One of the most unique gems talked about in metaphysics is the sardonyx stone. Although it is commonly found all over the world today, it was once considered to be more precious than gold. In fact, even the Bible mentions its value and importance. Moreover, sardonyx’s rare color combinations make it difficult to identify.

In this article, we will discuss some of its most important attributes and a few of the ways that it can be used.

General Information about the Sardonyx Stone

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Many people get the sardonyx stone mixed up with the carnelian gem. There is a good reason for that. The sardonyx stone is a combination of an onyx gem with the sard gem. Sard gems are in the carnelian gem family, which is related to the agate gems. And they have the same red and white color.

This might sound confusing to those who believe that all onyx gems are black. But believe it or not, there are very few black onyx gems found in nature. The vast majority of them that are sold in stores are sardonyx gems that have been treated with a special chemical bath to make them turn black.

Some types of onyx gems are other colors besides red or black. Green, yellow, and blue onyx can be found as well. But for them to be classified as a sardonyx stone, they have to contain a stripe of red color across them. This causes even further identification problems though because the stripes are not even. And there are other gems that have a similar red color mixed in.

Properties of the Sardonyx Stone

  • Hardness: 6.5 to 7;
  • Color: White band of onyx with brown/red band of sard;
  • Transparency: Translucent, Opaque;
  • Lustre: Waxy;
  • Habit: Fibrous to grained aggregate.

The sardonyx stone is fairly hard. It is classified by gemologists as a “7” on a scale of 1-10. That means, it can be carved into just about anything without the use of special equipment, such as the drills and blades that a diamond requires.

Unlike the diamond, ruby, and sapphire, this gem is completely opaque. So it isn’t ranked with them for clarity. A gemologist would instead check for the waxy lustre and trigonal crystal pattern that it has.

Since it has swirls of white in it, the sardonyx stone is commonly made into cameo-style jewelry, which outlines the white portion of it into a representation of a human form. The colored area is left alone though. So at first glance, it looks like two types of gems were put together into one separate piece.

Metaphysical Uses of the Sardonyx Stone

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Onyx Portion Properties

Considering the sardonyx stone is a mixture of an onyx gem and a carnelian gem, it contains the metaphysical properties of both of them. The onyx portion of the gem blocks negative energy and harm from those who wear it. So sometimes, people place several of these gems in each of the corners of their house. They are thought to create a barrier of protection against intruders or those who wish to cause harm to the people living there.

The sardonyx stone also brings good luck and happiness. So it is helpful to those who have suffered a great deal of hardships in their life. After too much stress and burdens have weighed heavily on a person’s shoulders, they can lose their ambition and drive to succeed. This gem will aid them in regaining their positive outlook on life, which will make it easier for them to shake the dust off and get going again.

Red Carnelian Portion Properties

The red carnelian portion of this stone is associated with the god of mars who fought bravely through many battles. So the ancient Romans were sure to keep a sardonyx gem on their person each time that they had to go up against any type of enemy. It is said that the gem instills confidence that success is imminent.

Some say that this gem can be used for keeping a person who is thinking about cheating faithful to their partner. For it to work, the other partner must find a way to get them to keep it on them all the time though. It can also be worn by both partners simultaneously to ensure that they both stay happy in the relationship.

How to Wear the Stone

Unlike other gems, the sardonyx stone can be used all the time. It can be kept in a pocket or tied onto a bracelet or necklace. If at all possible, it should be purchased in its raw form, since polished versions of it might be mock imitations, which have no true metaphysical properties to them.

Places Where Sardonyx Is Commonly Found

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Those who live in the United States will have difficulty in locating this gem in nature unless they live close to the desert region of Arizona or California. The gem is found mostly in countries in the continent of Asia. However, a smaller source of them is located in Canada. Most gemologists say that the best sardonyx stones come from India though. They have a better color and texture than gems from other places around the world.

Summing Up

The sardonyx stone is a beautiful gem that is important to metaphysics. The gem is a cross between an onyx gem and a carnelian gem. Consequently, it has the properties of both of them. This is advantageous because it lifts up the confidence and willpower that a person has while making them feel braver than ever before.

Those who are interested in using the sardonyx stone should be sure to obtain one that has been checked by a gemologist. Unfortunately, many of them sold in the United States are imitations.