All gemstones have metaphysical healing properties, from the ability to invoke love to a way to dispel anger, and everything in between.

Most people have some sort of connection with various crystals, so what gem are you?

Finding the gem that is tuned to your energy can help you stay balanced and focused.

You may learn something about yourself.

What Gem Are You? How to Decide

There are plenty of quizzes online that will help you determine what gem you are.

These “What Gem Are You” quizzes show you pictures and ask you questions about what color speaks to you and what type of person you are.

You can find these same answer without taking a quiz that might take forever to load on your computer.

Let’s look at these six popular gems and their healing and enlightening abilities, so you can determine which one resonates the most with you.

1. Amethyst

If you are the calm and stable type, amethyst is your spirit crystal.

Because it is connected to the crown chakra, it helps with clarity and peace of mind, which is why things rarely phase you.

This crystal is known as the intuitive eye. You use your intuition to help you make decisions.

The purple color of this gem gives it some form of nobility.

You pride yourself on being a good person, and you enjoy abundance and wealth. Your abundance may not come in the form of money, but in friendships or creativity instead.

2. Rose Quartz

If you’re the romantic type, you’re rose quartz.

The rose quartz crystal is a stone of love and not just romantic love. It’s a crystal that enhances love of all kinds, including self-love.

As a rose quartz person, you understand yourself, and you take care of yourself. You are a kind person, and someone everyone comes to.

The pink color of the rose quartz is also a symbol of love. However, this color as your spirit crystal color says that you’re a carefree spirit. You are a child at heart, and you enjoy being happy and having innocent fun.

3. Lapis Lazuli

People who have lapis lazuli as their spirit stone are enlightened, or on the way there. You are on your way to your divine destiny.

Old souls tend to resonate with the lapis stone. You are happy and content.

The color of blue that radiates from this crystal gives it a connection to both the sky and the water. You are deep and inspirational with a vivid imagination.

4. Citrine

Citrine is a bright stone that as full of energy, and so too are people that are spiritually connected to it. People that feel a connection to this crystal are joyous. You radiate positivity and spread smiles wherever you go.

The color yellow, which makes this stone look like a little piece of sunlight, is a hopeful and happy color. You are the type of person that always sees a silver lining. Nothing can bring you down. You are grateful for this life, and you make sure to show that gratitude every chance you get.

5. Onyx

If you’re good at battling negativity and facing your fears, you may have a spiritual connection to onyx. This shiny black stone is dark and mysterious, just like you. You know who you are, so you’re not worried about what other people think of you.

The black color of onyx it’s what gives it the connection to fears, negativity, and mystery. It’s also a strengthening crystal, which is why you have the power to move past fears and negativity with grace and elegance.

6. Jade

If you’re the courageous type, jade is your spirit stone. Not only are people that resonate with jade full of courage, but they are also trusted friends.

Your jade friend is the person you can go to with all of your secrets and trust that even when you’re not friends anymore they will still keep all of it to themselves.

Jade’s green color makes it harmonious, which is why it’s a friendly and trusting crystal to be connected with. As someone that everyone likes and a person that has courage, beware of those that may be envious of you.

Why Knowing Your Gem Is Important?

Knowing the answer to “what gem are you?” will help you get a deeper understanding of who you are.

If you feel like you partially fit the description of a gemstone, this may be because you are out of balance.

Adding that gemstone to your life could help you find that balance again.