate journeys into the ancient past and allows the user to access their past lives to learn more about one’s true self. It is also a great tool to help a user find themselves and their worth if they have begun to doubt themselves either in their work life or personal life.

So, tell us, is Nuummite one of those stones that you consider a must-have in your stone collection? Or do you fear its elemental powers?

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