Volcanoes form some of the most beautiful and interesting gemstones and crystals in the world and Vesuvianite is just one of them. It is created through metamorphism of limestone, silicon and other minerals. The resulting crystalline gemstone is used as a healing stone as well as to inspire spiritual growth.

By providing a direct link to the higher-self, those acquiring one of the gemstones will find they have the ability to understand their sole purpose in life. In this article, we’ll share other interesting facts about the crystal that may be of interest to those requiring a little bit of help in their lives.

General Information About Vesuvianite

green vesuvianite

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At around noon on August 24, 79 A.D., the peak of Mount Vesuvius near Pompeii exploded sending ash and pumice raining down on the city. About 24 hours later it erupted sending a shock-wave across the land equal to a 10-50 megaton nuclear explosion which was 100,000 times greater than that at Hiroshima, Japan. Everything in its path was instantly calcified and Pompeii was buried under 17 feet of ash, pumice and other types of volcanic material. Around 1800 years later, Pompeii was rediscovered when artifacts from a farmer’s yard were found. That discovery led to an archaeological dig that began in the early 1700’s.

Vesuvianite was named by Moritz Anton Cappeler in 1723 after the hyacinth flower because of the shape. It was renamed in 1772 by Jean-Baptiste Louis Rome de L’Isle as the “hyacinth flower from Vesuvius” and was finally renamed again in 1775 by German geologist A.G. Werner who shortened the name to Vesuvianite after the mountain Vesuvius. Another geologist later took the gem-grade version of the stone and named it Idocrase after the Greek term “id okras” which meant “mixed mineral”. Even though Mount Vesuvius inspired the name for the gemstone, it wasn’t necessarily discovered there nor is it the only location where it’s been found.

Properties of Vesuvianite

  • Alternative Names: Idocrase (the gem-grade quality of the crystal), Californite, California jade, American Jade, Vessonite, Vasanite, Xanthite and Wiluite.
  • Composition: Hydrous calcium magnesium aluminum silicate with iron or copper.
  • Hardness: Based on the Moh’s Scale, it measures 6.5. It’s surprisingly dense and heavy for its delicate features.
  • Color: The crystals can be found in white, brown, green, olive green, yellow, yellowish-green, pink, purple, red, yellow-brown, pale blue, and cyprine (a red/blue blend) and even black. They also frequently come with flecks, specks and swirls.
  • Transparency: opaque.
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius/Capricorn.
  • Element: Earth.
  • Energy: Healing.
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus and Heart

Vesuvianite can be found growing in granular aggregate structures or in smaller tetragonal prismatic crystalline forms. The majority can be found in thicker prisms with a surface that is partially grooved. As a result of its unique composition, it changes color as the direction of refracted light moves.
The gems have a tendency to be extremely fragile but are often used for carvings and art work as well as jewelry.

Metaphysical Details About Vesuvianite

The metaphysical properties of Vesuvianite are vast. Once it rids the wearer of negative attachments, emotions, fears and phobias it can then begin to work on elements in life that are required in order to achieve happiness, including in love. Enthusiasm for life is elevated allowing an individual to make personal changes in their living situation that better aligns with their true path in life. All changes center around the heart because the heart, will and destiny are closely intertwined.

For individuals that have felt restrained and imprisoned by the past, they will find that they suddenly feel the need to discover and invent new things due to a greater sense of open-mindedness. The stone will also impart the courage needed to embrace change instead fearing it. In that way, seeing and understanding things on Earth that have no substance become clear which provides the link necessary to tap into your higher self.

Today, it is believed to be the perfect gemstone to present to newlyweds, friends, acquaintances and business associates. That’s because it represents a cooperative effort and assists with controlling the intuitive and creative aspects of the inner realm. Vesuvianite stabilizes and unlocks mental faculties, helps to clear negative thought patterns and aids individuals in recognizing the things that are important to further advancement along the spiritual path.

Healing Properties of Vesuvianite and Cleaning

There are four main healing properties found in Vesuvianite:

1. It banishes depression;

2. Clears negative thought patterns;

3. Cleans and purifies the body after an illness;

4. Drives away fear and melancholy

To help it maintain its metaphysical properties, it can be cleansed with short sunlight baths, moonlight, water or burial in mineral salt or soil.

The Colors of Vesuvianite

The colors of vesuvianite affect their purpose. Here are a few examples:

Green Vesuvianite

uncut vesuvianite

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This color of crystal increases your zest for life and heals a broken heart. The owner will find that their heart will again experience joy, depression will be eased and a lack of desire to live will no longer exist. The crystal will promote the courage needed to once again be open to love and change. It will also draw abundance and prosperity to the owner. When it comes to health it will improve poor circulation, lower high blood pressure, reverse the affects of anemia and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Pink Vesuvianite

pink vesuvianite crystals

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This color crystal will also heal the heart. However, with this one it keeps you from giving up and losing the will to try. It will restore a sense of peace and joy while renewing self-love, gentleness and the ability to give unconditional love. It will also relieve depression and feelings of being unwanted and useless. Instead, it will draw love to the wearer as well as allow the individual to love again. Finally, it inhibits feelings of needing revenge and ends hate, envy and jealousy.

Purple Vesuvianite

Purple vesuvianite from Canada mine

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For those with imbalances in the mind then the purple crystal could be the right choice. It not only balances the brain’s right and left hemispheres but also improves psychic development and clears away negative thinking. As such, it allows individuals to alter the way they think about themselves and their lives by restoring hopefulness and the ability to think positively. Through a more positive outlook, individuals can expect a happier and healthier life.

Where Can We Find Vesuvianite Today?


Where the Vesuvianite is mined affects its quality, appearance and color. That mined on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy is found to be exceptional. One location in the region, Bellecombe in Val D’Aosta, produces very large and lustrous crystals whereas those mined from the Italian Alps are felt to have the best quality. In Quebec, Canada, the Jeffery Mine in Asbestos used to produce the most brilliant and colorful varieties with purple being the rarest. Although the mine closed, the gemstones have been found in other areas of Quebec as well.

Vesuvianite has been found all over the world and each crystal found has distinct characteristics based on location. China mines vesuvianite that is large tabular floater crystals with flattened terminals. Pakistan produces lustrous dark crystals whereas from Mexico you’ll get vesuvianite in brownish-yellow shades that resemble Grossular. The Russian stones are also called Wiluite while Kenya generates stones that are rough, greenish-yellow and rich in manganese called Xanthite.

In the U.S.

In California, a green, jade-looking variety is found in Crestmore in Riverside County and is often referred to as Californite, American Jade or Vesuvianite Jade. Blue crystals, on the other hand, are found in Pulga in the Butte County area. In other parts of the U.S., such as Magnet Cove, Arkansas, high lustrous crystals are found. Such stones can also be found in Vermont, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Maine.

Summing Up

Vesuvianite is an unusual gemstone that will turn heads when worn as a necklace or earrings. It comes in a variety of colors and can be found all over the world. It is not only beautiful and unique but is also said to have great power to heal the mind and body.

Have you had any experience with vesuvianite or other healing crystals? We’d love to hear how it helped you.