peridot jewelry Peridot jewelry has been worn since ancient times for its protective and healing properties. The olive-green stone has been known under different names throughout history. Whether we hear of Chrysolith, Olivin or Peridot, these are just different denominations for the astonishing green stone.

Often called the emerald of the poor, peridot is a fascinating transparent stone that captivates your attention due to its natural oily luster. While not excessively shiny, peridot captures the light in unique ways due to its transparency.

The exact origin of the word peridot has remained elusive. Some argue it might be derived from the Greek ‘peridona’. In ancient Greece, this word would have described the meaning of giving plenty. Others argue that it might be derived from the French word ‘peritot’, standing for gold.

Regardless of the word’s etymology, peridot jewelry combines all of these meanings. The vivid green reflections of the peridot gemstone is often entwined with gold hues. Worn regularly, peridot jewelry gives plenty indeed. Here is why.

The Heart Chakra and the Healing Properties of Peridot Jewelry

Peridot is associated with the heart chakra. The heart chakra, the fourth in the chakra system is the spring of compassion and love. This healing center unifies the energies in the body for your well-being.

As such, peridot fine jewelry has amazing properties for stimulating and healing this chakra. As the gemstone represents compassion, its energy can be used for healing. Renewal is also associated with peridot.

This fine crystal assists both spiritual and physical healing. If you’re looking to lessen stress associated with relationships and the negative emotions and feelings stemming from within, peridot jewelry is the perfect fit.peridot jewelry

There are plenty of discrete peridot jewelry sets that will not draw attention to the person wearing them. If you’re not one for opulent displays, a discrete peridot jewelry set could become your best companion.

Peridot enhances harmony and healing. In ancient cultures, it was believed that the green gemstone also enhanced prosperity and abundance. A healthy spirit and a healthy body reveling in abundance are strongly connected to peridot.

Peridot Jewelry Heals Your Spirit

The rich green healing crystal is beneficial for those afflicted by psychological problems. In addition to relieving stress, peridot can help in lessening the effects of depression. As it holds strong properties that counter negative emotions, the stone of lightness can balance emotions.

Peridot silver jewelry may be particularly helpful for someone who is struggling with depression.

Antique peridot jewelry was also used during the Roman Empire time for relieving depression. Peridot is believed to calm the nervous system. As such, a peridot necklace or a peridot bracelet can promote security, inner peace, and emotional balance. A healthy sleep may also be aided by peridot jewelry.

Combine peridot with another healing crystal like the amethyst to enhance the beneficial properties of both gemstones. Amethyst also promotes positive transformation and inner peace. Peridot amethyst jewelry has all the more potential to help your spiritual healing.

Peridot Jewelry Heals Your Body

The mesmerizing green hues of peridot increase or decrease in intensity in accordance with the amount of iron the gemstone concentrates. Its color also indicates the part of the body it is most helpful for.

Since ancient times, it was believed that peridot jewelry had the potential to cure diseases connected with the liver and the digestive system. The liver, the bladder, the gall bladder, the kidneys and the stomach can get a helping hand from your healing crystal.peridot crystals used in peridot jewelry

In addition to aiding the body recover from constipation, ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome, peridot jewelry sets may do more than that. Peridot is also quite tonic. As such, wearing a peridot ring, a peridot bracelet or a peridot necklace can prove beneficial for the metabolism.

The skin also regenerates faster and insect bites fade away when someone wears peridot jewelry.

Special Occasions to Celebrate with Peridot Jewelry

Peridot in all its splendor is the perfect addition to a summer outfit. It should be, as the gemstone is also the birthstone for August. Until recently it shared its spot with sardonyx, another healing crystal.

As such, a peridot jewelry set makes a perfect gift for those born in August. Albeit more rarely, you can also find peridot jewelry for men. Often, men’s peridot jewelry come in the shape of peridot rings or peridot necklaces with engraved Celtic symbols.

In addition to offering peridot jewelry to those born in August, you should know that peridot is also associated with the 16th year of marriage celebration. In cultures around the world, each celebration has been associated with a symbolic gift.

We often hear of a silver wedding, or a platinum or gold wedding. In a similar manner, the 16th year of marriage is celebrated with a symbolic peridot jewelry piece. In case you aren’t satisfied with the offerings in a jewelry store, you can make your own composition.peridot jewelry in the form of a ring

An online peridot jewelry store will offer you the possibility to combine gemstones in a unique design most representative for you or your dear ones. A common combination of healing crystals is found in peridot and amethyst jewelry. Another common combination is seen in the form of peridot and aquamarine jewelry. The results are always spectacular.

As such, if you’re looking for peridot birthstone jewelry or an anniversary gift, there are plenty of opportunities to find the perfect fit for you. You can purchase peridot jewelry sets as they are or you can turn your attention to buying peridot crystals in bulk and designing your own jewelry. 

Peridot jewelry has been adorning civilizations since ancient times. From ancient Egypt to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, the healing properties of the olive-green gemstones hold it in high rank. Later, peridot was commonly found adorning church altars in Middle Age Europe.

Nowadays, peridot is extracted from several locations around the world. Peridot jewelry continues to be highly valued for its healing properties and exquisite look. Although it is a soft gemstone, peridot proves difficult to handle for the cutters. However, once the perfect finish is obtained, it is also highly rewarding.

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