​Can you feel your spirit carrying a great deal of negative energy? Do you feel a black rain cloud following you wherever you go? That cloud, like all others, has a silver lining. You can protect yourself from energy vampires, negativity from others, evil spirits, and even your own inner demons with protection stones.

There are two primary types of protection stones: those that refill your chakras and imbue you with positive energy from the ground and air and those that protect you from negative energy. By negative energy, we mean evil spirits and evil eye. But these stones can also protect you from sadness, grief, fear, guilt or anxiety. These stones can even protect you from energies leaving you susceptible to diseases, drug and alcohol addictions and bad energies. Below are the best stones to protect you from negativity and negativity.

What Are The Best Protection Stones?

Clear Quartz

rock crystal

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Clear quartz, or pure quartz, is a translucent protection stone that has a wide array of variations and colors. One such famous colored variation is the rose quartz. Clear quartz is called the “master healer” because it resonates effortlessly with all the chakras. However, it resonates the strongest within the crown and third eye, the highest chakras.

It is ideal for positive people, because it amplifies your energy and thought. If you have faith that a dark crystal will absorb or repel dark spirits, it will enhance the effects of your other protection stone.


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​If you are attracted to amethyst, you are probably going through turmoil in life. That’s okay. An amethyst will help to keep you centered. Also called the Intuitive Eye, this stone’s energy is relaxing. It acts as a natural stress reliever. And, if you meditate with it, it will help you grow in your spirituality. If you struggle to find inner peace, it will protect you from negative vibes while transforming you into a magnet for positive vibes.

Fire agate

​Fire agate, also known as the spiritual flame, is a flawless deep brown stone. It is a type of chalcedony that creates an impenetrable shield. It will reflect all unwarranted negative energy back to its sender. This stone helps to keep you grounded and produces an amazing, protective calming energy. It helps you build a protective wall around your person to ward off outside harm.


obsidian stone

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​Obsidian, also known as Black obsidian, is a very dark brown stone most effective for truth-enhancing. It also anchors erratic energy, leaving you with only balance in your life. With obsidian, you can acknowledge the existence of fear or anger and then let those feelings go, leaving you with nothing but positivity. The truth of life is nothing is permanent. No matter what bumps in the road you encounter, you can face them with courage and fortitude knowing that these bad times will pass.

Obsidian also helps you remain motivated and inspired to be a better version of yourself. It creates a shield around your body, protecting you from misfortune. It also absorbs all emotional and psychological attacks, protecting you from negative energies in your environment. If you have repressed feelings of guilt, this truth-enhancing stone will bring those thoughts and feelings to the surface. You can acknowledge their existence and then the stone will absorb those, too, allowing you to move on with your life.

If you are trying to recover from an abusive relationship, be it personal or professional, you need this protection stone. It will cut through the deceit and allow you to see the truth clearly for what it is. It will also help you cut through illusions and fear. If you do not wear jewelry, keep a piece of obsidian in your pocket and touch it whenever you start to feel negativity related to your toxic relationshi

​What Stones Protect You From Evil Spirits?

Any dark protection stone can protect you from evil spirits. Our favorite protection crystals are black onyx, black tourmaline, black kyanite and pyrite, known colloquially as fool’s gold.


​Pyrite is often overlooked as a protection stone because it is not as dark as the other stones. It is most often recommended because of its abundant imbuing properties. Despite this, it is also highly effective at returning negative energy back to its senders. If you are being constantly bombarded with negative energy sent from evil spirits, pyrite will protect your energy field from receiving that dark, dangerous energy.

​Black Crystals

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​Black kyanite is arguably the best protection crystal to protect your personal energy field. If you are centered and grounded, this will be highly effective. If you are not grounded, try meditating with protection crystals. Black tourmaline protects the environment around you, like your home or your room. It cleanses your surrounding area and you from stagnant or negative energy. Black onyx works closely with your root chakra to take any negative energy inside of you and transform it into positive energy. A strong root chakra will help you build up an emotional resilience to evil spirits and other negativity that might come your way.

How To Use Protection Stones

​There are several effective methods for using protection stones. People have been wearing amulets for thousands of years to safeguard their energy, spirit and physical wellbeing. But the protection of these stones is not just limited to your person.

Home Protection

​Create a protection grid from your home. Do this by creating a protective shield around your home with four pieces of black tourmaline around each of the exterior corners of the building. Putting salt and a piece of black tourmaline in a bowl of water near your front door will help you keep negativity outside of your home. If you do not want to put the tourmaline outside, put four in each corner of the room you want to protect, such as your bedroom or meditation room.

Personal Protection

Wear a protection stone in the form of a bracelet, ring, earrings or necklace. This jewelry will erect a protective shield around you throughout your day. If you are at work or another hectic place, step away for a moment. Find a peaceful space and use your hands to touch your protection amulet. This helps you meditate on your chakras and positivity and reconnect with your inner peace.

It is extremely important that you give each of your stones a job. Burn sage and use the smoke to cleanse the stones. Holding each stone in your hand individually, set an intention for the work you want your stone to do. You can do this by stating an affirmation aloud, like “I call forth divine protection.”

Meditation With Protection Amulets

​When you meditate with healing crystals, you imbue your body and spirit with the restorative properties of the crystals. To help you meditate, create a crystal body grid. Lie flat on the floor and put black onyx by your feet. This will connect to your root chakra. Next, put black tourmaline on your throat to cleanse your blocked energy and release tension. Place rainbow obsidian over your heart so your heart chakra can receive loving, purifying vibrations. Finally, hold a chunk of selenite in each of your hands.

​Cutting Attachments

Our energy field often feels the weight of experiences that our loved ones are suffering through. This leads to an energy attachment. To continue being a positive source of light and strength for our friends and family, we must first cut through our energy attachment with them. This prevents us from becoming drained and gives us the grounded strength and energy to be present for them completely when they need us the most

To cut energy attachments, hold a piece of black kyanite in your hand and trace an invisible line around your person. Move the crystal across the front, sides and back of your body. See with your third eye the cord attached to you and then visualize yourself cutting through the cord with the black kyanite. To help you, add an intention while you are doing this. For example, you may state aloud, I release this energy and with love and light send it back to *grieving friend’s name*. I am cleansed. 

​Our Favorite Protection Stones

Our favorite protection stones are black tourmaline for its ability to protect your surrounding environment, black onyx for strengthening your root chakra and fortitude and black kyanite for preventing evil spirits from overtaking you, sending the darkness back where it came from. If you are not yet grounded, meditate while lying flat on the floor with a crystal body grid around you.

If you already have a resilience, use protective crystals to meditate when you feel the negativity of others start to penetrate your defenses. You can buy protective crystals from a local purveyor or off of Amazon, but we have had the best luck off of Etsy. Remember, you control your own destiny and feelings on this journey through life. But you don’t have to do it alone. Protection crystals will help if you put your faith in them and let them work.