We have all spent time taking random quizzes to find out more about our own personalities. Some may be frighteningly accurate as we receive results that describe our lives perfectly. And others are just something fun to help us pass time.

One popular quiz is the “What Gem Are You?” Personality Quiz. After answering a series of questions, you find out which gemstone represents your soul. The answer could be based on mythological aspects of the stone, or it could simply be something random that someone put together.

Since there are several different “What Gem Are You?” personality quizzes out there, it can be difficult to say if they are accurate or not. However, if you find a quiz that is based on the magical or spiritual properties of the gemstones, it’s very possible that the outcome could be precise.

The Truth Behind the “What Gem Are You?” Personality Quiz

If you are wondering about the accuracy of this popular online quiz, the truth is that it all depends on what you believe in.

Gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and opals have been used for centuries by people who believed in their magical or spiritual powers.

The gemstones may be used to heal aches and pains, help cure diseases, and cleanse your aura. This ancient practice is still around today in various parts of the world where people use crystals and gemstones for meditation and relaxation. It is also very common to use gemstones in Pagan or Wiccan rituals.

Each gem is believed to have certain properties that can enhance our well-being. Some may represent strength and determination while others can help bring peace and contentment to your life.

These are properties that can also reflect an individual’s personality. Therefore, there may be some truth to the “What Gem Are You?” quiz.

Magical and Spiritual Properties Each Gemstone Represents

Here are a few gemstone meanings and properties for the most commonly used precious and semi-precious stones, crystals and minerals.


Synthetic Alexandrite

Alexandrite is believed to help with finding joy within and allows the user to visualize more possibilities for their life. This stone can help you develop your own source of happiness within yourself and helps you to see the beauty in everything.



Amazonite represents truth, harmony, and peace. It brings the truth out in the open and allows you to see things from another perspective.



Amethyst represents protection, cleansing, and intuition. It can help clear away negativity and confusion leaving you with a positive outlook. This quartz stone is also the birthstone for February.



Citrine can aid with imagination, clarity, and manifestation. It is a great gemstone for creative individuals. By allowing citrine to activate your imagination, you can clearly see what path you need to take with your craft.



Diamond represents clarity, purpose, and initiation. They encourage the user to take a stand and step up in their lives to make something amazing happen.



Emeralds represent love, compassion, and abundance. These charming green gemstones are believed to be an activator of the heart chakra. This means that they can help you focus on the wisdom of your heart so that you make decisions based on love and compassion instead of hate.



The properties of garnets include manifesting, healing, and self-worth. This gemstone can help you create the things you truly want in life as you follow your heart’s desire. The garnet is also the birthstone for January.



Jade represents Nature, energy, abundance, and overall well-being. This light green stone is believed to carry the energy of the Earth and provides the user with a wholesome, nurturing, and uplifting energy.



Onyx can help with discipline, self-mastery, and focus. This stone helps direct your energy toward completing your goals in life. It can also be used to help you gain more strength after a recent illness.



Opals are used to help with emotional amplification. The fiery appearance of an opal is believed to carry a strong spiritual energy that can conquer emotional attachments, wounds and any type of negativity in your life.



Pearls can be used for nurturing, emotional healing, and self-care. These elegant stones may not have the crystalline structure that other healing crystals have, but they are believed to carry an energy that is all their own along with the nurturing medicinal properties of the sea.

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz represents love, trust, and emotional healing. It can help heal a broken heart and assist with improving your faith in love.



Rubies are a source of courage, passion, and life force. These precious stones can help you face your fears and stimulate your self-confidence as well as your enthusiasm.



Sapphires can improve focus, discipline, and inner vision. They can help open up the third eye so that you may receive wisdom and insight. The sapphire is believed to be used to heal the throat chakra.

Was the “What Gem Are You?” Personality Quiz Accurate for You?

You can take the “What Gem Are You?” quiz and find out for yourself how accurate it is. You don’t have to believe in the spiritual properties of these gems to find a connection with a precious stone. This quiz is a fun activity that anyone can enjoy, and it may help you learn more about your own personality.