Jewelry is often complimented by beautiful pieces of gemstones or minerals. Often, these minerals are some of the most luxurious additions to jewelry pieces, and even birthdays can be celebrated even more with these stones. Those who have a birthday in December might recognize a blue shaded zircon stone as well. One of the oldest and most beautiful minerals is rose zircon, and it has quite the history.

This stone isn’t man made like cubic zirconia, but it is a naturally occurring stone that is found in a variety or shades like reds, pinks, blues, and greens. This beautiful mineral has even been found in famous jewelry pieces. Below is a little more information about rose zircon.

Rose Zircon and How It was Discovered

Rose zircon gemstone

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Rose zircon was originally found in places like Greece and Italy where the gemstones were numerous. However, the location of zircon mining has changed since ancient times, but the stone is still popular today. The time of the first finding of rose zircon is much less know because the dates go back to early times even before the beginnings of written history. Even several early religions used rose zircon in religious ceremonies.

Rose zircon once went by a different name, making it an old but unique gemstone. In fact, this mineral is so interesting that mythological legends have found ways to include the rose zircon in stories of brave young men and gods of ancient times. Zircon has been used throughout the ages as well, making its mark in the Middle Ages, the Victorian era, and even the 1920s. Since rose zircon has been in history for so long, it is noted as the oldest mineral on Earth.

Properties of Rose Zircon

While rose zircon is typically a light pink, red, blue or green, zircon comes in many different colors including a colorless stone that resembles diamonds in a way. The colors you might see in zircon is in fact impurities that have altered the colorless stone to have beautiful hues of different shades. It is interesting to see how the stones can transform from a colorless stone to a vivid stone. Perhaps this is one thing that makes zircon so rare.

Zircon also has a double refraction, which is different from the diamond. It also contains by wear on the faceted edges. Though many people confuse rose zircon and zircon with cubic zirconia, zircon is found in nature, but cubic zirconia is made in laboratories with the help of man. Perhaps this natural occurrence in nature is what gives zircon it’s beautiful colors.

Zircon is an extremely heavy gemstone. In fact, it is labeled as the heaviest gemstone in the world. If another gemstone of the same size is held up next to zircon, their weights would be entirely different. Zircon is also hard, which means jewelry made from these gemstones can break easier than other jewelry pieces. If you own jewelry made with rose zircon, you should take special care when handling and storing this jewelry.

Metaphysical Details about Rose Zircon

When it comes to the metaphysical details about this gemstone, rose zircon is highly pure, working to unite the spirit guides with the Higher Self. The colors each have a specific purpose for the mind, the body, and the spirit. In fact, these metaphysical details have played an important role in history as well. Shimmerlings helps to bring the metaphysical to light so readers can choose the right zircon color.

The colorless and yellow zircon helps clear the aura, induce sleep, attract love, and even provide wisdom in difficult times. Brown zircon helps to get rid of headaches, and it keeps wearers grounded. Green and violet both draw wealth, while green brings about the possibility of new friends. Light blue zircon uplifts, keeps the mind stable and balanced, and it keeps emotions balanced as well. Red zircon deals with soothing pain and healing injuries. Pink helps to assist with traveling during the night.

Jewelry Containing Rose Zircon

gold ring containing rose zircon

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Perhaps the most famous example of jewelry made from rose zircon is the December birthstone. This stone has been in the spotlight for years. Many pieces of jewelry have been made for those born in December so they can sport the beautiful zircon stone. However, the December birthstone isn’t the only times that zircon has been found in jewelry pieces throughout the years.

The Middle Ages brought the metaphysical use of the gemstone to help with sleep, bring wisdom, and even ward off evils. The mineral was put into jewelry pieces for people to carry the stone with them at all times. During the Victorian era, the gemstones were placed in necklaces and rings for beauty and mourning purposes. When the 1920s rolled around, jewelers used a special heat treatment to enhance the colors for jewelry. As you can see, zircon has often been used in history, marking it as a famous option.

Where Rose Zircon Is Found Today

If you were to go looking for rose zircon today, you might have difficulty finding any in your backyard. Zircon is mined in other countries that are far from the United States. Places like Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar are the most popular resources of rose zircon. Perhaps the inability to find zircon easily is what makes this gemstone so popular, beautiful, and rare.

Rose zircon is the oldest and most beautiful gemstone out there, and it has played an important role in history for years. The heavy and hard mineral has many metaphysical properties as well, which is most likely why it was used in ancient religious ceremonies. Zircon comes in many different shades and hues, and rose zircon even comes in several shades alone like pinks and reds. Since it is one of the most beautiful gemstones, rarest gemstones, and oldest gemstones, rose zircon will continue being an important part of history as the years come and go.