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Everything and anything that exists is energy. According to quantum physics, the universe is made up of pure energy and the only differences are the vibration rates. We, as living human beings, are energy ourselves. The Law of Attraction supports this fact. Believe it or not, among the abundance of energy in and around us, there are a few objects that stand out from the others through prolific in healing energy, in particular.

We are talking, of course, about healing crystals. One of the most popular alternative medicine techniques in the world is crystal healing. Throughout time, crystals have been used to cure a large number of conditions, both on a physical and a spiritual level. But what exactly are healing crystals? What kinds of crystal powers do you know? How about their properties? How are they used to heal diseases?

There are so many questions surrounding this occasionally controversial form of alternative medicine… The good news is that we can provide the answers you need to better understand the crystal energy healing phenomenon. Discover everything you need to know about the power of healing crystals below.

What is Crystal Healing?

In order to fully comprehend what healing crystals are, it is best to go through a few definitions that accurately describe the practice they are related to, crystal healing. A couple of variants are

“an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease” (LiveScience.com),

“the art of laying on stones in coordination with the body’s energy field, energy centers and energy pathways” (Healing Village),

“a method in which the crystals are used to heal and restore balance in the body by clearing negative energy by their unique vibrational resonance” (Medinia).

Even though many sources label crystal healing as a “pseudoscience” with “supposed powers”, the results of crystal healing have encouraged more and more people to study this form of therapy, try to find out Where to Buy Healing Crystals, bowls and wands and become practitioners.

The History of Healing Crystals

healing crystals - ancient egypt

You will be surprised to find out that healing crystals and their associated therapy date back to ancient times. Sumerians, Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians are just a few examples of ancient cultures that used crystals to protect themselves from disease. Some claims place the origins of such crystals tens of thousands of years back:

“Beads carved of mammoth ivory have been excavated from a grave in Sungir, Russia, dating back 60,000 years (Upper Paleolithic period), as well contemporary beads made from shell and fossil shark’s teeth.” (via Crystal Age).

Turquoise, quartz, emerald or carnelian are some of the first crystals used by the Ancient Egyptians for such purposes. Even more so, the Sumerians are known to have used crystals in numerous formulas related to magic.

As the years passed, very many books have been written on this subject, by popular authors such as Katrina Rafell, Judy Hall, Michael Gienger or Simon and Sue Lilly, just to name a few. Nowadays, crystal healing is being practiced in countries all around the globe to achieve the same goal: healing through energy.

Types, Properties and Meanings

There are literally thousands of types of healing crystals out there. Each crystal possesses certain healing properties and is used for different reasons, depending on the spiritual or physical problem you are trying to solve. In addition to this, each crystal has a unique meaning that has been passed down for generations. Even though we are not going to cover all the healing crystals that exist in the world, we are going to shed light upon some of the most well-known, significant and praised healing crystals used in this practice.

crystal quartz meaning

Quartz – One of the most widely embraced forms of crystal therapy is with the use of quartz. It does not matter that this type of crystal is quite common or cheap (it is actually the second most available mineral on the entire planet), the multiple varieties are known to have healing powers. According to their color, quartz can be classified as:

– amethyst (abundance, lucid dreaming, prosperity, intuition, meditation, protection, contentment)

– citrine (fortune, prosperity, personal power, luck, success, generosity)

– milky / snowy quartz (calmness, wisdom, clarity, meditation, concentration, bone health)

– rose quartz (love, compassion, forgiveness, positivity, transition, self-confidence, dream recall)

– smoky quartz (luck, negativity removal, creativity, abundance, protection, prosperity,  wisdom)

healing crystals - carnelian stoneCarnelian – If you feel at a loss of confidence, carnelian crystals might be what you need to pluck up the courage to achieve your goals. Carnelians are best known for their power to inspire creativity, boldness, action and clarity.

When it comes to energy flow, carnelian has the sheer power to control it. Carnelian stands out thanks to its rich orange color and is generally associated with the sacral chakra. A beautiful piece of history describes the Carnelian as “the setting sun”, according to Egyptians in ancient times.

healing crystals - turqoiseTurquoise –
One of the oldest healing gemstones in the history of mankind, turquoise is best known for protecting travelers on their journeys, providing security and good fortune at the same time. Some other well-known uses of turquoise are helping writers with inspiration, bringing happiness and clarity while at work.

Many associate turquoises with being the birth stones for December and it has been adopted for many popular pieces of wholesale jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, pendants, in different cultures around the world. Little do people know that turquoise has its origins in Turkey, the actual word “turquoise” meaning “Turkish stone” in Latin.

– Characterized by high vibration, scolecite is known for its powerful connection to the upper chakras and allowing your mind, body and soul to undergo sheer peace. It promotes self-control, relaxation and communication, as well as enhanced spirituality and calmness.

Even though scolecite is defined by gentle energy, do not underestimate its powerful potential. It can actually help you work on relationships and gain a better understanding of the world surrounding you. If you are in a difficult situation and you need to solve a tricky problem, you can count on the healing power of crystals such as scolecite to shine the way.

healing crystals - bloodstoneBloodstone – Are you lacking motivation? You might want to consider using a bloodstone. Among all healing crystals, bloodstone is known to inspire the most determination and inner strength. It also aids you in being more daring and confident in your own powers.

