Laboratory Made Synthetic Diamonds Fooling Even the Experts

Big synthetic diamonds (1 to 10 carats! yes even big stones) that are looking so real and being sold as real is big now. Some unethetic wholesale dealers mix synthetic diamonds with real diamonds in the same parcel and sell everything as real! Even seasoned dealers cannot detect the difference merely with a regular loupe is alarming. I confess that I saw it and cannot tell either because it is chemically the same as diamond in every aspect!

Synthetic Diamonds






Industry Trying to Promote Transparency

Right now, industry wide, there is a great need to promote transparency from source of goods to genuine characteristics of the stones and to certify quality stones: diamonds, gemstones, and fine pearls, to insure the buyers of the authenticity of the gems.

Are Gemstones a Good Investment

Yes with an asterix.  If you buy very high quality genuine, natural, big size gemstones gemstones because demand is always high and supply is always low. Keep in mind that investment in gemstones is not for income purposes but as an heirloom and an inheritance for the next generation.