In addition to this, the bloodstone is known to protect the bearer from harm. The Bloodstone was firstly dubbed the “Sun Stone”, afterwards as “Christ’s Stone” and has a strong connection to blood (as you can tell by its name). Throughout the years and until present day, bloodstone has been a beloved healing stone that has been used as a talisman for longevity and health.

healing crystalsFluorite –
Dubbed as the “Gemstone of Discernment’, fluorite allows people to see more clearly in order to solve problems and discover truth. Its properties include protection, cleansing, reorganization, psychological clarity and enhanced concentration. It will help you make your way towards higher consciousness, related to the spirit and the universe alike.

If you feel that your aura is charged with negative energy, you can depend of fluorite for thorough cleansing and regaining purity. From a physical point of view, fluorite aids in treating arthritis pain and promotes the health of bones.

healing crystals - red jasperJasper – If you feel that you are literally crumbling under stress, you probably are in need of jasper. These healing crystals have the wonderful power to help you overcome difficult situations and tough obstacles in life, while surrounding you with positive energy.

A neat detail regarding jasper is that it’s known to extend and enhance sexual sensations in bed. Jasper is associated most of the time with Nature itself; it has a beautiful palette of colors that reflect the tones of the Earth. Historically speaking, jasper is famed for being worn by kinds, priests and shamans alike.

celestine - healing crystalsCelestine –
This healing crystal, also known as Celestite, has often been labeled as “a teacher for the New Age”. Aside from bringing balance, harmony and peace, celestine is known to help heal diseases related to the eyes, ears, throat, brain or throat.

The celestine healing crystal is a gorgeous and lush shade of blue that makes you think of the ocean and that helps you regain calmness and balance in even the most difficult situations.

The Practice of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing can be carried out in a number of ways. Certain crystals can be put on certain parts of the body or above them. In addition to this, healing crystals can be worn, in the form of healing gemstone jewelry (like a pendant or a necklace). Chakra healing is connected to certain types of crystals, based on their colors. There are many psychological and physical troubles that can be healed with the help of crystals. On a mental and emotional level, some of the largest problems that are solved with healing crystals on our list are:

  • Depression – peridot, lepidolite, jet, topas, lapis lazuli, kunzite, camelian
  • Chaos – garnet, fluorite, lepidolite, king cobra jasper, selenite, celestite, pyrite
  • Love – rose quartz, rhodonite, green aventurine, kunzite, malachite, citrine, rhodocrosite
  • Stress – labradorite, turquoise, wonderstone, diopside, bustamite, bloodstone, pink manganocalcite
  • Confidence – moonstone, jade, chrysocolla, citrine, golden beryl, chalcedony, sunstone
  • From a physical point of view, crystals can aid in healing:
  • Insomnia – sodalite, emerald, howlite, amethyst, sapphire, zircon, aventurine
  • Headache – green aventurine, rose quartz, amethyst, jet, fluorite, amber, holly blue chalcedony
  • Trauma – grossular garnet, bloodstone, crocoite, diamond, smithsonite, amazonite
  • Heart Disease – onyx, ruby, green obsidian, hematite, salt, beryl, lapis lazuli
  • Cancer – gold, lapis, red jasper, sodalite, sugilite, fluorite, spinel

Chakra Healing with Crystals

As we mentioned before, healing crystals have a strong relationships with the chakras. There are a total of seven chakras, each characterized by a certain color and focus of energy. Moreover, there are certain healing crystals that resonate with each of the second chakras, according to their color and properties.

Numbering them from bottom to top, the seven chakras are: the Base Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra. Here is a brief guide of how to heal chakras with crystals:

healing crystals - chakras

First of all, the base chakra is – naturally – found at the base of the spine and is also known as the root chakra. The representative colors and red and black and the base chakra is generally associated with stability and security. The crystals that resonate with the base chakra are garnet, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, hematite or red zincite, among others.

Secondly, the sacral chakra can be found under the navel and is associated with orange and blue-green shades. The energy focus of the sacral chakra is creativity, sexuality, healing and intuition, with crystals like carnelian, vanadinite, blue-green fluorite or orange calcite that can aid the process.

Thirdly, the solar plexus chakra is located in the same area as its name and is defined by the color yellow. Energy focus includes ambition, protection and intellect, whereas the representative healing crystals are golden calcite, citrine and yellow jasper.

Fourthly, the heart chakra is actually not located strictly in the heart area, as many would guess. It actually can be found in the center of one’s chest and is naturally associated with pink, but also with green. As you probably have already guessed, the heart chakra is connected to love, emotional balance, compassion and other focuses of this kind. Aside from rose quartz, the heart chakra also resonates with tourmaline, jade, malachite and green aventurine, to name a few.

healing crystals - crystal healing practices

Fifthly, the throat chakra can be found directly above the collar bone, in the neck region. Associated with the color blue, the throat chakra focuses upon expression, communication and guidance, especially from a divine viewpoint. For healing the throat chakra, you can look for angelite, blue calcite, blue turquoise or sodalite.

Sixthly, the third eye chakra, found on the forehead between the eyebrows, is defined through the shade of indigo. One of those most powerful chakras from a spiritual and psychological point of view, the third eye chakra is connected to light, spirituality and power of the psyche. Sugilite, lapis lazuli and azurite are crystals known to heal the third eye chakra.

Last, but certainly not least, the crown chakra represents energy, enlightenment and cosmic consciousness. It can be found at the top of the head and is reflected by shades of violet and white-gold. To heal the crown chakra, look into white topaz, amethyst and white calcite healing crystals.

If you are interested in these practices, you can buy crystals online, read a few tutorials, take into account these tips, and get started.

Photo credits: Sottounarcobalenodiluce.com, Crystaltherapyhealing.com, Dragonflyherbals.com, Myhih.com, Jamerkel.com.